CBS Big Brother 11 Week 1 Spoilers!


Above is the official Big Brother 11 Cast photo including the final cast member, Jessie Godderz from BB10. The premier of this new season was a big disappointment for me and many others from what I have been reading all week.

Big Brother had a chance to bring back a favorite former houseguest of ours, and for same strange reason, this ended up being Jessie. Not that we hate Jessie, it’s simply that we can easily name 20 former HGs that we would have preferred over Jessie. I know I was really hoping it would have been either Brian or Jessica.

Jessie was a disappointment, plus it seems the other former HGs did not stand a chance. I mean was another clique other than the “Athletes” really suppose to win that very physical competition? Didn’t think so either.

Below are some spoilers of what is to come tomorrow, including the 2 nominees and VETO winner –

Lydia and Chima are this week’s nominees.

Russell won the VETO yesterday.

A lot of the HGs do not seem to like Chima but so far it seems the vote would be a 5-5 split if they had to vote today.

Lydia has been getting close to both Jessie and Russell, so it will be interesting to see if Russell will use the veto on her. I highly doubt this however.