Kim Zolciak’s Manager Quits Again And Dishes On Kim’s Stripper Past


It’s deja vu all over again as the Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak and her publicist/manager Jonathan Jaxson are once again at odds, and Jonathan has once again decided to publicly bash his former client. It’s becoming more obvious these two have a “Love/Hate relationship.”

Jonathan went on Atlanta’s airwaves to air his grievances with the Bravo reality show star. On the air, he announced his resignation as Kim’s manager and publicist because “she’s a habitual liar.” According to Jonathan, Kim lied about her past as a stripper.

Jonathan previously dished on Kim back in July, when he revealed sordid details about her stripper past and dealings with the still legally married ‘Big Poppa.’

He claims that Kim spent about 3 months “making a lot of money” as a stripper at Atlanta’s top gentleman’s establishment, The Cheetah Club. And her stage name was “Barbi.”

“She didn’t do it for long, but was very popular among the crowd,” he continues.

Kim’s reps have denied such claims but admit that she worked “as a cocktail waitress.” Kim claims she knows the leak of this false story and is denying it: “I’ve never stripped,” she said. “[My former rep] is a loose cannon spreading lies. I am not affiliated with him whatsoever.”

NeNe Leakes on the other hand, proudly admitted that she danced for money to earn a living for her and her children.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Jonathan appeared on Q100’s Bert Show with Kim to announce that all was forgiven (they had sued each other earlier this year) and they were once again working together as “Tardy for the Party” debuted on iTunes.

Jonathan also claims that Kim spends “up to $200,000 a month.” He also reveals that viewers may finally get a glimpse of Kim’s married beau “Big Poppa” when he shows up in one of the second season’s remaining episodes with a large carat diamond for Kim.

A source reports, even though Kim tuned in to Jonathan’s rant , she isn’t taking his claims seriously.

Not sure why Kim or any ‘celebrity’ in their right mind would want to work with this guy. He has a rather known history of turning on his clients and spilling all their secrets. He has done this to past clients such as Kim Kardashian and Adrienne Bailon.