On last night’s episode of Flipping Out, Jeff learns the unpleasant reality about mixing business with pleasure as workplace annoyances interfere in his relationship with live-in boyfriend and business manager, Gage and the Cole Salon remodel is taking way longer than necessary due to the unprofessional workplace atmosphere, causing the owner to put the pressure on Jeff. Zoila, however, learns sometimes having a sugar daddy for a boss isn’t a bad thing at all when you want a complete make over!

At Jeff’s house, they are down to the serious business of teasing Gage about his burrito gone down wrong resulting in an infamous toilet clogging! Jeff caught Gage red-handed with the plunger; Sarah and her clown make-up explain Jeff is obsessed with #2. Jeff describes his office policy: “If you go #2 in the office, you’re on blast. If you clog the toilet, I’m practically alerting the neighbors.” Good to know – if you ever visit Senor Lewis’ don’t poop on the premises!


At the Cole Salon the remodel is hot underway and sorta, almost complete; they have finished 2 of the 3 Bungalos with only a few more months remaining on the project – or so they think! Upon arriving Jeff discovers a big dent in the outside step. Jeff blames a fat person with high heels – naturally. I mean it couldn’t be the work crew. Jeff describes that due to the longevity of the project (2+ years), Chaz Dean, the owner, has become one of Jeff’s closet friends – they’ve become so close Jeff enlists Chaz to harass a very boring annoyed Gage about clogging toilet. Sarah claims if they weren’t so unprofessional and silly, the remodel may have taken less time. Yeah, but what fun would that be?

Gage asks Jeff to stop with the toilet clogging shenanigans because he is upset; Jeff claims it is because Gage is more sensitive than he. Jeff expresses the frustrations about never being able to escape workplace nonsense after Gage says he wants to speak to Jeff about his behavior once office hours ends! I think the expression don’t sh*t where you eat may apply here.

Zoila is getting new boobies from the birthday fairy Jeffrey Lewis. Gage prints out some inspiration photos from the Adult Entertainment Catalog but they’re so big they would get in the way of Zoila’s employment duties – i.e. scrubbing the tub and working the mop. Zoila doesn’t want just boobs though – she wants the whole shebang including a new “boo-boo” after three daughters. Granny Z plans on getting some action! Jeff explains sometimes Zoila is guilty of TMI – ummmm… Pot meet Kettle, Jeff Lewis! At the doc’s office Zoila reveals Jeff is trying to get her working the streets with DDD breasts, but Zoila doesn’t need girls that big – she just needs hers lifted – A. LOT. She also needs her eyes, cheek, and neck lifted and also a liquid facelift. I expected Jill Zarin to burst in and start instructing the doctor on how to do it and why she needs it, but instead Jeff was there to remind Zoila not to have false hopes. I think he’s afraid Saint Zoila will look so good she’ll leave him for another hermano!

Jeff learns Chaz is considering hiring Jeff Lewis Design to consult on the design of his huge new salon in Manhattan, so the team is taking a one-day trip to NYC to scout out the location and develop some ideas. Jeff relays Chaz has concerns about the size of his company, the speed in which he works, and if he can handle an out-of-state project (perhaps THIS is what Jenni’s been working on?!). In New York Jenni, Jeff, and Trace arrive and are blown away by the size of the space – a two-story building consisting of both a salon and a resale store. Jeff is feeling a little insecure about the legitimacy of his design firm – which doesn’t even have an office building (just one crappy clogged toilet!) Oh, Jeff – you’re so legit you’re on TV, buddy!

Back at Valley Knoll, when the cats away the mice … are still boring. Instead of a wild party, Gage and Sarah have an awkward convo about what Sarah is screwing up now needs to get done. Sarah confesses she feels like she is under a microscope with Gage, who is waiting for her to screw up so he can tattle to Jeff. Gage admits he is micromanaging because he cares about Sarah. Uh huh. Arriving at the wallpaper store, Sarah discovers she has forgotten they moved! No bueno!

In NYC Jenni takes a break from the hectic schedule to get hoochie mama with some window front models in their manties! Things get a little too Chippendales, so Jenni bales pretending Jeff is her boyfriend! Jeff explains that Jenni is so much fun to work with and the clients love her. We love her too! During the pitch meeting to reveal his very detailed plan to Chaz, Chaz zones out to snatch Jenni’s tracks out of her hair. Jeff, getting a taste of his own cray-cray, unfocused medicine is shocked by Chaz’s “severe ADHD” but seriously those clip-on extensions were distractingly cheap! Jenni admits she should have known better than to wear a trashy, clip in weave at a table with three gay men and honey you should know better than to wear those rat tails ANYWHERE!

During the meeting Chaz drops a bomb – Jeff only has ONE MONTH to complete the final LA bungalo in time for an opening party and photo shoot! Jeff had no idea about the deadline. I blame Sarah – she totes forgot to write the date on the calendar! Kidding, kidding! Back in LA, things are stress-central and Trace is dispatched for Salon duty. Jeff’s plan is to have a rep from JLD present at Cole Salon daily – even if it’s Zoila – so Chaz understands things are progressing. Jeff explains Trace and Chaz have a great working relationship and Chaz trusts Trace is the next best thing to Jeff himself.

At the plastic surgeon’s office, Zoila is nervous about her new face. Day one is laser mole removal, a peel, and botox. The results – chicken pox! Jeff teases Zoila about her moles falling off in the sheets or the food. And surprise Jeff finds a big one in his coffee – or does he? Zoila wants him to think so. She also wants him to think, Chris, the doggy threw up because he maybe ate one of her moles. Um… ew.

At Chaz’s amazing house, Jeff and Trace show up to inspect his fridge, which is FULL of meat. I guess somebody has a membership to Omaha Steaks! Jeff shows Chaz his plan, but things keep coming back to the unfinished LA bungalo with Chaz looking very unconvinced that Jeff can get things done in time. After meeting with the electrician, Chaz pulls a Jeff Lewis by repeatedly asking him what he is going to do and when it needs to be done by. Haha! Jeff admits the deadline is cutting it very close, but it’ll get done, after reiterating again what is left to do. Jeff describes part of the problem is skewing the line between friendship and business.

At West Knoll, the tables are turned again when Gage claims Jeff clogged the toilet this time! Seriously they either need a new toilet or a new diet, ‘cause – that’s a whole lotta clogging going on, boys! After using the plunger, clean freak Jeff washes it out in the sink then carries the dripping plunger through the house tracking his “poo water” everywhere. Zoila gleefully recounts that Jeff had a “red face” because he was embarrassed he was caught in the act, but Jeffrey keeps pleading the fifth not admitting to anything. He claims his approach to simply unclog the toilet without blame demonstrates “maturity” but then he points the finger at Gage citing multiple clogging offenses. Jeff successfully gets everyone to believe Gage caused this one too and Zoila decrees he is not coming in her bathroom!

At Cole Salon the cabinets arrive! Finally! Jeff is super stressed and because of the time crunch Gage has to help out with the install. Jeff explains he cannot work with Gage side-by-side all day and that’s how he can stand him at home later. Jeff gets frazzled by Gage gabbing with Jenni; and wants everyone to shut-up before he loses his thoughts! Jeff steals a line from Kelly Killorean Bensimon and demands Gage: “Zip it!” Gage claims he has learned how to deal with Jeff from observing Jenni, who is the best at handling him. Agreed. Now Gage should go away and quit stealing camera time from Jenni.

Jeff gets an upsetting call from Chaz who does not like the glass tile backsplash they just installed. Chaz is very particular and doesn’t want decisions made without him, but Chaz is out of town. I concur the tiles looked awful. Jeff decides to dismantle them, paint the back of the tile, then Fed-Ex the finished sample for Chaz’s approval. In the car leaving Cole Salon, Jeff starts to panic. Jenni predicts before things are finished either Jeff or Chaz will snap and things will get ugly in pretty spaces.

When Jeff finally talks to Chaz, 16-days prior to the re-opening, they walk into a very tense meeting during Chaz’s employee performance reviews. It dawns on Jeff he may be in for an employee review of his own. Jeff comes out swinging, placing partial blame on Chaz’s work habits, micro-managing, and schedule – particularly Chaz wanting to be involved in every small decision despite his heavy travel schedule. After a tit for tat bitch session things end on a positive note despite Chaz making Jeff feel like an “insignificant loser” and reminding him about the impending deadline again. Jeff predicts if things don’t get done on time its curtains for JLD and he will certainly lose the opportunity to work on the New York Salon!

Next week – things get CRAZEE at Sarah’s Vegas Bachelorette weekend. Zoila goes under the knife and Jeff and Jenni get nervous.

Do you think Jeff took it too far teasing Gage? Do you think Gage is plotting to get Sarah fired? Who is to blame for the delay in the Cole Salon remodel – Jeff or Chaz?

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