Bad Girls Club 3

Bad Girls Club 3

The Girls of Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club were recently interview by Fashion ie, and they had some very interesting things to say. Amber M was at her best when talking about the “Unfab 5.” Ashley talks about her supposed Sugar Daddy, Tiffany talks her all time favorite BG cast member, and Amber B denies being a racist. Excerpts from the interview are below –

Spicy: Which actress would play each of the girls in a movie if one was made about them?

Amber M: OMG this is a hard one. I would have to find a psycho actress to play Ailea. Someone that likes to hit her family members and burn people. The guy in Austin Powers with the mole would probably play Whitney. Someone that has a really bad boob job would play Ashley. Tiffany would be played by someone with a huge ego and a mind of their own until she feels the need to “group think”. Amber would be played by someone who gets beat up by guys but still talks to them (from the news it sounds like Rihanna). And OMG we cant forget Sarah. She would be played by a woman with the biggest self-esteem and insecurity issues. She needs an actress that acts really slutty, but then gets super mad and offended when people call it like it is. I understand these may seem a little harsh but I just wrote a blog about my time in Cancun, do you think it affected my attitude a little.

Spicy: If you could have brought back one Bad Girl from a past season, who would it be and why?

Whitney: Honestly, I really have no interest in bringing any of the girls back from the past seasons. They are old news. Why would I want to bring one back?

Spicy: Why do you think Amber & Amber really wanted to get married?

Ailea: I don’t know what went through those chemically treated heads of theirs. Their way of thinking is way different then mine for sure. I wouldn’t do that if I knew it would piss people off, but IF they did know that would happen then I say they have a hidden agenda one that will soon catch up with them for sure!

Spicy: Tell us about your sugar daddy who sent you a couple thousand dollars after you told him you were going to Vegas. Do you consider yourself to be a gold digger?

Ashley: He IS NOT my sugar daddy, he’s my ex-boyfriend and my best friend. He’s very well off and he will do anything to help me, especially if it involves a great opportunity, such as the show. He’s my biggest supporter and has been there for me through the ups and downs of this show, I love him very, very, very much. I do not consider myself a gold digger. A gold digger is someone who will date ANYONE that has money or will fork it over. I met him and I was into him before I even knew he had money. He is a very intelligent man, and he wouldn’t let me take advantage of him, ever.

Spicy: To those who think you may be a racist, what do you have to say?

Amber B: For anyone to think that I am racist is sick. Anyone who knows me knows that me being a racist is the furthest thing from the truth! I treat everyone as an equal. No one is better than anyone else, and I have always felt that way. From some of the footage that I saw, I can see how some people may have assumed that of me. I apologize if I offended or upset anyone. That is not what I wanted to do! It deeply saddened me when I watched the first episode. The footage that was used was taken out of context and edited to look like I was saying horrible things about other races. I was not raised like that and it’s despicable for anyone to think that I am an ignorant no good piece of crap racist.

Spicy: Which past Bad Girl do you think you most relate to?

Tiffany: I was the BIGGEST BGC fan! My Mother and I watched the show together faithfully!! Being a part of the Season 3 cast was just surreal for me. I am grateful for the opportunity. I liked each season’s girls respectably in her own right. Last season I really liked Tanisha. She was my Mother’s favorite. I am most like Leslie (Le-Le) from Season 1. I have gotten to know Le-Le on a personal level outside of BGC, and she is the most wonderful kind-hearted individual I have ever encountered in my life. We both have good hearts until we are pushed and/ or disrespected. Plus, we both can shop out asses off!! Best shopping partner by far!!

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