Welcome back to the States, Basketball Wives! Jen gets her single on, Royce potentially gets her acting on, and Suzie is back in the middle of everything, yet again. Evelyn celebrates a milestone with her daughter, and she and Chad show a different side of their relationship. Tami makes a couple of cameos, and Shaunie is totally absent. Must be jet lag.

Tami is meeting with Royce to “bring her up to speed” on what happened in Italy. Tami still isn’t Meeka’s biggest fan (to put it mildly) and tells Royce there was an altercation. Tami brags that she at least got one swing in, and Royce asks, did you land it? A friendship made in Heaven. Royce makes the keen observation that you can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl.

Al Reynolds (yes, Starr Jones’ ex) is apparently Jen’s best guy friend and she is so excited to meet up with him while he’s in town visiting. His first question about her new single lady condo is “have you broken it in yet?” Jen asks, “What, the bed?” “The bed, the bathroom…” Oh, Al, you just took me into the bathroom with you and Starr Jones. I am scarred for life. He wants to set up Jen, and she wants no blind dates–she needs to see the goods. They decide that Jen needs a tall dude with a tall bank account.


Royce is meeting up with Jen’s soon-to-be-ex-husband Eric Williams for some “business talks.” Right off the bat, she talks about Jen’s issues with their professional (bwahaha!) relationship. Eric says that he thinks Royce would be perfect for his movie, and who cares what Jen thinks. All Royce knows about the movie is that Eric wrote it. SAY WHAT? Is this the same guy that is being closed captioned as I type this? Don’t worry, Royce won’t jump into any cinematic ventures haphazardly. She will discuss it with her manager. Again, I say, SAY WHAT? Her manager? How does one get the gig of managing a lady who shops for luxury cars in knee socks and sports bras? Sign me up! She tells Eric that out of respect for Jen, she will talk to her about the business deal…but if Royce wants to do the movie, she’s going to do it with or without Jen’s blessing. Hmmm, I wonder which it will be.

Royce and Suzie are shopping and discussing Royce’s business meeting with Eric. Suzie says she didn’t want to do the movie because 1) she’s not an actress (best point ever); 2) she didn’t want to get naked; 3) she thought the whole deal sounded shady (second best point ever); 3) she didn’t want to hurt Jen’s feelings; 4) did she mention it sounded shady?; and 5) why does he want to cast two non-actresses without even having them audition? Shady McShaderson. Suzie makes some very valid points, but all Royce hears is “I didn’t want to hurt Jen’s feelings.” While she claims to understand Suzie’s reasoning, Royce doesn’t think it’s wise to squash her personal acting dreams (What? Suzie says it best with, “I thought she was a dancer”), and Jen won’t be meddling in Royce’s career, even if that career is a nudie home movie with Jen’s ex-husband behind the camera.

Of course Suzie goes running full speed to casually approaches Jen to tell her about Royce’s meeting with her ex. Honestly, Suzie seems to be doing damage control to get Royce back in Jen’s good graces. Jen is less than thrilled, which I gather from her to referring to Royce as “bitch” as opposed to her actual name. Jen is thankful for Suzie for coming to her now, as well as back when Eric approached her for a role in his “film.”

It’s a big day at Evelyn’s as her daughter is graduating from high school and heading to California for college. Shanice is upset that neither her dad nor Antoine will be attending her graduation. Shanice jokes that everyone she wants at the ceremony is being selfish since they don’t like her mom. Jen sends flowers to commemorate the event, and it seems all is smooth sailing again between her and Evelyn. Chad shows up to lick Evelyn and tell Shanice she looks like a butterfly. The rest of the family arrives for the big moment. A very pretty Shanice dons her cap and gown for a family photo session.

The family celebrates the graduation at dinner, and Evelyn gets very emotional with pride over her daughter’s accomplishments. Ride or die. Shanice is still upset about her dad and step-dad missing the occasion, but she thanks Chad for his presence. Everyone is crying. Chad provides some comic relief by saying he’s the best thing to ever happen to Evelyn, and there is some awkwardness when Shanice says, “Third engagement’s the charm.” Chad didn’t know Evelyn had been engaged to her ex twice. Evelyn reveals her plans to move with Chad and travel, and then Chad blesses the meal. Shanice is no fool. Amen.

Suzie and Jen are doing yoga on the beach. Jen can’t get over how short Suzie’s shorts are…totally inappropriate for the moves these ladies are doing. Suzie and Jen discuss Jen’s foray into casual dating. Jen believes that Suzie couldn’t care less about her going on dates, Suzie just wants to know what happens after Jen’s dates. At this point, Jen isn’t opposed to being a little wild, as long as the dude doesn’t expect her to go Dutch.

Chad and Evelyn are headed out on the town, and he is getting on her last nerve. It’s endearing to see this side of their relationship. I’m sure I’ll get some backlash, but I adore how silly and boyish Chad is. He won me over with The Ultimate Catch. And those florescent yellow shoes he’s wearing just sealed the deal. He’s planned a picnic on the beach, complete with flowers and a make-shift gazebo. He toasts the pair in regard to make-up sex, and they discuss all their negative publicity and the different ways they view it.

Jen is heading on a dinner date with William, an Al Reynolds approved suitor. The pair discusses the end of her relationship with Eric, and she invites him to her divorce party. She clarifies that he won’t be her date per se, but she is inviting a lot of eye candy friends to support her. The two seem to be having a wonderful time on their date, and things will likely progress naturally at her divorce party…you know, like most normal relationships.

Tami and Jen catch up over wine, and Jen goes off on Royce for her discussions with Eric. Tami is trying to play the referee between her friends. While Tami agrees that Royce should have made better decisions regarding telling Jen about her meeting with Eric, she has a hundred excuses for Royce’s behavior. Tami really thinks they can work through their problems and mend their friendship.

It’s time to clear the air between Jen and Royce, with Suzie playing chaperon. Upon arriving, Jen is already over working on their issues after seeing all the crap Royce is spewing about her on twitter. Jen plans to peace out before Royce arrives, but she didn’t want to stand up Suzie. Royce arrives and Suzie tells her that Jen has come and gone. Royce is over it. Eric, where’s the camera?

Next week, Evelyn isn’t thrilled about Chad e-mailing “an old friend” (cough, cough). Also, it’s the divorce party, and I would bet my savings (it’s not much, so clearly I’m not positive) that Jen is making out with Al Reynolds…although it could be William. Is it weird I want it to be Al? She better enjoy whoever it is while she can, because Eric, who clearly doesn’t know how to deal with women, later throws a drink in his ex’s face. Keep it classy, Eric!


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