On last night’s Teen Mom, Maci has baby fever, Catelynn and Tyler work towards another visit with Carlie, Amber fixes up her house AND gets a date, while Farrah is going back to Cali, to Cali, to Cali.

Maci has dropped most of her classes to spend more time with her son, so it makes sense that she takes him to daycare. While I agree the little guy could benefit from socializing with other toddlers, wouldn’t putting him in daycare free her up to actually attend school? And now, does she even have much school to attend? Ridic. Bentley enjoys the classroom, but has a meltdown when Maci and Kyle leave. Maci hates to see him so upset, but Kyle is able to go back into the classroom to calm him. Awww, Maci thinks he’d be such a great dad if when they decide to pop out some babies.


It’s moving day for Amber, and she is excited about the prospect of having more time with Leah once she’s settled. She has just completed Leah’s princess-themed room. Gary learns from CPS that Amber is ready to resume taking care of Leah, and he discusses how much he’ll miss having his daughter all the time.

Catelynn and Tyler are getting ready to go meet with their adoption counselor. Tyler is excited about the prospect of starting college in a few weeks, and the couple is thrilled to get pictures of now eighteen-month-old Carlie. I, for one, am thrilled to see how much joy these photographs bring them both, instead of potential sadness. The counselor reminds them that the next time they will receive pictures will be in six month, when Carlie is two…and when Catelynn and Tyler will be walking in their high school graduation ceremony. Tyler wants to ask if Carlie can attend, but he doesn’t want her adoptive parents to feel obligated to say yes. The counselor suggests writing a letter and sending it with the Christmas gifts the two want to send to their daughter.

Farrah has graduated from culinary school, and she heads to lunch to celebrate with her dad and Sophia. This is off the subject, but she is very, very tan at this lunch…as in way more tan than usual. She tells her dad she wants to get her Bachelor’s degree after moving to maybe California or Arizona for acting opportunities a warmer climate. Her father doesn’t discount her plans, but discusses that it will be a challenge for Farrah to move to a totally new place where she has no support system for Sophia. It’s nice to see her dad doesn’t get the same treatment as her mother.

Maci tells Kyle she wants to have a baby. He says he would love to have a child with her AFTER THEY ARE MARRIED. “You’re ready, but you’re scared,” she tells him. While that may be the case, she is clearly NOT ready and needs to be terrified of her line of thought. She just enrolled Bentley in daycare AFTER pretty much dropping out of college. Oh, and neither of them have jobs. Stellar plan, Mace! Of course, she has brilliant reasons. She wants a girl (because these are things you can pick), she wants a baby she doesn’t have to give away half the time to her ex-boyfriend (all I can say is if she gets pregnant with Kyle’s baby, this is likely to also happen with him at some point), and last but not least, she wants to have Kyle’s baby.

Tyler is writing his letter Carlie’s adoptive parents before going shopping with dad Butch for Christmas gifts for his daughter. Butch is excited about being able to contribute to his granddaughter’s holiday happiness for the first time.

Amber’s mother is bringing over Leah to see her new house. Leah has a ball in her new room. She’s such an adorable little girl.

Shocking, Farrah’s first choice for places to move is Cali, specifically Santa Monica. She calls a realtor about an apartment she’d like to rent and says it’s important for her to be near good schools for her daughter. He starts spouting off local colleges, and Farrah interrupts that she needs a decent pre-school for her young daughter. The poor guy is flustered, and I can’t say I blame him…she is asking about a one-bedroom apartment. Farrah’s dad was nice enough to incur the wrath fill in her mother about her new relocation plans. The two meets to discuss her game plan, and while her mother asks calm and legitimate questions, Farrah fires back snippy responses. She is nothing but combative, sarcastic and flippant. Her mother is concerned about who will watch Sophia when Farrah’s out socializing. Duh mom, I know I’ll have to find a baby-sitter. Wonder if she realizes that in California the sitters won’t be readily available after a quick whiny phone call and will expect to be paid in actual U.S. dollars as opposed to the ungrateful and invisible currency her parent currently receive.

Bentley goes to Ryan’s while Kyle meets a friend for lunch. Kyle unloads about Maci’s strong desire for another baby. His friend teases him about buying an engagement ring for Maci for Christmas. Meanwhile, at Maci’s parent’s house, Maci has a conversation with her mother about Bentley’s education. She slyly lets it slip that she is very ready for another child. Her mother responds, “Have you lost your damn mind?” And amen to you, kind lady. Or nevermind…while Maci’s mom doesn’t think it’s the best thing she’s ever heard, she certainly isn’t discounting her daughter’s insane idea as being, well, insane. She even laughs when Maci states that a new baby would help combat her boredom while Bentley is with Ryan. WHAT? Double Yew. Tee. Eff???? Is that what a second baby is to this chick? Entertainment? I can’t. even finish with. what. I want. to say.

It’s Catelynn’s turn to shop for Carlie’s Christmas gifts with mom April. Unfortunately the close-knit group (you know, Catelynn, Tyler, Tyler’s dad Butch and his wife/Catelynn’s mom April) couldn’t shop together because of the no contact court order in place between Butch and April. Oh, the holidays. Catelynn and April get some fun toys for Carlie, and Catelynn admits that her relationship with April is much better since the two started counseling together. There is a small snag in the Christmas cheer, as Catelynn has spoken with Carlie’s adoptive parents, and not only did they receive a phone call they weren’t expecting from Tyler’s mom, she asked about Carlie coming to her son’s graduation before Tyler had an opportunity to send them his letter. Not to mention, Carlie’s adoptive parents probably weren’t expecting to hear from her….ever. Tyler is upset, but not deterred. He plans to rewrite the letter with an apology regarding his meddling mother.

Amber is playing with Leah while they await Leah’s ride back to Gary’s. Amber’s mover friend Clinton calls to ask her out on a date. Amber is very excited about her dinner plans and proceeds to tell her toddler that she’s thrilled about dating again. Leah can’t really talk that much, but I would find it hilarious if she recited this entire conversation to her daddy when she gets back home.

Even though she was not the nicest to her mother, Farrah’s parents have agreed to watch Sophia so she can fly to California to look into a possible move. Her parents drop her off at the airport, and Farrah heads west for greener more famous pastures. Once in Los Angeles, she meets with a realtor to look at houses. Farrah reveals to the realtor that she wants a job in fur-clad calendar modeling culinary management, and she plans to move in less than a month. Unfortch for Farrah, none of the real estate in her price range is up to par.

After striking out on her baby-making plans with her boyfriend and her mother, Maci turns to her teenage friends for their opinion. Fingers crossed they also have some sense…and judging by the looks on their faces when she tells them, they do have sense. Her friends remind her that a baby changes everything…and that her relationship with Ryan totally combusted once Bentley was born. They don’t think Kyle would act the same way, but it’s a lot of pressure to put on a relationship. Strike three on finding support for her plan, and Maci’s in tears.

Tyler’s mother stops by the couple’s apartment, and Tyler tells her he had to revise his letter to Carlie’s adoptive parents to apologize for his mother’s phone call. Tyler’s mom is defensive when accused of freaking out the adoptive parents. He explains that for the time being, the grandparents will have to go through him and Catelynn to communicate with Carlie. His mother gets very upset at the thought she may have sabotaged Carlie’s chances of being at graduation.

Amber heads out on her date with Clinton, and I had no idea that Pee Wee Herman was back and wearing glasses. Between cheesily feeding each other, they have a very deep conversation about olives. And woohoo! Clinton also has a daughter Leah’s age…a built-in friend! Until she leans in to kiss him, I could have sworn that Amber wasn’t that into her hipster friend.

Maci keeps forcing the baby issue, and twists her friend’s words to Kyle. Instead of taking away from the conversation that a new baby would be a bad idea, she turns it on Kyle to convince her he’s not like Ryan. She is getting more ridiculous every episode. Here’s hoping Kyle puts on a condom.

Catelynn and Tyler meet with their adoption counselor to bring her Carlie’s Christmas gifts and discuss what happened with Tyler’s mom. Over lunch, they share how proud they are about the Christmas they (and their parents) are able to provide for Carlie.

Farrah meets with an admissions counselor at a local college, and she isn’t digging it. At. All. She calls her mom to tell her that while she still wants to move, it most likely won’t be to La-La land.

As with every episode this season, this one ends with bittersweet moments set to emo music. So deep, MTV.

Next week, Catelynn’s MIA father shows up and meets Tyler for the first time, while Ryan tells Maci he hopes Kyle finds another girlfriend. Gary puts up a tree with Leah, but sans Amber…even though the pair had agreed to do it together. Farrah heads out to tour Arizona. She’s been cordial for so long, it was only a matter of time before she started hating on her parents again.


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