Teen Mom Reunion Recap: Tough Questions, Tougher Answers

It’s the first half of this season’s Teen Mom reunion, and of course, Dr. Drew Pinsky is hosting to give his insight and expertise. Thank goodness, because we all know these ladies need it!

Dr. Drew introduces the original Teen Moms, and they all look pretty awkward. He asks them what kind of reaction they get from the public after being back on the show. Maci reveals that she has a lot of older women who were teen moms approach her to say the show helps them broach the subject of sex and parenthood with their children. That’s good, as it is supposedly the point of the program. Amber says she gets mainly negative feedback given the drama that has been a part of of Leah’s upbringing. Farrah gets good feedback, but she seems very out of it with her answer. Catelynn explains that she has many fans approach her about her choice of adoption. She even says that she went to the hospital with a girl who had chosen adoption for her baby because the baby’s father had left her alone with the difficult decision.

Dr. Drew, much like me, feels very proud of Catelynn’s impact. He shows a two minute montage which sums up the entire season. Really? Could I have just watched this Cliff Notes version instead of having to see poor Michael be ridiculed or Gary try his hand at singing?


My man Drew calls out Maci on the fact that Bentley is still hooked on his pacifier. Admittedly, I know nothing about child-rearing or when things should be introduced or taken away, but apparently, according to Dr. Drew, Bentley is too old to be relying on his paci. When Dr. Drew asks her if Bentley will still have his pacifier at age seventeen, Maci has a quick-witted response. She says at least it will keep him from getting a girl pregnant at seventeen, insinuating that no girl would want an almost-man still addicted to his paci. Even Dr. Drew has to laugh, as I don’t think he was prepared for that smart a comeback.

Catelynn is starting college in Early Childhood Development with a tentative plan to become an adoption counselor. Dr. Drew is clearly a fan of her maturity, and I can’t say I blame him. He’s clearly approaching this reunion based on the social documentary that the program claimed to be at its inception as opposed to what it is now…a drama-filled reality show that almost seems to glamorize the lifestyle of teen mothers.

Farrah is the first one Dr. Drew’s hot seat, and he begins his interview with shocking teen mom statistics (I’m not being sarcastic with that…it’s shocking to know that the United States has the most babies born to unwed teen mothers than any other industrialized nation), as well as advice on contraceptives. That is a humbling statistic for our country.

Dr. Drew shows a recap of Farrah’s legal battles with Sophia’s paternal grandmother coupled with Farrah moving to Florida and dealing with Sophia’s father’s untimely death. As we all know, Farrah made the choice to allow Sophia to stay with her parents as she moves across the country to start school. Farrah reveals that she hasn’t yet started school, but when she does, Sophia will stay with parents.

Right off the bat, Dr. Drew has Farrah crying, wondering why she has no friends. Didn’t she have friends in high school? Didn’t she have friends when she was a cheerleader? She’s a cute, seemingly normal girl, so why no buddies? Geez, Drew….lay off! Farrah admits that not having Sophia’s father around to share in her development is harder than she thought. Farrah also reveals that she thinks that she will need two weeks to acclimate to her life in Florida before bringing her daughter to live with her.

Farrah’s mom joins the pair on the sofa after learning for the first time that Farrah plans to bring Sophia to Florida very soon after her move. Dr. Drew rightfully calls Farrah out on the fact that her decision to move her daughter was made in the last five minutes of the reunion. Her mother wisely agrees that maybe Farrah should take Sophia for a while so she can realize how hard it will be, time-wise and financially, to not have her parents’ support. Farrah seems to be dealing with a lot of ghosts while talking to Drew, and as much as she annoys me, my heart goes out to her. She admits that her parents have been consistently supportive of her, and she is grateful for that. Dr. Drew thinks she’s making healthy choices, and I have never not agreed with Drew, so I won’t start now.

Drew starts Amber’s segment by discussing the large giant enormous numbers of babies who are born to teen mothers in the U.S. Amber and Gary’s legal woes from this season (and last–the punch heard round the world) are highlighted. I had forgotten how much yelling was involved. Amber admits she has three felonies and one misdemeanor still pending against her for the domestic violence charge. Drew doesn’t mince words and asks her to address the public in regard to her actions. Amber has a hard time answering and admits she has a lot of hate for her haters, but she totally understands their opinions.

The no-contact order is still in place as of the last episode. She can see Gary, but they are not allowed to be around their daughter together. There was an exception made for the reunion. Dr. Drew asks Amber if she thinks the show glamourizes teen pregnancy. She thinks that is the most ridiculous thing ever…these girls have been through so much that others shouldn’t have to go through. Dr. Drew agrees that people don’t give viewers enough credit…he thinks girls can decipher that these moms aren’t in a stellar situation.

Amber breaks down while discussing her sibling’s death from SIDS when she was five. She reveals that she was ignored as a child and has tried to change that pattern with Leah. After a commercial break, Gary joins Amber and Drew on the sofa. Please, Gary…in the name of all that is good and decent, please don’t wear those shorts ever again. Immediately, Dr. Drew calls Gary out for knowing how to push Amber’s buttons (you go, Drew!), but Gary plays dumb. Finally he admits he uses having Leah taken away from her mom as a bargaining chip in their relationship. Gary just lost my Idol vote if he, his guitar, and his douchiness ever make it to an audition.

Drew makes Gary promise to stop with his antics, and all is well until Leah’s second birthday party is discussed. Dr. Drew thinks the couple has a totally normal teenage relationship, but that isn’t going to cut it as they should have a co-parenting relationship. Gary’s in love with Amber with all his heart and when Gary asks the same, Amber gives the longest pause in the history of reality television. Drew chalks it up to the two feeling unsafe in each other’s presence. Drew believes they have the best of intentions and wishes them well. I LOVE how genuine Drew is.

Dr. Drew brings on Amber’s mother so the pair can discuss the sometimes explosive relationship between mother and daughter. Her mother hesitantly discusses her other daughter’s death from SIDS and Amber emotionally leaves the stage. As much fun as I’ve made of all the teen moms this season, this reunion makes me realize just how real their problems and issues are, as well as how thankful I am for my own situation.

Next week, Dr. Drew talks to Catelynn and Tyler about this season’s relationship ups and downs, and the Maci/Kyle/Ryan trifecta meets together on the sofa.