PHOTOS: Meet The Real Housewives of DC!

The Real Housewives of DC

The Real Housewives of D.C., set to premiere August 5th, has already proven to be Bravo’s most controversial housewives franchise, though an episode has yet to air.

Bravo officially announced the cast of the DC housewives this week, and white house party crasher Michaele Salahi is part of the cast, but this isn’t exactly a shocker considering the DailyBeast revealed months ago that Michaele would indeed be on the show.

Joining Michaele on the reality show, from left to right (pictured above), are Catherine Ommanney, Stacie Turner, Mary Amons, and Lynda Erkiletian.

Bravo describes the DC ladies as “connected D.C. power players,” who “have their pulse on the most important cultural events, political galas, gallery openings, and fundraisers in Washington society.”

And as for the controversial decision to put Michaele Salahi on the show? Andy Cohen had the following to say –

“We kept Michaele in the show because she has a compelling life story, distinct relationships with the other women, and most especially because she represents a very real example of the inextricably intertwined worlds of political connections with social hierarchy. To the people who might excoriate us and say we’re making Michaele famous or glorifying what she did: ‘here’s what’ — we don’t make shows to make people famous and as a corollary, we don’t view being on a television show either as a reward or a punishment. That’s up to the individuals who choose to do so and the people who choose to watch and react.”

Michaele and her husband Tareq Salahi were never charged or prosecuted by the white house though presidential Social Secretary Desiree Rogers did lose her job as a result of the incident.

The Photos and Bios of the Ladies Below –

Michaele Salahi of the Real Housewives of DCMichaele Salahi, 44 – Even before the white house incident, Michaele and hubby Tareq were notorious for their flamboyant polo matches and a long-running family feud over their Oasis Winery in Fauquier County. Raised in Oakton, Michaele worked at Nordstrom before marrying Tareq in a splashy 2003 ceremony. Though she turned up with camera crews at Redskins cheerleader alumnae events, the organization denied she was a member. A lot of people are also claiming the Salahis owe them money.



Mary Amons of the Real Housewives of DC

Mary Schmidt Amons, 43 – A socialite and mom of five. She’s the daughter of a telecom exec and the wife of a telecom guy, Rich Amons. They started early: Their oldest, Lolly, is 23; she and Mary were featured in 2005 stories in Marie Claire and on “Good Morning America” about mothers and daughters who look the same age.


Lynda Erkiletian of the Real Housewives of DC

Lynda Erkiletian, 52 – Is a divorced mom of four children, she’s the owner of T.H.E. Artist Agency, a Georgetown modeling firm that says it represents 500 models and stylists. She used to date Christopher Reiter, 40-ish owner of the Muléh boutique, but now is involved with Ebong Eka, a mid-30s man-about-town accountant/aspiring designer.


Stacie Turner of the Real Housewives of DC

Stacie Scott Turner, 42. – She’s the only one with much connection to politics: Husband Jason once worked in Adrian Fenty’s administration. She’s a Howard University grad and a Harvard MBA who worked in marketing at BET and other companies before becoming a real estate agent with Long & Foster. They have two young children, Jacob and Catherine,


Catherine Ommanney of the real housewives of dc

Catherine Ashley Ommanney, 40-ish. – A D.C. newcomer, the British interior designer moved to the United States in summer 2008 when she married Charles Ommanney, a prizewinning photojournalist with Newsweek, after a brief courtship. The mother of two girls, Jade and Ruby, from a previous marriage, she was little known here before she emerged as part of the “Housewives” set. Turns out she’s perfect for reality TV: In 2006, she blabbed to a British tabloid about her makeout session with much younger Prince Harry. She and Charles have recently separated.


Biographies Source – Washington Post