Following the dramatic events of the last 2 episodes, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returned last night with a more subdued episode that seemed to focus solely on a late night gathering. Did you miss the drama?

Episode 7 starts out with Kyle taking her sister Kim for a special day of facial rejuvenation. Kyle wants to pamper her big sis with a mini makeover before sending her out into the wild world of dating. Things take a scary turn as the ladies don a Hannibal Lecter type face mask for a procedure that involved electric currents and tingling sensations. The things we women do for beauty. Though following the facial procedures, the two sisters do seem to look more youthful and refreshed with no make up on.


Next, we see Lisa in her $29 million 15,000 sq feet mansion, but fret not, as there’s an even more gigantic mansion coming our way. Martin, a friend of Ken & Lisa’s for over 20 years, pays them a visit and Lisa informs Martin that she has someone in mind for him. Me thinks Martin must have done something to piss off Lisa in the past, hence the Kim blind date set up, but that’s just me. Lisa, in her ever endearing sarcastic wit convinces Martin to go on the date, he agrees and so it’s a date!

Taylor takes her 4-year-old daughter Kennedy to see a doctor as it seems the little one has been suffering from allergic reactions. The doctor concludes that Kennedy is allergic to her pup. Taylor appears to feel half vindicated and half sad that the dog Russell bought for their daughter, despite their agreement not to, is now a health hazard.

“It’s time for me to come out of my husband’s shadow and shine,” is Camille Grammer’s opening line for the show, though ironically, she has spent the entire season thus far obsessing over Kelsey Grammer’s name, fame, fortune and accomplishments. In her only scene on this episode, we see Frasier’s wife going dress shopping with one of her many yes men aka her house manager, who’s job description also includes pretending to be Camille’s friend, going award dress shopping with her and telling her how amazing she looks in every single dress. The special occasion is the upcoming Tony Awards for which Kelsey has received a nomination. “I of course want to look amazing for the Tonys cause it’s my husband’s big night and mine too as far as I’m concerned,” states Camille.

It doesn’t end there as the ever so humble Camille also manages to remind us that Kelsey has been nominated for 16 Emmys in the past and has won 5.” Camille lets us know it is not fun being in the losing camp. She would know. She’s been there 11 times.

It is Adrienne and Paul’s 8-year wedding anniversary and Paul intends to make it the most special one yet. The night of surprises begins with a bottle of wine, dinner and a harpist. While enjoying their anniversary dinner, the two still manage to bicker in their own adorable way. I think the contrast in their personalities and approach to life meshes very well together. “It’s extremely difficult to shop for a woman who has everything,” says Paul in his interview though he managed to surprise a blindfolded Adrienne with a great gift.

Adrienne takes off her blindfold and it’s a dog! Adrienne seems genuinely excited and happy about her new dog. It seems while most husbands are able to gift their wives a dog, Beverly Hills husbands are able to take things up a notch by gifting both a dog and a dog trainer. Must be nice.

Speaking of dogs, it’s now time for the mandatory awkward moment of interaction between Taylor and her husband Russell. Taylor informs Russell about Kennedy’s allergy to her dog, and by dog, she means the puppy and not the man staring back at her. Russell seems rather nonchalant and stoic about the issue while Taylor gets emotional about having to take her daughter’s dog away from her. Taylor tears up, Russell fails to console his wife and the two decide they have to handle the issue gently.

It’s time for the dinner gathering at the home of Lisa‘s friend. In her interview, Lisa reveals Mohamed’s mansion is four times the size of hers. As I try to imagine if that is even possible, Lisa states Mohamed’s house is 60,000 sq feet! Wowzers! Is this even possible? Legal? If Lisa’s home is worth $29 mil, I don’t even want to imagine the price ticket on Mohamed’s ginormous mansion. Lisa enters the mansion and is greeted by Mohamed and his model child bride. I’m guessing now that Mohamed’s home has been featured on Bravo, we can expect a real estate listing for it any second now.

Lisa’s guests begin to arrive including her house pet Cedric, and the ladies await the arrival of Kim. But while we wait, Lisa makes certain to keep us entertained with her quick witted humor. “Can he hold his own?” asks Taylor. “Does he have to hold his own? That’s why he’s meeting Kim isn’t it?” is Lisa’s reply.

As Bravo cues up the romantic music, Kim finally appears and makes her grand entrance. Wearing a skin tight animal print vavoom dress, Kim and her cleavage are introduced to Martin. The two attempt to make small talk while the others leer at them. As the group heads to the table for dinner, Kim is MIA, that is until she arrives moments later walking hand in hand with a male party guest. In her interview, Kim explains the new man simply offered to walk her to her seat. And I must say, go Kim! That dress is already paying for itself.

Kim and Martin seem to be having a great time as he walks her to the bathroom, offers to get her drinks and even holds her hand. Things continue to go well for the two new lovebirds as even Paul informs them that they have good chemistry, but not before showering Kim with compliments about her hotness. Somewhere in the conversation, Kim blurts out, “Oh I forgot to tell you. I married my first blind date.” Martin is shown looking a tad nervous though we don’t get to hear his reply. I’m having a hard time reading Martin as he seems like a charmer and the type to be a gentlemen whether or not he was into his date. But the two do seem cute together with some chemistry and I’m actually very curious to see what happens next.

As the season moves along, Kim is starting to grow on me. I find myself liking her more and actually rooting for her despite her neediness and socially inept traits.

In the last scene of the episode, Taylor meets up with Kyle for lunch to discuss her marital issues. In her interview, Taylor reveals that she admires Kyle’s marriage. “We’re so disconnected,” says Taylor of her husband Russell, adding that they feel more like business partners than husband and wife. On one hand, I feel a bit bad for Taylor, while another part of me is going, ‘Well duh! That’s what happens when you marry for money.’ But perhaps I’m wrong and Taylor married for love. Whatever the case is, Taylor and Russell as still together today and appear to be going strong.

I asked earlier, did you miss the drama? Well, I think I did as this episode just seemed a tad boring to me. However, according to the BH ladies, there is still a ton of drama coming our way in future episodes.


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