The Real Housewives of NYC Episode 12 Recap: A Mental Meltdown


“The four of us are actually sane and she’s crazy, and now we’re picking on her.”Sonja Morgan

“Best episode ever & worst episode too in a way.”Simon Van Kempen.

Those are two powerful quotes. Last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York City was absolutely the best and the worst. The Hills is not real, Spencer Pratt’s alleged meltdown on the Hills is not real. What you watched on the Real Housewives of NYC last night was real, very real. Too real perhaps.

What I and other millions of viewers watched was a complete and total mental breakdown from what I will assume is a very mentally ill person. I don’t even know how to proceed with this recap. Last week’s episode was more of a Kelly Bensimon is coo coo crazy kinda thing, but somewhere along last night’s episode, Kelly being crazy took a dark turn into Kelly being mentally ill, and something about that is quite troubling.

And what’s worse than the madness we all just watched on television? Well according to Bethenny, Ramona and Alex. What was shown on TV was actually very tame in comparison to what actually took place that night. “Truth be told, what aired was very tame compared to what actually happened. I think that to air the full scope of it would terrify the viewers. We were truly terrified ourselves,” blogged Bethenny. Must say I can’t imagine kelly possibly being worse than what we just watched.

So why don’t I have any sympathy for Kelly, someone who I believe might be mentally ill, something not of her doing? Well I’m not quite sure. For one, I can’t relate to this woman in any way, shape, or form. She acts like a robot and seems to have the IQ of an 8 year old. I can’t relate and comprehend to the the way she acts or the moronic things she says. And reason number #2 why I can’t seem to muster up any sympathy is because she continued to be the aggressor and attacker in last night’s episode. She also seems to have no remorse for her insane behavior and continues to blame others. She blames Bethenny and Bravo for how she came across. She also continues to attack Bethenny, even accusing her of exploiting her father’s death for ratings. It’s funny that Kelly says she is scared of Bethenny, when in reality Bethenny should be the scared party. Kelly seems to have an unhealthy obsession with Bethenny and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Kelly holds Bethenny responsible for 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, her divorce, etc

Going into this vacation from hell, one would think the women would pick on Kelly and treat her badly. The irony turned out to be that these women, who are usually drama prone, seemed to genuinely want a drama free vacation, despite Kelly’s constant attempts to bring the drama. Kelly was the one who picked on the women from the get go, and made certain to attack every single one of them. The women at every single attempt tried to calm her down, be nice to her, and tried to have a good time. But Kelly would not stop, and was very combative and defensive.

Some things to point out in this episode, Kelly, while on the phone with Jill, said Bethenny’s gift bag to her was impersonal. And in case you’re wondering, this is the same gift bag with her initials on it. Evidently the lunatic in Kelly can’t grasp that this was an attempt by Bethenny to make amends. Kelly, who has breast implants, bad wonky ones at that, then goes on to make fun of Bethenny’s “Fake D tits,” thus giving us our first pot meet kettle moment.

And then it’s breakfast time and Kelly decides to bring a complaints pad to the ladies telling them to write down their complaints like they do in the fourth grade. Huh what? Kelly has offered to take photos of the ladies, but Bethenny decides to skip out on the crazy show. During the photo shoot, Kelly creepily tells Alex to channel her son Johan while trying to take sexy bikini pictures.

Moving on to the dinner from hell. Kelly who is already channeling a nut with her uncombed hair, decides to talk on her cell phone during dinner in front of the ladies, which rubs Ramona the wrong way. Once again, the ladies attempt to make nice with Kelly, who continues to take jabs and once again make mention of Bethenny being or not being a chef. Kelly then mentions in her interview that Bethenny is always on defense and is psychotic. And thanks to the psych class I took sophomore year in college, I can confidently proclaim this is what is known as “Projection.”


The dinner from hell continues, and Kelly continues to be defensive, combative, and all around nuts. The ladies continue to try to diffuse the situation and make the best of things. Ramona brings up the fact that Jill has not called her, and Kelly once again goes insane while trying to defend Jill. Kelly decides the ladies are all making “white noise” and that she will just text.

Ramona then takes the time to try to apologize to Bethenny about the very rude comments she made while they both walked the Brooklyn bridge a while back. To which Kelly once again rudely interrupts and says “I don’t know what happened. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Only to declare later that Ramona had told her she made Bethenny cry. Kelly proceeds to ask Ramona, “Are you going to sit on her lap? Are you two going to make out with the tongue? Uhh? What are we in the 8th grade? “Make out with ‘the tongue?'” Really Kelly? You know what, I take that back. Saying she’s in the 8th grade is a grave insult to all the 8th graders of the world. But apparently in Kelly lala cartwheel land, two women sitting close to each other and having a conversation means they are about to make out “with the tongue.” Something tells me Kelly only has female acquaintances and zero female friends. . Ramona tells Kelly its time to take a time out, to which Kelly responds by telling Ramona to “zip it.”

Bethenny and Ramona walk away and Bethenny feels vindicated as she finally feels everybody sees the same insanity she’s always seen in Kelly. Ramona feels Kelly is “nuts” and Bethenny thinks something’s wrong and it might not be Kelly’s fault. With Bethenny gone, Kelly decides its time to attack Alex. Kelly then brings up her nightmares about Bethenny and declares that Bethenny tried to kill her in both her dreams and in real life. But that’s not all folks! Kelly goes on to tell Alex that she challenged the devil and a vampire when she delivered B’s message to Jill earlier on.

The ladies with the exception of Sonja take a time out away from Kelly, and Kelly doesn’t realize she just insulted Alex. After a few minutes alone with Kelly. Sonja realizes something is really wrong. “I’m not a doctor but something’s wrong,” says Sonja in her interview. Kelly then calls Bethenny Al Sharpton and accuses her of attacking her friend Gwyneth. You know the actress Gwyneth Paltrow aka Kelly’s friend in her head. Kelly takes a time out and then runs back out with jelly beans and lollipops, and asks the ladies to calm down.

“Your dad passed away, and you’re like here. ITS CREEPY!” says Kelly to Bethenny. “Go to sleep, go to sleep! YOU’RE CRAZY!” yells out a very frustrated Bethenny. Right in front of Kelly, Sonja declares she has a chemical imbalance. and that they are being mean to a crazy person. And just like that, along with the viewers at home, the ladies seem to have a light bulb moment as well when they realize this person in front of them might just be mentally ill.

Reading Bethenny’s post about this might give you a better perspective of what the ladies went through with Kelly –

“I have to be honest. I felt for a few years now that I was seeing something in Kelly that I couldn’t believe others couldn’t see. I grew up in an insane asylum, so I can sense when someone is unstable from the beginning. I have seen signs of Kelly’s erratic behavior for years now, and of course there was the domestic violence charge with her ex boyfriend. Things like that just don’t happen to people. A large part of me feels sorry for her and sincerely thinks she should not be participating in a reality show environment. I don’t think she can resist the temptation of the attention it brings regardless of the fact that it may not be good for her. Reality television is very stressful under the most normal circumstances.

For a brief period, it was the most eventful dinner party I’ve ever hosted, however, it took a scary, dramatic turn and we wanted to diffuse the situation. I realized that I needed to reel it in because this wasn’t normal or healthy for anyone. Truth be told, what aired was very tame compared to what actually happened. I think that to air the full scope of it would terrify the viewers. We were truly terrified ourselves, and I must point out that none of us came home from that trip and told anyone about what went on there. We understood how serious it was and we were all scared. That night when I went to bed, I was legitimately scared for my safety as well as Kelly’s. I know Alex felt the same. It was a completely horrendous trip and experience. That is the God’s honest truth.”

And now back to Sonja’s quote above. “The four of us are actually sane and she’s crazy, and now we’re picking on her.” Kelly is 100% crazy, no more doubts in my mind. I guess the question now is are we picking on mentally ill person? Either way, this woman is in dire need of help and I’m pretty certain for the first time in my life, I just saw mental illness up close, thanks to Bravo.

Just to show you what others who watched the show thought of Kelly, below is a screen shot taken last night of the searches that came into our site via search engines.


By the way, we received thousands and thousands of those searches yesterday. My theory on the whole situation? I truly believe Kelly has a mental illness/chemical imbalance of some sort and simply forgot to take her medication along with her. That’s just my take on the whole issue.

UPDATE: Bethenny also mentions in her blog that she called Jill out of concern for Kelly, but Jill didn’t seem too interested in helping her new friend –

“I also need to point out that I called Jill that night to tell her that Kelly was in trouble. She didn’t seem very concerned, and as you will see next week, she was more consumed by her own agenda than Kelly’s health. That is a whole separate issue.

Jill came to St. John because she wanted a grand entrance and to ensure that she wasn’t absent in three episodes. Her excuse that she came to see me was laughable. St. John is very difficult to get to and I literally lived a block away from her. Stopping by my building would have been infinitely easier. You all know the real story there.”