A close friend of Hailey Glassman is alleging that the former girlfriend of Jon Gosselin is very scared of him.  This comes after Hailey accused Jon of attacking her by pushing her up against a wall in a jealous rage.

Things recently got worse for Jon & Hailey’s relationship with Hailey filing a harassment complaint against Jon with the NYPD on December 20, 2009, and with Jon accusing Hailey of being the person who ransacked and robbed their NY apartment.

Mandy Sassano, a “concerned friend” of Hailey’s told RadarOnline: “The situation has gotten totally out of hand and Hailey is now very scared of Jon Gosselin – she just wants him to leave her alone.” Mandy continues, “She told me that the attack story is true and that he pinned her to the wall of their apartment after he got into a jealous rage when she was photographed with [boxing promoter] Damon Feldman.”

Mandy also believes Hailey is not capable of destroying an apartment as claimed by Jon.  “Anybody that knows Hailey will tell you that she is not capable of trashing the apartment that they used to share – it’s just not her style.”

According to Mandy, Hailey just wants to move on with her life, but Jon won’t let her.  “Apparently, he has a way of finding out where she is through his GPS system and that really freaks her out – it’s time for him to back-off because her friends and family are worried and upset now.”

Mandy also confirmed that Jon did indeed borrow a large amount of money from Hailey. “She claims that she gave him an $80,000 loan to re-pay money back into his joint bank account with his wife after he pleaded with Hailey that he could not pay the money and that he feared he might lose his kids as a result.”

“I remember one occasion when we were out for a meal with Jon and Hailey and a few other people and he actually had the nerve to use one of Kate’s credit cards to pay for the four of us – that’s the type of person he is,” concluded Mandy.

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