Real Housewives of New York City Finale Recap: All Good Things Must Come To An End


While some housewives seasons seemed to linger on too long (think the Real Housewives of Orange County) and some should have just been scrapped all together and replaced with a new cast (think Real Housewives of New Jersey), it seems the third season of the Real Housewives of New York City ended way too soon.

Just like that, the most amazing season ever in Bravo housewives history is over. Last night marked the 14th and final episode of the NYC season. The recap is below.

We saw Jill call Bethenny up last week to ask her out to lunch, thus bringing us to a somewhat awkward lunch meeting between the former BFFs. Seems Jill, who spent the first half of the season trying to rally up the troops her co-stars against Bethenny and failing badly at it, is now ready to make amends. Apparently, becoming BFFs with the Cuntess and a nutjob wasn’t all she thought it would be. Enters Bethenny, and Jill begins to complement the heck out of her. Jill begins to open up, and judging from Bethenny’s facial expressions, it’s pretty obvious Bethenny is O.V.E.R.I.T. Jill calls the demise of their friendship a separation, while Bethenny describes it as a divorce. Interesting choice of words there.

Bethenny makes an excellent point when she says in her interview, “I think that the tides turning on Jill is the reason that we’re sitting here having this conversation.” Bethenny then proceeds to explain to Jill why she’s in the position she is in with some of the housewives. “You create arguments and drama, and pick fights with people and count things, then you have to deal with the residual damage,” says an emotional Bethenny. And the best line of this scene is Jill saying she wants to get toxic people out of her life and then calling Alex a toxic person to which Bethenny asks, “Alex is a toxic person?” before reminding Jill that once upon a time, she also referred to her as a toxic person as well. Lunch is over and Jill asks Bethenny if she would like to get together again. We never get Bethenny’s reply, but judging from her facial expressions, the answer is pretty clear.

Next up, we see the ladies sans BRA, meet up to celebrate LuAnn’s new song, ‘Money Can’t Buy You Class.’ LuAnn finally introduces her very adorable boyfriend, Jacques Azoulay, to the housewives, and I must admit it was cute to see LuAnn act giddy and happy about her new man. According to reports, the two are still together. It was however interesting to hear LuAnn express her disappointment at Bethenny, Ramona and Alex(BRA) not showing up, when she made it a point not to show up for Ramona’s trip. LuAnn proceeds to lip-sync her song and I’m pretty certain her lips weren’t even moving at one point during the performance. And how cute was it when the cameras panned to Jacques, who was shown really grooving to the crappy performance. Ahh! To be in love.

Finally, it’s the day of the renewal and we see Ramona getting ready for her big day. Jill pays Ramona a visit, and tries to mend their toxic friendship. Interesting because Jill mentioned to Bethenny earlier that she did not want toxic people in her life. If her friendship with Ramona isn’t toxic, then I don’t know what is. The frenemies once again make up and I realize that’s all these two do. They hurt each other badly, apologize and make up. On a toxic friendship of 1 – 10, these two are about a 12. They make up once again and we can look forward to 15 more years of this frenemieship.

The guests arrive to the event and we find out Kelly did not RSVP. She however decided to be the “bigger person” again and show up to the event, even bringing gifts! I don’t speak lunatic, but I’m guessing the other time she’s referring to being the “bigger person” was during the St. John trip. Nough said.

Next we see Jill, minutes after just making up with her good friend Ramona, proceed to then bash Ramona’s event to others. Jill complains about not having any h’orderves to munch on. It’s a wonder Jill even eats, you know being that she’s a size 1 and all. We then see the “two teams” sitting on opposite sides of the room and Alex reminds us the ladies are ending the season the same way they started. In the first episode, Alex & Bethenny attended Ramona’s party on the boat/yatch, while LuAnn and Kelly skipped the event in favor of gossiping about it with Jill. Good observation by Alex.


Ramona and Mario renew their vows and it was a bit sad to see LuAnn’s face during that. It’s nice to see a couple make it 17 years, especially in a world where divorces are so rampant, so more power to Ramona and Mario. I do agree with Kelly though (did I just type that?) that 17 is a bit of a random number. An emotional Bethenny proceeds to thank Alex and Ramona for being great friends to her during the biggest “roller coaster” of her life. The ladies then hug it out.

The show ends and we see brief updates on the ladies. Kelly’s update was priceless. “Kelly remains committed to a life full of lollipops, unicorns and rainbows,” highlariously said Bravo. Interesting use of the word “committed” there. Coincidence? I think not, bravo Bravo! In her closing interview, Kelly tells us she has an amazing life and lives in an amazing world, which reminds me of a great comment I saw on twitter last night. A viewer of the show said Kelly has to keep saying she has an amazing life to herself so that she can convince herself she really does. Something along those lines, and must say the viewer might be onto something.

Watch What Happens with Kelly Ripa was great last night. The highlight of the night came when a viewer called in to ask Andy Cohen if Bravo did indeed force “the clinically insane Kelly” (the caller’s words) to go on the St. John trip, as claimed by Kelly. Andy’s answer was a clear NO, which led Kelly to post the following on her twitter in reply to Andy: “i wish andy and all of his opinions well. i was forced to go. if i didn’t go, the trip wouldn’t have been worth the money.” Uh Kelly? You wish Andy and all of his opinions well? Are his opinions like people?

Kelly then proceeded to post some more creepy nonsensical rants on her twitter, which she does on a daily basis by the way. Must say Kelly’s off the wall behavior is starting to remind of that of Britney Spears, you know before her father stepped in with the conservatorship and meds. This woman acts more and more out of control everyday. It almost seems like someone needs to step into her life to guide her , while telling her what not to do and say. She is really in need of some dire and serious help. Her actions only seem to get worse daily. She seems extremely out of touch with reality. And oh yeah, Kelly deleted most of her crazy tweets from last night.

Jennifer Gilbert – Jennifer, who was actually cast to be a full time castmember was unfortunately hardly shown this season. She was never even added to the beginning credits of the show much to Jennifer’s dismay. And though there are rumors that Jennifer has been cut from the show, Andy Cohen reveals the rumors are false and that no decisions have been made regarding the cast next year. I might be in the minority here but I would take Jennifer over Sonja Morgan any day. Yes Sonja is likable and a bit entertaining, but is more of a one trick pony. And when you really think about it, Sonja makes sure to stay out of the drama and seems like a really nice person, which while great in real life, is bad for reality TV. On the other hand, the little that was shown of Jennifer showed a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind ( telling Jill to get “the f*ck out” of her pantry during an earlier episode) and is rather inappropriate at times (saying LuAnn’s date looked “gay” with his hair). My guess is both women will be back, especially if Bethenny leaves the show. However my instincts tell me Jennifer would make a much better fit for the show than Sonja.

Below is a behind the scenes clip from the reunion show, and Jill can be seen kissing up to Bethenny. It’s quite pathetic to be frank. “Bethenny, you look beautiful,” said Jill only proceeding seconds later to add, ” Bethenny you look gorgeous.”

Warning, the ass kissing in the clip below might induce vomit. You’ve been warned.

Perhaps someone should tell Jill that mending things with Bethenny will not repair her tarnished image with the public. She really seems very obsessed with being friends with Bethenny again, and unfortunately her narcissism and delusions are not allowing her to see that people don’t dislike her solely because of Bethenny. They do because of her own actions and behavior on the show. Her obsession with wanting to befriend Bethenny again is nothing short of her self serving purpose to be liked again by the public as proven by the story she leaked to Life&Style this week proclaiming she and Bethenny are friends again. Something Bethenny has now publicly denied. It’s time for Jill to move on and realize the viewers are smart, and Bethenny’s actions will not change their opinion of her.

I’ve always made mention of the NYC Housewives series being my favorite out of the Bravo franchises and I must say the season is ending all too soon. It was truly a great season, and I’m already looking forward to season four.