New Atlanta Housewife Marlo Hampton’s Criminal Past, See 7 Mugshots!

It appears new Atlanta housewife Marlo Hampton has an extensive criminal past.

We reported last week that Marlo had joined the Real Housewives of Atlanta series and was even photographed filming with the cast. And while it was mentioned that she had one arrest in her past for assaulting another female over a man, little was known that she had actually been arrested a total of 7 times that we know of!

The 35-year-old (DOB 02/07/1976) Tampa, FL native was first arrested on 05/26/1999 for Aggravated Battery causing bodily harm with a weapon. Following that arrest, it was all downhill for Marlo as she would later be arrested four more times for violating her probation alone.

And then came yet another arrest on 09/09/2002 for writing bad checks. Wowzers. Marlo issued a statement to Bossip this week acknowledging her criminal past while also stating it made her the “better woman” she is today. The statement is below –

“Let me first state that I am not ashamed of my past as that has helped me become a better woman today. We all have a past and my hard-knock childhood in and out of the Foster Care system is a reflection on a bigger issue we are faced with here in America, a broken Foster Care system. My present charge in life is to live with God in my heart and help young women especially from the foster care system avoid the challenges I faced. I’m more then just what is being said of me and I have a story to tell.”

Marlo, who is engaged to NFL player Charles Grant (rumored to be Nene Leakes‘ former fling), was reportedly brought on the show to stir up some drama with the Nene. Below, bigger images of Marlo’s mugshots plus more arrest details.

Lesson #1 – Do not go on a reality show if you have a minimum of 7 arrests in your past.

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Marlo Hampton Arrested on 05/26/1999 for AGGRAVATED BATTERY CAUSING GREAT BODILY HARM WITH A WEAPON, Released the same day after posting $5,000 bond


Marlo Hampton’s mugshot taken on 09/28/1999 for a court order stemming from her Arrest for AGGRAVATED BATTERY, Served 4 months in Jail


Marlo Hampton Arrested on 06/19/2000 for Violation of Probation, Served 112 days in Jail


Marlo Hampton Arrested on 02/14/2001 for Violation of Probation, Served 6 days in Jail


Marlo Hampton Arrested on 09/09/2002 on a Warrant for Obtaining Property or Services in Return for Worthless Checks, Drafts, or Debit Card Orders under $150, Served 1 day in Jail


Marlo Hampton Arrested on 12/04/2002 for Violation of Probation, Served 9 days in Jail


Marlo Hampton Arrested on 07/28/2003 for Violation of Probation, Served 30 days in Jail