CBS Big Brother 13 Cast

Bringing you the latest spoilers and updates in the Big Brother 13 house!

On Thursday’s live episode, Sneaky Snake Shelly found herself the latest Houseguest to be evicted, which was not much of a surprise.

A new HOH competition began on the live episode and a new winner was declared on the live feeds! Below are the spoilers on the new HOH winner as well as the nominees. Are the Veterans back in power? Find out below!



HOH WINNER – The new HOH is none other than Rachel!

Immediately following the competition, Rachel and Jordan were happy and celebrating though Jordan told Rachel she felt bad that she wasn’t able to win the competition. She felt she was the weaker link in their alliance. Jordan was also worried since Rachel will not be able to play in the next HOH competition, which she suspects will be a quiz type competition.

Of course Porsche and Kalia were worried and unhappy with the HOH results. Ultimate floater Adam wasn’t as worried as he of course started kissing up to Rachel/Jordan. Porsche told Adam that in the case he won the POV competition, he should take down one of Rachel’s nominees so that way Rachel would have to put up Jordan. Adam seemed to be on board but of course you never know with Adam.

Porsche and Kalia also tried to plead their cases to Rachel but with only 5 HGs left in the game, one of them will be nominated for sure.

NOMINATIONS – As expected, Rachel nominated Kalia and Porsche. The plan by Rachel/Jordan this week is to get Kalia out of the house.

The POV will be played later today so check back for the update on the POV winner!

UPDATEAdam has won the POV! He also told Kalia he is considering using it to take Porsche down! If Adam uses it, Rachel will have no choice but to nominate Jordan.