Big Brother 13 Week 10 Spoilers: Final HOH Results!

Big Brother 13 AdamBig Brother 13 Porsche

It’s down to the final 3 in the Big Brother 13 house, just days before the live finale show!

Following Jordan Lloyd’s eviction on Thursday, the three finalists — Rachel Reilly, Adam Poch, and Porsche Briggsare left to fight it out for the final HOH.

The final HOH is not only guaranteed a spot in the final two, but they also get the privilege of choosing whom they want to go up against.

The final HOH will be decided in three competitions. The winners of the first two comps will battle it out in a final contest.

On Thursday’s show, the first part of the HOH competition was one of endurance. Check below to see who won, and keep checking back to see the updated results of the remaining comps!

According to our BB poll from Thursday, majority of you, over 50%, are actually rooting for Rachel to win it all! Not that surprising as Rachel is arguably the best player left in the game thus the most deserving.



FIRST HOH – Rachel won the first HOH competition! The second competition will likely be played today or tomorrow. This post will be continuously updated with those results!

So far, it appears both Rachel and Adam are planning to take Porsche to the finals if either of them wins the final HOH. Must say, smart strategy on both parts.

SECOND HOHPorsche has won the second part of the HOH competition! So now Porsche and Rachel will battle it out in part 3. Rachel told both Adam and Porsche that if she wins, she is taking Porsche to the finals. It appears Porsche plans to take Rachel as well if she wins.