CBS Big Brother Week 5 Spoilers & Updates!


We have reached the 5th week of Big Brother 11, and things are starting to heat up. Jeff was revealed as being the coup d’ etat winner during Thursday’s live show. This means Jeff has the power to replace the HOH’s nominations during the next live show, right before voting. Plus I think I speak for most of the fans, when I say good riddance to Ronnie the rat being evicted.


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Jeremy Piven visited the HGs during their havenots competition. His new movie was one of the prizes.

Chima is the new HOH and has nominated both Russell and Lydia.

Her plan is to get Russell out of the house with Lydia being the pawn.

Russell made plenty of apologies to Chima, but she ultimately put him up because she felt that she could not trust him.

Russell has been surprisingly calm about the nomination and believes he’s going home unless he wins the POV.

Most of the HGs suspect either Kevin or Jeff has the “Wizard powers.” Most of them are leaning towards Jeff.

Jeff has been doing a decent job at pretending he doesn’t have the powers. Judging by some of his actions, it seems his goal is to replace the nominees with Natalie and Jessie on Thursday, to get Jessie out.

Jessie has been freaking out the entire time because he suspects whomever has the powers will put him up on Thursday.

Russell, Lydia, Chima, Jeff, Natalie and Kevin will be playing in today’s POV.

My thoughts – This season has definitely been a “crazy” one. I mean literally crazy. A lot of these house-guests are very paranoid and borderline nuts. Michelle and Russell both seem very unstable, and tough to be in an alliance with. Chima and Lydia are borderline unstable.

The bad thing about this season is there aren’t really any strong alliances, with the excweption on some pairs of twos. A lot of the alliances attempted between the four mentioned above seems to end up blowing up into a major fight and drama.

I was rooting for a Jeff/Jordan/Michelle/Russell alliance but Michelle and Russell make that impossible with their crazy acts. Both Jeff and Jordan are seeing this. The other alliance involving Chima/Russell/Jessie/Natalie also seems to be unstable as they are now working on getting their own alliance member, Russell, out of the house.

At this point, I’m just rooting for Jeff and Jordan, but unfortunately for the two, they do not have too many options on finding a “normal” house member to enter an alliance with. With the exception of Jordan, Jeff, Jessie and Kevin, they are all NUTS!