John Fuda
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John Fuda Addresses RHONJ Premiere Accusations: ‘Refuse To Be Defined by My Past Mistakes’

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14 just kicked off with a very loud bang. Almost immediately, the drama began swirling. As the entire premiere centered around a surprise birthday party for Jen Fessler, this cast had no choice but to film together. If you haven’t watched yet, let’s just say that John Fuda and Teresa Giudice will likely never be friends.

After Jennifer Aydin and Teresa discussed John’s past narcotics-related arrest, they also giggled about an online rumor of John’s. Basically, this blind suggested that John’s a fan of the ole double-sided dildos. On this, John and the boys died laughing, which I loved, because really, who cares.

As for the nod to his arrest though, John’s not laughing here, because it took place in his past, not his present, so it’s no longer relevant.

John’s statement

Well before the RHONJ Season 14 premiere dropped, John’s ex, Brittany Malsch, DM’ed a few social media accounts, telling them all that John’s “the biggest drug dealer in Bergen County.” This promoted Jennifer and Teresa to speak on it during Episode 1. It also saw John taking to his socials right after the premiere episode aired. Here, he release a statement, attempting to shut down this disparaging narrative.

“In recent episodes of RHONJ, certain cast members have resorted to dredging up Mr. Fuda’s past in an apparent attempt to discredit him and undermine his reputation. Despite these efforts, Mr. Fuda remains steadfast in his commitment to integrity, honesty, and personal growth,” his statement reads.

Then, John got a bit more personal. “While I am not proud of every aspect of my history, I have worked tirelessly to overcome challenges and strive for a better future. I refuse to be defined by my past mistakes,” he expressed.

Following this, John thanked his supporters. “I am grateful for the support of my friends, family, and fans who see me for who I am today – a person dedicated to growth, kindness, and authenticity. I will continue to rise above negativity and remain true to myself,” he closed.

Good luck, John. But, will his costars now lay off? I highly doubt it.

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