Photos: Meet The 25 New Bachelors From Ali Fedotowsky’s Bachelorette Season!

The Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky

It’s that time again! ABC has released the names and photos of the 25 men competing for the love of Ali Fedotowsky on the sixth season of The Bachelorette.

The new season, set to premiere on May 24th, has already been plagued with scandal. The big scandal this season is that one of the men, Justin “Rated R” Rego had a girlfriend while on the show. Apparently Justin/Rated R’s girlfriend will make a phone call to Ali to let her know she’s dating Justin. Rated R also happens to be Justin’s wrestling name.

Below are photos and brief bios of the 25 new bachelors! –

The Bachelorette Chris Hasek WattChris Hasek Watt, Age 27

Occupation: Real Estate Developer Hometown: Campbell River, Canada

What he likes to do for fun: Play hockey, spend time with family


The Bachelorette Chris LambtonChris Lambton, Age 33

Occupation: Landscaper Hometown: Dennis, MA

What a typical Saturday Night is: Hanging out in a bar with friends




The Bachelorette Chris NChris N, Age 29

Occupation: Entrepreneur Hometown: Winter Park, FL

Biggest achievement to date: Started his own company from scratch


The Bachelorette CraigCraig, Age 34

Occupation: Dental Sales Hometown: Sarnia, Canada

What are his dating deal breakers? Someone who can’t carry on a one-on-one conversation, someone who talks too much about money, ex-boyfriends, or a woman who can’t loosen up and dance with him.


The Bachelorette Craig RobinsonCraig Robinson, Age 27

Occupation: Lawyer Hometown: Langhorne, PA

What he likes to do for fun? Traveling, golf and basketball


The Bachelorette DerekDerek, Age 28

Occupation: Sales Manager Hometown: Warren, MI

What are his dating dealbreakers? Bad breath, someone who talks too much.


The Bachelorette DerrickDerrick, Age 27

Occupation: Construction Engineer Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA


The Bachelorette Frank NeuschaeferFrank Neuschaefer, Age 31

Occupation: Retail Manager Hometown: Bartlett, IL

What three items would he bring to a desert island: Notebooks & Pens, guitar and an amazing girl — everything he loves in life!


The Bachelorette Hunter WagnerHunter Wagner, Age 28

Occupation: Internet Account Executive Hometown: Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

What is his dating dealbreaker: When his date can’t stop talking about superficial things


The Bachelorette JasonJason, Age 27

Occupation: Construction Consultant Hometown: Johnson City, TN


The Bachelorette JayJay, Age 29

Occupation: Lawyer Hometown: Barrington, RI

What he considers his greatest achievement: Graduating from law school


The Bachelorette Jesse BeckJesse Beck, Age 24

Occupation: General Contractor Hometown: Peculiar, MO

What is his best date memory: Having a food fight!


The Bachelorette John CrivelloJohn Crivello, Age 32

Occupation: Hotel Business Development Hometown: Mukilteo, WA


The Bachelorette John NJohn N, Age 27

Occupation: Engineering Software Sales Hometown: Wichita, KS

What he likes to do for fun: Anything outdoors, big group dinners and sporting events


The Bachelorette Jonathan NovackJonathan Novack, Age 30

Occupation: Weatherman Hometown: Boston, MA


The Bachelorette Justin RegoJustin Rego, Age 26

Occupation: Entertainment Wrestler Hometown: Toronto, Canada

What he considers his three best attributes:His smile, his charisma and his personality


The Bachelorette Kasey KahlKasey Kahl, Age 27

Occupation: Advertising Account Executive Hometown: Fresno, CA

What he likes to do for fun: golfing, wakeboarding, snow skiing, having dinner and drinks


The Bachelorette Kirk DeWindtKirk DeWindt, Age 27

Occupation: Sales Consultant Hometown: Green Bay, WI

What he considers his three best attributes: Honesty, ambition and persistence.


The Bachelorette KyleKyle, Age 26

Occupation: Outdoorsman Hometown: Highlands Ranch, CO

What he likes to do for fun: He lives the outdoors — hunting and fishing are his favorite activities


The Bachelorette PhilPhil, Age 30

Occupation: Investment Manager Hometown: Elmore, OH


The Bachelorette Roberto MartinezRoberto Martinez, Age 26

Occupation: Insurance Agent Hometown: Tampa, FL

What he likes to do for fun: Hang at the beach with a boat, guitar, dominos and good people


The Bachelorette Steve KocsisSteve Kocsis, Age 28

Occupation: Sales Representative Hometown: Chesterland, OH

The most outrageous thing he’s ever done: Jumped out of an airplane


The Bachelorette Ty BrownTy Brown, Age 31

Occupation: Medical Sales Hometown: Booneville, MI

What he likes to do for fun: Golfing, watching football, tailgating and going to concerts


The Bachelorette Tyler MTyler M, Age 25

Occupation: Catering Manager Hometown: Helena

What is the most outrageous things he’s even done: Hitch-hiked in a speedo