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The Real Housewives of New York star Kelly Bensimon went to court yesterday to face assault charges for allegedly abusing her boyfriend Nick Stefanov. This charges stem from an altercation that occurred last month when Kelly was arrested for punching her 30-year-old boyfriend in the face, causing lacerations below his left eye and “substantial pain,” according to the complaint he filed with police.

Kelly told Extra after the hearing, “I’m really upset by the entire process. My beautiful girls and I are being exposed to a horrible situation. I just think it just unsettling.”

Her lawyer goes on to add, “I can’t believe the guy went to the police. It is very, very mean-spirited. It’s not like she’s in his apartment. He’s in her apartment. I don’t even know if I qualify him as lover. How about a jilted moron?”

Kelly goes on to state, “I’m devastated my girls and I have to go through something like this. They don’t need to be exposed to something like this.”

Source – Us

What did you think of the Bethenny vs. Kelly drama that occurred last night?


Nick Stefanov (left) and Kelly Bensimon

Nick Stefanov (left) and Kelly Bensimon

The newest/most boring cast member of Bravo’s hit show Kelly Bensimon was arrested last week for allegedly punching her live in boyfriend Nick Stefanov. People magazine reports that Bensimon, 40, and a six-foot-tall former model and marathon runner, is facing misdemeanor assault charges after attacking her boyfriend Nick.

The mother of two was arrested on March 5 for punching her fiance in the face, and giving him a laceration under his left eye. She was booked on assault charges which is a misdemeanor according to the NY Police. She is due back in court on March 31. Would really love to hear what the other NY housewives think about this.

Who knew Kelly had this violent side to her? The general consensus seems to be she is very boring on the show and why is she on there. Would really love to hear what the other NY housewives think about this.

Source – People