Following last week’s insane episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, there was no really no way for the show to top itself this week, well not unless the nutty medium lady came back as a season regular, but this episode was still a bit boring decent as Camille Grammer continued to top herself in her quest to be the most vile housewife in Bravo history. Seriously, how many more weeks until she’s kicking puppies?

The 10th episode of the season starts out with some of the housewives, Kyle, Adrienne and Kim filling in their loved ones on the previous night’s events aka the dinner from hell. Feel free to cue up a mental image of Allison puffing on an electronic cigarette.


While talking to Mauricio, Kyle describes the night’s events as a “disaster.” Adrienne describes it as an “explosion” between Camille and Kyle while talking to her husband Paul. Paul wants to know why Adrienne didn’t do anything during the fight and she replies, “What was I supposed to do? Put them in timeout?” Kyle expresses that she felt a bit bad for having Kim ride home alone while she and the other ladies rode separately. Kim states she is not ready to hang out with the ladies again (can you blame her?) and tells her daughter she will not be attending Lisa’s upcoming charity event.

It’s the day of Lisa‘s charity fund raiser and she seems a little bit stressed. Lisa gets into a little tiff with her houseguest Cedric, who for some reason has a huge hole in his pants and showed up late to help for the event. “You live in my house, drive my car. That’s not cool,” says Lisa.

According to a report by TheDailyBeast, Lisa and Cedric have had a falling out since the show stopped filming and the two are no longer on speaking terms. As for what happened, a “source” tells the site that Lisa “got sooo big for her britches and her ego was so enormous that she was just unbearable… She was ordering him around and snapping her fingers all the time. She turned into a monster.” A source close to the show however disputes those claims stating that “Lisa is one of the most real people. She calls it like she sees it. She gets it. I have never seen the monster side of Lisa.”

In her interview, Kim reveals she will be reaching out to Taylor and expresses regret for her comments about Taylor’s lips during the dinner from hell. All I can think is Kim only made fun of Taylor’s lips after Taylor told her she “was off her f*cking rocker,” aka called her crazy for no good reason at all. I definitely don’t think Kim owes Taylor an apology. And the more I think about it, I believe Taylor treats Kim like crap because she seems Kim’s younger sister doing the same.

The ladies start arriving to Lisa’s event and Kyle states she has had a pit in her stomach all day at the thought on having to run into the C-Monster at the event. Kyle goes to sit at a different table with her friends and we get to see Faye again, as the two recount the dinner disaster. At this point, I’m wondering if we’ll get to see the crazy train known as Allison again, but we don’t unfortunately. Adrienne, Lisa and Taylor sit at their table , discussing the dinner from hell and Adrienne calls the whole thing very ridiculous. “I’m not really used to too much drama amongst women. I’m not really good with that,” says Lisa Wu Hartwell Adrienne in her interview.

Back at Kyle‘s table as she receives a long text from Camille. “I said we will no longer be working with your husband, thank you very much,” states the C-Monster in her interview, admitting that while Mauricio is great, she is firing him because of Kyle. Kyle bursts into tears upon receiving the bad news. Me thinks Camille probably called Kelsey to request that they fire Mauricio, and he answered yes to hurry her off the phone so that he could get back to boinking his mistress.

This act by Camille is probably the most vile one yet. To try to take away from Kyle’s family, and set some friction in her marriage is just absolutely disgusting. She is definitely on some major ego and power trip. I mean, what does Mauricio have to do with this? Does Mauricio bring Kyle to work? Just a completely disgusting and unnecessary act. Definitely a new low for Camille. Based on this action alone, I must say she deserves every bit of what karma has been dishing out to her this year. Yes Camille, karma’s definitely a bitch. Just ask Kelsey.

Next, we see Camille and her “good friend” Nick as the two decide to go on a motorcycle ride because riding with Nick is much cooler that riding with Kelsey on his big Harley. In her interview, Camille continues to see herself as a victim and makes a funny when she states her good friend Allison told her “those women would eat their own.” Nick helps Camille get her helmet on as the two ride into the sunset with Camille holding firmly on to him. “I believe that Allison was standing up for me… I just thought that Kyle was awful and vile,” says Camille, who’s comments were just one big ball of irony. Everything she said about Kyle basically applied to herself.

Kyle and Mauricio head out to lunch as Kyle as to break the bad news to her husband. Kyle informs Mauricio about Camille’s comments of not wanting to do business with him anymore and Mauricio’s facial expression is simply priceless. “I think that’s just a childish reason to just not want to do business with somebody,” excellently states Mauricio in his interview. Mauricio appears to be a bit visibly upset and Kyle promises to try to fix things with Camille.

Next, we see Adrienne promoting yet another family business. This time around, it’s Maloof Records – her family’s recording company. Adrienne and her brothers head to a studio to listen to one of their artists. In her interview Adrienne states, “The blow up between Camille and Kyle was actually ridiculous. It just didn’t seem at that time to matter. The family business, that’s what’s important to me.”

Must say I’m starting to agree with fans of the show of who feel Adrienne is only on the show to promote her businesses. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing a show like this to promote one’s business, in fact I think it’s smart, I am starting to feel in Adrienne’s case, that’s her sole reason. No, it’s not necessary for her to get involved in all the drama, thought it is starting to seem like she could care less about what’s going on with her costars. I believe Lisa is someone who is doing this show the right away. She’s able to be herself, be interesting while also promoting her restaurant at the same time. While I still like Adrienne, she is starting to become rather boring.

Kim and Taylor meet up for a mani/pedi as Taylor reveals she is making an effort to get to know Kim better due to her relationship with Kyle. Kim genuinely tries to make amends, though I still strongly feel Taylor is the one who should be making amends. Kim states in her interview that she actually enjoyed her time with Taylor though Taylor doesn’t quite share the same sentiment. “I cannot figure Kim out. She is an enigma to me,” states Taylor.

Camille and Adrienne decide to do lunch and the subject of the dinner from hell comes up again and once again Camille declares she was verbally assaulted by Kyle. I’m starting to think “verbally assaulted” is the Beverly Hills equivalent to the NYC Housewives’ “toxic.” Adrienne doesn’t really seem to have an opinion on the issue and doesn’t really add much to the conversation or topic at hand.

Camille then proceeds to make another funny. Kyle “is like a child, that you gotta to smack on the hand and say no, it’s time to grow up now Kyle, says Camille, who seconds earlier stated she wanted nothing to drink, only to change her mind after Adrienne decided she wanted a cappuccino. Out of nowhere, Adrienne abruptly ends the lunch stating she has to go pick up her son. “I just didn’t want to talk about Kyle and Camille. I had enough of it,” says Adrienne in her interview. While I understand that Adrienne is someone who doesn’t like drama, something I consider to be a good trait, my question is why sign up to do a show like this if you don’t want to get involved in any drama, or even talk about the said drama?

What’s a housewife to do when her marriage is on the rocks? Well if you’re Taylor, you throw another themed party! It’s the day of Taylor‘s Roaring 20s party, though I’m not really sure of the reason for the party. The ladies are shown getting ready for the big event and the only one not going to the event is shown at home annoying her 20-year-old daughter Whitney. Evidently this is what Kim was referring to when she told Taylor earlier that she couldn’t attend her party because she had plans. We find out Whitney is going to Texas for the summer and Kim is terrified she might decide not to come back (can you blame her?). Kim tries to convince her daughter to stay an extra day so she can throw her a going away party but Whitney politely declines. Kim then reveals she isn’t going to Taylor’s party because of Whitney. “I don’t care if you go,” is Whitney’s reply, who then advises her mom that it’s good for her to have relationships with her girlfriends.

We see Lisa, her husband Ken, and her gay husband Cedric leaving for Taylor’s party. Lisa is dressed up as a man while Cedric is wearing a dress and a wig, and oddly enough sorta resembles a long lost ugly sister of Kyle’s. Taylor is at the party and Camille arrives wearing some pink stripperish Vegas show girl dress. “Is this from your wardrobe?” hilariously asks party guest Linda Thompson, who also happens to be Brody Jenner’s mom. Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought it was from Camille’s wardrobe.

Kyle arrives with her hot hubby, and she and Camille pretty much ignore each other. Camille does let us know in her interview that she is not intimidated by Kyle who apparently has a loud obnoxious bark but no bite. The party roars on and Mauricio walks up to Camille to say hello. I’m going to go with this being a genuine gesture from Mauricio, and not just one to try to get his job back. But quite frankly, if it was me, I would have just ignored the C-Monster for the night and the rest of my life.

In another surprising twist, Kyle decides to approach Camille as well to say hello. Even more surprising, Camille responds in a very friendly manner to Kyle and the two even hug it out. “I always take the high road. I try,” states the humble Camille in her interview. Kyle tells Camille she wants them to give things another shot and Camille agrees. But it didn’t end there and the ladies even proceeded to dance the night away. Definitely didn’t see this one coming following last week’s insane episode. While it’s nice to see the ladies try to move past everything, I’m not so sure I would be dancing with someone who just fired my husband days earlier for a nonsensical reason.