Chima Simone QUITS Big Brother 11! Details On What Happened


Chima Simone has officially quit Big Brother 11. The most annoying houseguest in BB history 32 years old freelance journalist from California freaked out on the live feeds last night and is no longer on the show.

The feeds were cut off for about 2 hours early this morning, Chima was no longer in the house once they came back on. There is some speculation as to what exactly happened but there are certain facts that we do know.


Michelle nominated Chima and Natalie for eviction last night.

Chima spent most of last night being surprisingly calm until she decided her cheetos were missing. She asked the other HGs (House Guests) – Russell, Jeff, Michelle, and Jordan about her cheetos’ whereabouts. Jeff and Jordan said they had no idea, Russell said nothing. This made Chima upset, she decided to hide some of Russell’s belongings, as well as throw her mic pack in the pool.

The live feeds go off momentarily after this and according to an insider, this is what took place afterwards –

“Chima was refusing to put her mic on last night for I guess the entire time BBAD (Big Brother After Dark on Showtime) was on. At one point she threw it into the pool. After BBAD went off, production called a house meeting. Everything went to fish on live feeds.

Big Brother producer Allison Grodner told Chima she would have to pay for the mic pac out of her stipend (Allegedly $5000). Chima said f**k this s**t, I am outta here. She told Natalie and Lydia “I love you,” went to the Diary Room, pressed the button, it wouldnt’ go green. So she starts screaming DON”T F**K WITH ME! She goes into the DR and apparently goes bat sh%t crazy on production (who was told to tape everything). Lydia and Natalie want to leave as well but production tells them to chill a minute. Lydia is crying and banging on the DR door.”

That is what allegedly took place. What we do know is the feeds came back on hours later, and Chima was gone. I blogged a week ago about this season’s Big Brother being different because in my opinion, a lot of these contestants appeared “unstable.” Big Brother claims to do thorough psych evaluations for each contestant, but I’m not sure how thorough these evaluations really are.

My guess is they purposely put in these “unstable” HGs to get some major drama. Well if it’s drama they wanted, they got it! As a huge BB fan, I will say I am disappointed that we have multiple HGs threatening and wanting to quit because things did not go their way. What happened to the contestants who had passion for the game, and were willing to do almost anything to win? They need to do a better job with casting, and perhaps hire a better bunch of psychiatrists.

No word yet on what will happen with the nominations and evictions.

UPDATE – CBS says Chima was kicked off the show plus details on new HOH!

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