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Life After Lockup Recap: Closed Chapters And Open Marriages

We’re getting close to the Life After Lockup season finale, and everything spiraling out of control. Amber still hasn’t told Puppy about her secret prison lover. Puppy thinks they still have a shot at building a life together. She has no idea that the love of her life is in a side relationship with her former flame. That’s not as weird though as John having a fling with his wife Kristianna’s sister. If she ever learns the truth, his marriage is doomed.

Somehow after everything we’ve seen on Life After LockupSarah Simmons is still messing around with Michael Simmons. No matter how many times he cheats on her, she takes him back. They aren’t technically back together, but he’s living with her. They’re living like a family. For all intents and purposes, they have rekindled their marriage. What type of message is that sending to her children? It HAS to be confusing. How long until Michael messes up again and breaks their hearts?

Amber & Puppy

Amber Life After Lockup

At her hotel, Amber gets a call from her prison bae who suddenly got released. This is about to f**k everything over with her and Puppy. She hasn’t told Puppy that she’s talking to him again. Talk about a monkey wrench in everything.

Amber wants to figure everything out before picking Sammy up. She wants to tread lightly. What she really needs is time to come up with a lie or a plan. Amber’s confused about what she wants. Everything’s been changed by this.

Puppy’s worried about herself, but she denies doing any drugs yet. Puppy’s lost a visible amount of weight. Amber doesn’t think she’s using again yet. I really hope she isn’t. I’m oddly rooting for her in a big way.


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Even though Amber loves Puppy, she won’t kill herself trying to keep Puppy on the straight and narrow. Puppy was so late getting back to the hotel that Amber can’t take her. She’ll be late herself if she takes her.

Amber calls out Puppy for not taking her job seriously enough. Their tension level is growing between these two. They’ve been fighting a lot more lately. Some of it has to be Amber’s guilt about her secret boyfriend pouring out. With him getting released soon, she can’t keep it hidden too much longer. She’s going to be forced to make a choose between the two.

Puppy asks Amber if they’re still on for Vegas to go after Vince. Not only that, she wants to get married in Vegas. These two are not in any position to be getting married yet. No way! They can’t even have a conversation without fighting. A marriage will only exacerbate their problems.

Amber’s not telling Puppy about Sammy yet because she’s too fragile. You have to tell her eventually. Think about how much worse it will be if you keep putting it off. What if she learns the truth before Amber says anything? What a s**tshow that will be.

John & Kristianna

Kristianna Life After Lockup

It’s so good to finally see Kristianna out of prison. Hopefully it’ll stick this time. She’s going to be meeting John’s kids for the first time, so this is a huge step.

Kristianna has no idea if the children are going to like her. She should be more worried about her own sister than her husband’s kids. She’s the real threat to the relationship.

Now, I don’t want to be rude to this man’s poor children, but hot damn. These are some of the most awkward kids I’ve ever seen. John isn’t the most normal man out there, so I guess that shouldn’t surprise me. I feel like it’s so mean to pick on this man’s kids, but I CAN’T HELP IT.


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John’s oldest daughter didn’t even know Kristianna existed until they got married. She’s not feeling this marriage one bit. She makes a really valid point though. John & Kristianna rushed into this marriage, but they have no idea if it will work. They’ve never spent any considerable amount of time together in the real world. There’s no foundation to support them.

Kristianna’s mother breaks down once they are finally reunited. Her mother is obviously not well, so I really want this to work out. If she goes away again, there’s a solid chance she’ll never see her again. How heartbreaking of a realization must that be as a parent?

Everyone has faith in Kristianna that she will stay clean and out of prison this time. She knows she messed up big time, but this time she has a larger support system at home. Seeing the children, John, and her mother all in her corner might have a positive influence on her.

Kristianna is a mother herself, but she lost custody of her son when he was less than two years old. She was too lost in the drugs to come back from it at the time. She wants to be better this time. It’s possible. She just needs to avoid the triggers from her past that have always landed her back in prison.

John’s oldest daughter gives the marriage a year tops to last. She knows her father better than we do, so I take what she’s saying at face value. If his flirtation with her sister is any indication, he cannot be fully trusted to do the right thing. He’s the one that could destroy his marriage.


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John & Kristianna are loving having sex with each other. I’m happy for them I guess. They deserve to have a decent marriage, but there’s still a secret looming. Kristianna’s going to learn everything about John & Terra. It’s going to happen.

Kristianna’s mother tells her there’s something not right about John. She doesn’t understand where his money’s coming from. There’s something fishy about the influx of capital he’s bringing in.

There’s a concern that John’s back to writing fraudulent checks. Kristianna asks if John & Terra have ever done anything together. She thinks it was fishy between them. She doesn’t know anything for sure though. His sneaky behavior is on the cusp of being exposed though.

Finding out about John & her sister could be the thing that triggers her to relapse. Nothing really fully happened between them yet, but the flirting was real. In the past Kristianna slept with Terra’s baby daddy. This is the highest level of revenge possible. Some of these families are bats**t crazy.

Lacey, Shane, & John

John Life After Lockup

John’s writing Lacey a letter to express his feelings about her sending him back to prison. That’s a much healthier way to handle things than showing up to her home. Writing a goodbye letter is a cathartic experience that he needs to go through. Putting Lacey in his past is the smartest move he could make.

Being able to free himself of Lacey’s toxic tendencies will do his life wonders. She’s played both of these men like pawns for years now. It’s time at least one of them smartens up and drops her from their life.

Lacey says Shane has stepped up during her pregnancy and has shown her what a husband should be like. He’s still worried though about John. He should be because she has a hold over him. He always ends up being drawn back into her web.


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John’s struggling a bit with fully letting go of Lacey. He reaches out to his former cellmate to meet him at a bar. Now, I would think that’s the last person he should be with and the last place he should be at. There’s a reason why this man is a career criminal. He cannot help himself. He consistently finds himself stuck in the same cycle of self destruction.

I thought it was drugs at first, but his friend showed up with ice cream for him. That’s oddly sweet. At least now he knows Lacey set him up. His questions finally have answers.

John should stop blaming Shane for istealing his life. That’s not on Shane. Lacey’s the one who made that s**t happen. John’s freshly out of prison. He needs to avoid triggers. LET HER GO. GET OVER HER.

Sarah & Michael

Sarah Simmons Life After Lockup

Sarah & Michael living together is bound to end in disaster. She’s going to be disappointed by this man again. He will NEVER change. He’s a smooth talker, and he tells her what she wants to hear. Right now, Sarah is the easiest option in his life.

Michael is taking a random trip to go see his mother, but Sarah is skeptical. Here we go already. Michael’s past is filled with cheating and lies. There’s no reason for her to believe he’s going to come back this time.

It’d be a bit bizarre that Michael feels it’s alright to just up and leave like this. He has no idea whether or not that is going to be an inconvenience to say. I doubt he cares though. Michael looks out for Michael, and that’s it. He will always be his number one priority.

I don’t think Michael’s really going to visit his family. His history proves the odds are high that he’s talking to another woman. His daughter’s gotten used to having him around, so he has to reassure her that he will return.

Michael’s been away from his family for six months, so maybe the trip is legitimate. Who knows? It’s hard to gauge whether or not he’s being truthful. History doesn’t look on him favorably.


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It’s been a few days since Michael took off, and Sarah hasn’t heard from him. This proves how lacking his communication skills are. There’s no change. There’s no growth.

Sarah’s friend visits, and she admits she’s been sleeping with Michael. At least they’re using protection this time. The last thing she needs is another baby by this man. Sarah says she’s not in love with Michael, but there’s love there.

It’s reassuring to hear that Sarah doesn’t want a future with Michael. She’s open to having sex with him still, but a relationship isn’t in the cards. Best news I’ve heard all day.

This new open relationship thing with Sarah & Michael is probably not going to work as a long-term situation. What about Malcolm? Are we ever going to see him again? She could always reach out to him and see if he’s willing to meet up and talk.

Sarah calls Malcolm wondering if they could meet up. He’s down for the idea because he says she has some explaining to do. Uh oh! Something’s going to go down when they finally link up.

Shavel & Quaylon

Shavel Life After Lockup

Shavel still can’t believe she and Quaylon are engaged. Girl, you and me both! Why would you do this? There’s no way this wedding is actually going down as planned.

Shavel wants to get married in the next 30 days. That’s not much time to plan everything at all. The engagement came out of nowhere, so why wouldn’t the wedding? Quaylon’s stunned by the news, but this is what Shavel wants.

Quaylon calls his mother to break the news about the wedding, and there’s no telling how she’ll react. She is distraught about the news and asks if Shavel manipulated him into asking. Well damn.

This was all your son ma’am. He showed up out of nowhere and did this. Quaylon’s mother thinks they need to pump the breaks a bit, so Shavel fires back. Shavel feels attacked by both of them, and she doesn’t want this to be about his mother.

Shavel was trying to rub the entire thing in her mother’s face. Give his mom a moment to process the news. Why would she be happy about any of this? They’re not a solid couple by any means. His mother isn’t unreasonable for thinking they should slow down a little. An engagement shouldn’t be a patch to fix their problems.


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Shavel’s mother isn’t too pleased to be seeing Quaylon when she comes to her home. To say her mother is pissed off by the news of the engagement is a major understatement. She can’t comprehend how her daughter could be doing all of this in a short period of time.

Her mother is spot on about this.  They have to work through their issues before diving into a marriage. He sucks at being a boyfriend, so why would it change when he becomes a husband.

There’s no chance Shavel’s mother is going to support this sham of a wedding. As a mother, she doesn’t want to forgive Quaylon. He’s treated Shavel like dirt since he got out of prison. No way.

Shavel’s rushing this wedding, and there’s no reason why. Why’re you doing this? No matter what, Shavel plans on marrying Quaylon. With or without her mother’s support, it’s happening.


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