Bad Girls Club Recap: Go Big Or Go Home

We have made it to the finish line of yet another Bad Girls Club! Well, except for next week’s reunion, which looks like an edition of Bad Girls Club: Drag Race.

This week, new girl Camilla appears to be having some sort of psychological break with reality. She continues to storm up and down the house, vandalize the giant slot machine with the girl’s pictures on it, and act like the other ladies in the house care. Spoiler alert: they don’t. In the few days Camilla was in the house, she managed to have a girlfriend over, and about seven members of her family, and the rest of the bad girls didn’t even react.


Camilla’s mother apparently should have been cast instead of “Dolphin” or whoever that girl was who was on the show for 12 hours. Speaking of Dolphin, Erica regrets jumping her because they realized they could have “molded her” if she had stayed. And they could have had fun with her, and not get stuck with this nutbag instead.

Anyway, it’s easy to see where Camilla gets her paranoia and violent outbursts: she gets it from her mom! In the same breath after bragging that her daughter could get along with “everyone” she also explains how she had to teach Camilla how to fight because she was the only child and people were always fighting them “back in the day.” And then she would have to bail them out of jail. Camilla’s family all got in on the vandalism antics but just had fun grilling and hanging out by the pool. Erica talking heads “how can someone bring their mother to the bad girls club?” She has a good point. Elease lets us know that while they will mess with each other endlessly, messing with each other’s guests isn’t cool. At least there’s one rule in the insane asylum. Camilla seems pissed that no one messed with her family. No one even cared her friend was there.

The girls were mellow this episode, up until the very end, when Mimi started a fight with Camilla in an effort to get her out of the house before the official last day. This stupid show and its fake rules are its fakest here; why does Camilla get sent home for fighting but the others get to stay? No reason, apparently.

Erica’s rap subplot culminates in a performance with Jazzy at a local club, and it’s the one thing Erica is scared of. I noticed that one of the lyrics in her song is about stay at home bloggers, to which I say: HI ERICA! THANKS FOR THE SHOUT OUT! Jazzy, Gia, and Amy go up with her for dancing and moral support, and folks seem to like it. That, or there was an open bar. It could go either way. Erica’s ex, Chris also calls her and it looks like he may be circling back into her life. Beware of guys named Chris, Erica! Trust me, I know their dangers.

The best part of this episode, and this whole season really (besides Mimi’s classic “Those hoes are fraudulent” one-liner) is when some random guy in bed with Amy makes a comment, says he’s just kidding, and then says “they” will probably just edit that kidding part out. The producers of this show added in a “That’s what you think!” graphic, which was hilarious. I hate the editors for their monkey business but I love when they make self-referential jokes. Nice work!

When it’s time to go, all the girls get individual limos. Amy is the last to go, and she decides to streak while she’s alone (or, with the camera crew). The limo driver goes in the house to look for her and is pleased to find a topless Amy scrambling to get dressed. She takes her pinata and goes home.