Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Nene Leakes Quits, Meatloaf Weeps, and Star Jones Fired!

The super-duper sized 3-hour episode of Celebrity Apprentice aired last night and it did not disappoint! The episode brought us a not so surprising whiner and quitter, a sequel of a previous firing, and ended with arguably the most shocking “you’re fired” of the season!

Let’s begin with Donald Trump meeting up with the remaining 7 contestants to give them instructions for their new task. Nene Leakes, who verbally attacked Star Jones last week for reasons still unclear, is feeling much better this day and ready to make up with Star. When asked by Trump if she was ready to work with the Nene, Star made it clear that answer was a NO. And can you blame her? Trump ended up moving Nene to the other team, and the overly sensitive bully’s feelings were apparently hurt. Victim Nene stated she needed some time to herself, and selfishly disappeared on her team, who were forced to work without her. “Nene is so disappointing to me. You can’t abandon us. She didn’t even say goodbye,” stated John Rich.


Ultimately, Nene called Trump to let him know she had quit the game. Yes folks, the Nene QUIT the game! Just like she did on the RHOA, Nene had spent the entire season yelling, and when she could no longer yell, she decided to quit. Trump tried to talk her out of it but failed as Nene already had her mind made up. With no goodbyes or explanation to her teammates, that was the last we ever saw of Nene on the show. Perhaps Dionne Warwick was onto something when she called the Nene a coward earlier this season. Good riddance Nene. You were weak and way out of your league. You did not care about your charity. You did not have the resources, skills, smarts or “street game” to play this game, and you allowed Star to run you off. Ta-ta.

The task at hand was to raise money through tickets sales for a comedy show. Unfortunately for Nene’s team, her absence was felt during the challenge as they were all of a sudden one man short. Meanwhile, the other team was experiencing a different type of dilemma as Meatloaf got very emotional while raising money for his charity Painted Turtle, fearing the money would go to the other team in the case of a loss. Well Meatloaf, that is kind of the rule of the game. Star tried to help out Meatloaf by calling Trump to see if they could keep their earnings in the event of a loss but the Donald refused. Donald also made a great point, stating that the money goes to a charity either way. At first, it was sweet to see the emotional side of Meatloaf but then he wept and wept and wept a little bit more. Following a few more crying sessions from Meatloaf and an awkward phone call from La Toya Jackson to a Kathy Hilton who would only pledge $1,000, it was time to hit the boardroom!

And leave it to the Donald to try to fire someone who had already quit the game. Yes folks, the Donald decided to fire the Nene. “To you, Nene, I say, you’re fired. And you’re a quitter. And Star Jones kicked your ass whether you like it or not,” said Trump to Nene the cameras. Nice speech by the Donald and as much as I would have loved to see the Nene fired, you still can’t fire someone who already quit. It’s common sense simple mathematics Trump. Plus the Donald should have fired the Nene last week for behaving the way she did in front of a company exec.

Fortunately for Meatloaf, his team won, earning him over $180,000 for his charity! And the PM for the other team, La Toya, ended up with the special honor of being fired by the Donald…twice as she simply refused to throw any of her team members under the bus.

Whew! Time for challenge #2. This time around, the task was to create a commercial for OnStar. On one team were John Rich and Lil Jon, with Marlee Matlin, Star, and Meatloaf on the other team. Marlee and John Rich ended up the team captains. The two Jo(h)ns worked very well together producing a commercial OnStar liked. The other team, not so much, as Meatloaf ended up taking charge and ultimately playing a donut eating cop in the commercial, which was not liked by the folks at OnStar.

Not surprisingly, the ‘Johns’ won, and someone from the other team was to be fired. John’s win makes this his third victory in the game, the most by any of the contestants. Star and Marlee teamed up against Meatloaf, which seemed like a pretty good strategy, but in a very shocking twist, Star ended up being fired as she was the one in charge of branding aka their reason for losing. But Star’s firing did not come before she and Meatloaf got into a heated debate outside the boardroom leading to ‘Sweetie-gate.’ Meatloaf called Star sweetie during the argument, something she did not take kindly to as she felt it undermined her and made him inferior. “You don’t say sweetie to a professional woman,” Star said. Unfortunately for Star, the Donald was not sympathetic to her cause. Perhaps if Ivanka Trump had been in the boardroom, she would have had some backup.

Many, including me, had believed Star would win the game. This was a firing no one saw coming! With Star’s dismissal, Marlee is the lone woman standing in the final four. As for the Nene, she made the following tweet last night while the show aired: “Mr Trump, Barack Obama is kicking yo ass! Now what?,” she tweeted. Classy.