Brandi Glanville and LeAnn RImes ex Dean

Brandi Glanville And LeAnn Rimes Ex Dean Sheremet Team Up For A New Show

Is Brandi Glanville pulling a page from the Blac Chyna revenge handbook? The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star just posted a photo with Dean Sheremet – as in her ex husband Eddie Cibrian‘s current wife LeAnn Rimes‘s ex husband. It sounds a lot more confusing than it is, but it is still really weird. Nevertheless, I guess it is possible that they got together for an Eddie and LeAnn hate fest. (Although she’s claiming to be on good terms with LeAnn these days)

As believable as that is, these two are actually working together on a new reality show. This doesn’t shock me too much since I feel like I’m always reading about Brandi joining new reality shows, but I am just so confused by what kind of show she would be doing with LeAnn‘s ex husband. They are not a couple, are they? 


Thankfully, these two are not spitefully dating. That would be pushing things a little too far. Instead, they are partners on a new cooking show called My Kitchen Rules. Still, I feel like it would be more believable to see the pair on a dating show than a cooking show, but I’m trying to keep an open mind.

As it turns out, Dean is very well-suited for this venture since he is a trained chef and cookbook author. So I guess I’m just confused about Brandi joining the cast, but I’m sure she will be the one to make this show interesting. She is always good for that.

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My Kitchen Rules is based on an Australian show with the same name that has teams of “two contestants with pre-existing relationships” competing to “transform an ordinary home into an instant restaurant complete with theme and table decorations for one pressure-cooker night.” I’m not really sure if hating each other’s exes constitutes a “pre-existing relationship,” but I guess it works. I really just don’t get why anyone would want to transform their home into a one night only restaurant, but maybe I am just missing something.

Brandi and Dean will be joined by other well-known people including Ray J (who I would love for Brandi to start dating), Brandy, Naomi Judd, and one of Lisa Vanderpump’s best friends Lance Bass. I am hoping there is some LVP related drama between Brandi and Lance. That would make the show worth watching.

As expected, both Brandi and Dean took to social media to announce partnership. They each posted the same photo to Instagram. Brandi put it up with the caption “Next chapter #cooking” with a heart emoji. Dean put his up and wrote, “Hide the wine and the sharp knives, because it’s officially on” and I am just hoping that was a reference to Brandi’s RHOBH antics.


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