On last night’s episode of Basketball Wives, Evelyn receives Jen’s interview and confronts her BFF, while Shaunie and Tami try their best to play peacemakers. Meeka feels the wrath of Tami, Royce is still MIA, and Suzie prays she continues flying under the radar so as not to be the brunt of the mean girls’ frustrations!

In Italia, the ladies go shopping and take full advantage of their time abroad by making fun of Royce, and this time, it’s Tami, not Suzie sticking up for her. Suzie and Tami wax poetic about the architecture interspersed with musings about Meeka’s talking out of her a*s at the previous night’s dinner. For someone who wanted to stay out of things, Suzie keeps getting pulled into the mix, as Meeka then pulls her aside to discuss how Meeka has never said anything bad about Royce and how she doesn’t care if Tami doesn’t like her. Sure, we’ll go with that.

Meeka feels like it’s four (Evelyn, Tami, Shaunie and Jennifer) against one, and she’s the odd-man-out…and Suzie, she’s a non-factor (of the muthaf*ckin’ variety, I assume) as she never takes sides during fights. At lunch, Tami starts talking to Shaunie about how she doesn’t like being put in situations where she has to hang out with people she doesn’t like…which would be understandable if she wasn’t sitting across from Meeka when she begins the conversation. Seriously? She is goes from passive aggressively talking about Meeka to aggressively talking to at Meeka. Did they start drinking at breakfast, because this is clearly an alcohol fueled confrontation…or at least I hope it is.


Following in the footsteps of another show shot in Miami that shall not be named whose cast includes past and present basketball wives, the ladies decide to take a cooking class. Because that is what you do when you’re in a foreign place, rich with history and culture….you stay inside and complain about having to cook. Suzie’s only conversation with the instructor is a sad, innuendo filled chat concerning pasta length versus thickness. Tami sees a negative tweet from Ashley on twitter and she and Evelyn are quick to accuse Suzie of communicating drama from the trip to Royce. Suzie, who is petrified at the thought of being out of the circle again, quickly admits to texting Royce but then reads (or pretends to read…she stumbles a lot) the text interchange between the two to prove she hasn’t been talking about the mean girls while on the trip. Evelyn says she doesn’t mind being a mean girl, but really she’s just straightforward. Meeka corners asks Jen to go on a walk so she can discuss what’s up with Tami. Awkwardness ensues when Meeka asks Jen if Tami’s words are true about Jen and Evelyn not liking her, and Jen pretty much dances around the question refusing to give a straight answer. Meeka doesn’t get the hint takes this information in stride and just decides to have fun and and ignore Tami.

The women head “to another town” (I love that they don’t even know where they are) for a wine tasting, but are amazed at the history of this place in…another town. Meeka is noticeably absent, and the ladies try some bacon-wrapped olives which Tami coins, “Meeka’s eyeballs.” The host of the wine tasting is wearing a suit and small(ish) container on a chain around his neck which distills the wine. I’ll refer to him as a sommelier, although I’m sure he’s got a bigger and better title in Italy. And wow. The ladies quickly bring up his (outfit’s) resemblance to Flavor Flav. I’ll be honest, they are pretty spot on in the comparison, but the poor guy doesn’t know how to react, as I doubt he watched Flavor of Love and Strange Love (his loss). Evelyn sums up his opinion of their antics with one word: “Ghetto.” If you say so…The topic of conversation is Meeka (poor Royce is losing her appeal as the girls’ dartboard), and Tami is glad she didn’t join them on this excursion. Evelyn goes one step further and hopes she’s back on a plane to Miami. Shaunie apologizes for trying to bring a newbie on their girls’ getaway, and Suzie is thrilled that her earlier confrontation with Evelyn and Tami seems all but forgotten. She’d better start stirring the Meeka pot if she wants it to stay that way.

Evelyn, Shaunie and Tami are discussing how Evelyn should proceed with confronting Jen about her radio interview. The girls concur that Tami should be the one who brings up the issue with Jennifer, and Tami diplomatically tries to decline such an honor. While Tami agrees that Evelyn and Jennifer need to talk, Tami doesn’t want to be the catalyst. Evelyn learned early on that she doesn’t talk about her man to anyone except VH1 viewers, so how does Jennifer even know enough about her relationship to discuss it? She is waiting with baited breath to be e-mailed the interview to see if there is anything she should actually be mad about or if she’s over-reacting. The next morning at breakfast, Evelyn is in a major mood, and as Tami so succinctly states, “Jen has no clue she’s the target.”

Evelyn has received the interview and takes it to Shaunie so they can listen to it together. Shaunie seems to understand why the interview upsets Evelyn, but is quick to point out that while Jen may not have chosen the best words, her responses weren’t malicious. Evelyn and Shaunie agree that Jen is entitled to her opinion and realize she’s been burned in basketball relationships, but they also believe that she should be supportive of Evelyn and Chad’s relationship regardless. Basically, Shaunie sums it up with “Ride or die.” Preach it? Yes, definitely preach it. Evelyn calls Shaunie and Tami to her room to tell them she plans to “discuss” the interview with Jen. Surprise, surprise! Jen walks on to the balcony, and Evelyn plays the interview for the group so that Jen can explain herself. Jen doesn’t think she said anything bad. Media whores? That’s not a bad term! Silly Evelyn, that isn’t negative. While the portion of the interview Evelyn played doesn’t show Jen’s most supportive side as far as Chad is concerned, it doesn’t seem to me as if she was trying to purposely hurt her friend. Also didn’t Jen say these exact words to Evelyn’s face last season? I won’t try to tell that to Evelyn though because I highly doubt my ability to get bitch-slapped without shedding some tears. Embarrassing, I know. Though you do have to wonder if Evelyn is really upset about what Jen said or the fact that it is might be true.

It’s a stand-off, and Evelyn wants Jen to keep her name and Chad’s name out of her muthaf*ckin’ mouth. A light bulb just went on above Tami’s head. New t-shirt idea perhaps? She beat you to this one, Evelyn! Jen tries to explain that her intentions weren’t cruel and she is visibly upset when Evelyn storms out saying their friendship will never be the same. Shaunie follows Evelyn in hopes of getting more screen time drama mending Evelyn and Jen’s relationship. On the balcony, Tami is trying to do the same thing with Jen and asks her the motivation behind doing the interview. Evelyn feels like that interview puts her between her fiance and her best friend, who hasn’t, in her mind, made an effort to get to know Chad. Evelyn won’t go back to the balcony to talk to Jen, and Shaunie calls it a night saying she never expected it to escalate to this kind of drama. Right. She was leaving that to the L.A. cast.

Later in the evening, Shaunie and Tami go to check on Jen, and they are shocked at how hurt and affected she is by the fight. Tami and Shaunie think it’s important that Evelyn sees how vulnerable and upset Jen is and how much she values her friendship with Evelyn. The trio heads to Evelyn’s room, but she won’t open the door. Tami circumvents that minor glitch by going through the next room and over the terrace. Way to Spiderman that one, Tami! Tami opens Evelyn’s door for Shaunie and Jen and…to be continued. Oh VH1, you’re such a tease!

Next week, Meeka and Tami get into it yet again, and there is a GINORMOUS fight between two of the ladies!


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