On last night’s Basketball Wives, all hell broke loose between Tami and Meeka in a Roman nightclub, Jevelyn kissed and made up, and Suzie found herself stuck in the middle of things…and getting back in good with the mean popular girls because of it.

After the fight over Jen’s radio interview, Tami is able to break into Evelyn’s room. She’s lying in bed and Shaunie asks her to please talk to Jen and see how upset she is. Evelyn is indifferent to Jen’s teary apology, but she quickly warms as Jen’s waterworks turn on full force. Jen can see why Evelyn was upset, Evelyn hates to see her friend cry, and the two hug it out.

The group heads to dinner and Tami makes a huge ordeal about not wanting to sit next to Meeka. She then begins imitating Meeka with a forced whisper and Shaunie and Evelyn are stuck in high school as they can’t contain their giggles. When Meeka tells Tami to grow up (not smart, Meeka), Tami is not amused. Apparently, before the pair met, Meeka talked crap about Tami’s weave, and Tami thinks that is not okay coming from a transvestite Mary J. Blige. Mary J. Blige drag queens everywhere are understandably insulted. Tami and Meeka start arguing, and Evelyn tells the table what Meeka told her about Tami’s weave. Finally Meeka admits that her comment wasn’t necessarily nice, and Tami wants to know why she didn’t talk her weave trash to Tami’s face. Well, that’s easy! Tami’s weave looked good when Meeka finally met her. And the ladies think Meeka talks in circles. Please!


Shaunie is way over this conversation, and as she hates drama (bwahahahaha!), she interrupts and calmly explains why Tami is upset. Meeka is confused as she thought their argument was about Royce, and Shaunie halts all Royce conversation because she doesn’t want to talk badly about someone who isn’t there. What a difference a day makes! Meeka apologizes for her trash talking, and while Tami “heard” the apology, she won’t accept it. Suzie tries to cut the tension, by joking, “I love everybody’s weave. I’m Chinese, we don’t have weaves.” Oh Suzie, you’re just glad Meeka has taken over your former position of being the most hated.

The ladies head to the Trevi wishing fountain while out sightseeing and want to get a group photograph. Meeka doesn’t immediately pose with the group, as its Tami’s camera. However, Tami invites Meeka into the picture, and it seems as if the drama could be settling. Meeka then makes a horrible decision and begins to open up (to Suzie Can’t Hold Water!!!) about how high school the mean girls are, and divulges some negative statements that Tami told her about the mean girls. Of course. Please tell the one person who is so desperate to get back in the mean girls’ good graces. Rookie mistake, Meeka, rookie mistake.

Suzie goes running–sprinting more like it–to tell Evelyn that Tami once asked Meeka if she was going to be on the real girls’ side or the side of the “fake and phony” girls aka the mean girls. Evelyn can’t see Tami saying that. Tami comes over to say she’s going to bury the hatchet with Meeka, and Evelyn is quick to dish on what Meeka told Suzie. Suzie repeatedly says she hates being stuck in this position (then stop putting yourself there), and she feels uncomfortable being in the middle, and she really, really, really feels badly having to tell what Meeka said, as she knows it’s going upset Tami. Maybe by the third time she relays her gossip, she’ll feel less tortured by it. Speaking of talking in circles, Tami is quick to point out to Evelyn that she didn’t say “fake or phony.” Un uh. She said “popular.” Popular? Evelyn is totally fine with being called that. But Tami did call them fake no?

Everyone heads out clubbing, with Meeka, Jen, and Suzie arriving first. When the others get to the table, Tami wants to know what Meeka said to Suzie at the hotel bar. Tami moves over so she can hear Meeka’s and Suzie goes from figuratively being in the middle of things to literally being in the middle. Not that I feel sorry for her. Meeka is adamant that Tami called the mean girls phony. Tami yells repeatedly that she said, “Popular, popular, popular,” and then Tami pops Meeka right in the face. Shaunie describes it best as just a bunch of shoes and dresses and boobs flying all over the place. Sounds about right! Not sure if I’m buying the “defending myself” tweet Tami posted yesterday as Meeka kept her hands to herself. In fact this gif proves Tami was not physically provoked by Meeka in any way.

Meeka exits the club, leaves Shaunie a note and heads prematurely back to Miami because she doesn’t want to be around Tami anymore. Smart choice. The girls head out on an excursion and don’t know where Meeka is, but don’t seem to care. Tami says she had no other choice but to attack Meeka, because when Meeka put her hand in Tami’s face, Tami felt her safety was threatened. She has a hard time saying this with a straight face.

Back at the hotel, the concierge delivers Meeka’s letter to Shaunie which the drama-hating Shaunie proceeds to read it in front of the other ladies. As it mainly trashes Tami, Shaunie brings up that Meeka is standing her ground with the phoniness comment. Um, well…Tami really thinks she said popular, but maybe there is a teeny, tiny chance she said phony. But she only meant Evelyn (no hard feelings) because she and Evelyn were fighting at the time. Evelyn can see that and it’s no harm, no foul. Well, except for Meeka, who got pummeled for speaking the truth, even if she was being a giant sh*t stirrer in the beginning.

It’s Coliseum time, and what better way to see it than in four inch heels and mini-dresses! It’s a trip (hopefully not literally) to see the women trying to navigate the cobblestone sidewalks in their shoes. Over dinner, it’s the obligatory “what a great experience” scene where they recap the vacation. Jen and Evelyn are happy to have made up and no one is missing Meeka in the least. Cheers!

Back in Miami, Meeka confronts Suzie about her loose lisp lips. Suzie goes in for a hug, but Meeka is having none of it. Suzie tells her that she is very frightened by loyal to Tami, and she hates how everything went down in Italy. Still stirring the crap, Meeka makes sure to mention that she had heard from all the other cast members how much Suzie talked behind people’s backs, and, while she didn’t believe it at first, she now she knows it was true. Pot, meet kettle.

Next week, Jen is open to dating, and if I’m not mistaken, she’s gone to Starr Jones’ ex-husband to set her up on a blind date. Whoa. Evelyn is a proud mama as her daughter graduates from high school, and Jen is anything but cool with Royce hanging out doing business with her ex.


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