In a new intervew with VH1, Cashmere from The Love of Ray J talks about her time on the show. Below are some highlights from her interview –

How was your time on the show?

Everything was good at first, but then it started getting stressful toward the end.

Did the competition break you down?

Yeah. Just being there, living with the girls and all competing for the same guy. There was a lot of backstabbing going on, and I didn’t feel like it was worth it to stay.

Unique interviewed that you were her puppet and that she was going to use you for her gain. Did you have a sense of that in the house?

I had no clue. We hit it off since Day 1. We were really cool and I trusted her and I had no idea that she was saying stuff like that till the show aired. I was disappointed when I saw that. She was going to play the game, obviously, but I feel like she took it too far. She took it to the point where she was talking about her friends.

What about the much-discussed exposure issue? Was that attractive to you at all?

Kind of. I more went in for Ray, but I knew being on TV, everyone was going to see me. It was killing two birds with one stone.

What about the plot to expose Cocktail’s reality TV past? Were you disappointed she didn’t face any consequences from Ray?

Yeah. I wish he would have gotten more upset with her. I felt like she was running around the house snitching on everyone else, and then when the tables turned, she was so defensive about it. She lied about it in front of him, on top of that. I feel like he was playing favoritism a little bit. At least I showed him I can be there for him getting girls out of the house that didn’t need to be there.

In your exit interview, you said you might regret eliminating yourself one day. Did you?

At first, I didn’t. Now that I’ve seen the show and I’ve seen how he really felt about me, I regret it, yeah. During the show, I was getting mixed signals. At times, I felt like he wasn’t really feeling me. After watching the show and seeing that he really did like me, I wish I would have stayed.

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