On last night’s Basketball Wives: L.A., Jackie logged by far the most screen time, some of Draya’s past was revealed, and while Imani can’t stomach strippers, she sure does enjoy a good sex shop.

We resume with the ladies back at Draya’s BET party. After too much booty popping on Malaysia Pargo, Draya Michele comes to the conclusion that Malaysia might not get her sense of humor. Realizing it’s “Knock a B*tch Out” time, Malaysia takes the high road and heads home so as to avoid another situation like the one she had earlier with Laura Govan. That’s all well and good with Draya as she now is the prettiest b*tch in the group. Oh, okay.


Jackie is planning her umpteenth wedding, because you know the old saying…”if you’re always planning a wedding, you don’t have time to plan a divorce.” Someone should cross stitch that on a hand towel. She’s interviewing wedding planners for their sixteenth ceremony. Jackie is an admittedly a hard person to please, but she knows the wedding will be on a plane in Vegas and she somehow wants strippers involved. Don’t tell Imani Showalter, but maybe Draya is available. Jackie finds her man, a soiree planner with a star-studded resume who vows to plan a major scene in three week’s time.

Laura, Jackie and Malaysia go hiking to discuss the passion party and the BET event. Jackie isn’t convinced that Draya was upset about being called “worthless” by Imani at the passion party. She reminds Malaysia that Draya’s an actress. Laura thinks Draya needs to be much more humble. Ironically Malaysia, who was getting the brunt of Draya’s sarcasm and creepy gynecological comments at the BET party, is hesitant to judge Draya on one drunken night. Jackie asks if she should invite Draya to her wedding. The ladies are in agreement that it is Jackie’s special day, so she should invite people with whom she wants to share her it. Not wanting anyone left out, Jackie decides to invite Draya to her bachelorette party as a trial run for a guest spot at the actual ceremony.

Jackie and her sister meet with her sick mother to discuss the wedding plans. Her mother has cancer, and Jackie has her as the maid-of-honor in this wedding to give her something to look forward to in the near future. Jackie and her mom reveal to Jackie’s sister that her recent round of treatment hasn’t worked, and her cancer is growing again. The trio share a special moment, and I pray that Jackie’s mother’s health takes a very positive turn.

Is this Basketball Wives: L.A. or the Jackie Christie Show? Once again, Jackie is meeting with her wedding her planner. She has a hard time relinquishing control to the poor guy, but he totally has the pedigree to pull off an amazing wedding. Parties for Rhianna and Julia Roberts? I think you’re fine turning it over to him, Jackie.

Draya hits the pool with her non-basketball-wife friends who want to know her vibe with the women who are actually married to, were once married to, or have “dated” a lot of basketball players. Draya explains that her cast mates are older, more conservative, and not on-board with her humor. Her friends can’t believe that Draya has been so nice and friendly to the ladies thus far, as she’s usually a “cold b*tch.” I want her to be my friend!

Because the last 45 seconds were dedicated to Draya, it’s only natural that we are back dress shopping with Jackie and WPW (Wedding Planner Wade). WPW is trying to dress Jackie as her grandmother. Jackie tries on several traditional wedding dresses that she loves. However, in WPW’s opinion, most of the dresses are perfect for a first wedding, not a second sixteenth. The pair leaves empty handed.

Imani and Draya meet up to discuss the situation at the passion party. Imani has heard the rumors of a child endangerment charge regarding Draya’s son, among other rumblings that don’t fare well for the new girl. Imani just wants to clear the air and see what is true. Draya tells Imani that there is no truth to that story and that her son was never taken from her. Imani appears to listen, but she later says that if she herself had been accused of such a thing and knew people would be asking, she’d have some paper work to back up her side of the story. So, basically, until she sees it in black and white, Imani’s whole “tell me your side of the story” isn’t as genuine as it seems. Draya goes on to say that she was dating Chris Brown at the time that rumor started, and she believes it was just the media trying to bring her down to bring him down…I’m guessing it was post Rhianna. Imani does make a good point…if someone was spreading this rumor, why wouldn’t Draya do everything in her power to disprove it?

Imani is helping Jackie with her guest list for her wedding. Jackie is hoping for the best for her mother, but the prognosis doesn’t seem too positive. Imani suggests skyping her mother in so she can still be part of the ceremony. The next person who is questionable on the list is Draya. They can’t decide if she’s “damaged goods” who needs their help and support or “a lost cause” that Imani may need to “drag up out of there.” So they’re saying they are going to give her a chance? I’m confused.

Laura and Imani go to the sex shop to stock up for Jackie’s bachelorette party. For someone who was so appalled by Draya’s past as a stripper, Imani is all about getting Jackie some remote controlled vibrating undies. The ladies are going to get a make-over before the party, and we learn that even though Jackie’s had fifteen weddings thus far, this is her first bachelorette party. The party is a secret to Jackie and Malaysia, as Malaysia doesn’t have a poker face.

Draya is hoping the bachelorette party will be a time where the ladies let loose a little more than they have in the past. It’s time to open presents,and Draya gives Jackie a “pocket p****” (thank you Shaunie O’Neal, for even making me have to type that) with some oils, and Jackie is beyond appalled. She is quick to say it will be going in the trash. It’s ironic to note that the rabbit vibrator (Jackie felt out of the loop for being the only one not to know what it was), the candy thong, the remote controlled vibrating panties, and furry handcuffs she received were classy, not cringe-worthy. A male stripper with bacne arrives and Jackie can’t wrap her head around the madness. When he is done with his performance, Laura teases Jackie that there is more in store. Jackie can’t believe it! What could they top that sexual deviance with? A sheep? A wolf dog of some sort? Even worse–a female stripper! Imani is making it rain on this girl, so she is clearly lying about her stripper hate. Laura admits that all the “wives” think it’s a hoot because its fun to embarrass Jackie, but Draya seems to really, really like the lady, if you catch her drift. Not to be swayed, Imani and Jackie have a sidebar discussion. They both believe Draya was just trying to be wide open and liven up the party. Both women really enjoyed her company, and Draya has secured an invite to the wedding.

Next week, Jackie reveals her earlier marriages, Malaysia isn’t impressed with Draya’s photo shoot, and Draya is a no-show at another get together.