Camille Grammer: ‘I’m Not A Villain’ Plus Preview Real Housewives of BH – Open Post!

A new episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills coming tonight following a two week hiatus.

On the new episode titled ‘My Mansion Is Bigger Than Your Mansion,’ Kyle and Taylor have an intimate lunch as Taylor confides that her marriage isn’t as strong as she would like. In other relationship news, Lisa takes Kim’s request to heart and sets her up with one of her Beverly Hills friends. Will Kim’s strong personality mesh well with the new guy or will Lisa’s attempt at matchmaking blow up in her face? Find out tonight at 10/9c on Bravo.

In other BH news, Camille Grammer is now doing what every despised reality star does — crying foul over her portrayal on the show.

Camille voices her complaint to OK magazine. “I’m very disappointed in my character. They’ve turned me into a villain and I’m not like that. It’s not me. I can’t even watch myself. I don’t know why they [the producers] are doing that. I guess they needed that character,” she says.

Camille’s costar Lisa Vanderpump however has a different take on things as she feels what viewers are seeing is the real deal. “Personally, I feel that the show is very accurate. They shoot enough footage that they’re going to really portray you how you really are,” states Lisa.

When asked if she liked her portrayal on the show, Lisa answered, “Have I said things I regret? Sure. If a camera crew were following you for four months would you have moments? I’m sure you would have moments of regret.”