Basketball Wives LA Recap: Boxing, Bullies, and Police Reports

Dare I say these women are rivaling their Miami counterparts? Last night’s Basketball Wives: L.A. was a flurry of pot stirring and dirt digging with a heaping helping of bullying. Geez…what are these women hoping to teach their children?

The fight between Laura and Draya isn’t nearly as dramatic as the previews promised, although both women end up on the mat. After the cage match, Draya feels a weird vibe, as everyone is being light and friendly when clearly Laura was on a vendetta against her. Not wanting to tempt fate, a chipper Draya calls it a day. The other ladies are amazed at how unfazed she seems, not to mention she didn’t back down at all during the match. Laura just looks at what happened as another day, another mixed martial arts cage fight. She says that if she had wanted Draya to feel her “raft,” Draya totally would have been blown away by her “raft.” Her “raft” is frightening. What is frightening is that she is confusing an inflatable water apparatus with “wrath.” Good gracious.


Gloria and Jackie meet to discuss the beat down. Gloria is impressed, as “Draya took that ass whippin’ as a champ,” but she wonders why Draya wasn’t curious as to why Laura wanted to pummel her. Jackie and Gloria are concerned about what hanging out with Draya could do to their reputation. Jackie mentions that Imani thinks Draya is dead inside. While Jackie isn’t jealous of her looks, she says she has a problem with her bitchiness. After all, Draya didn’t come to her wedding. You remember that, right? As if Jackie would ever let anyone forget that.

Gloria and her fiance Matt Barnes are meeting with their PR team to discuss their “Athletes vs. Cancer” golf tournament. This is the first year that the tournament will be held in Los Angeles, but it has been a staple charity in Sacramento since 2008. Gloria thinks they need the right names connected to the event. As the pair has always tried to surround themselves with strong couples, it’s only natural they latch on to the wedding loving Christies. Gloria and Matt go on a double dinner date with Jackie and Doug. After a loving, mushy monologue from Matt about why he loves Gloria, Gloria gets uncomfortable and changes the subject to the golf tournament. The Christies are on board.

Laura, Imani, and Jackie are shopping and excited about a fun girls’ day. Who told Jackie that it would be a good idea to dress like Britney Spears? A bra with a sheer shirt is barely acceptable for a young pop star’s concert attire…it is in no way okay for the street’s of L.A. in the middle of the day. Think of the children! Anyhoo, this shopping trip is more to bombard Imani about her lack of sexy time…with another man. Jackie is all about finding Imani a man who will treat her with respect. Laura wants to find her a date that will wrap, lick, wax, bleep, touch, bleep, bleep, bleep, yes, and of course bleep her package. Classy. Oh, so classy.

Jackie’s poor daughter Chantal is subjected to the most awkward conversation about sex which is being mediated by a professional sex counselor. At eighteen, Chantal has kissed a boy (which pisses Jackie off to no end for some reason), but when her daughter swears up and down that she is in no way, shape, or form sexually active, Jackie wants to know if her daughter will talk about how it feels to have a man kiss her breasts. WHAT? Poor Chantal. She seems like she has a wonderful head on her shoulders, and she is being forced into her mother’s crazy-ville…for the world to see, no less.

The sisters Govan are discussing Matt’s conversation with the Christies in light of Gloria and Matt calling off their wedding the year prior. Gloria thinks Matt is the only man for her, however, if she needs to go it alone, “Deuces.” She’s out and she’s going to be able to take care of herself. Um, okay. Laura leaves her sister’s self-empowerment party to head over to Jackie’s to play private investigator. The pair googles Draya and, of course (!!) the child endangerment charges surface. Laura is hesitant to believe things that are written in a blog (I am mildly impressed with her tiny bit of maturity), but they quickly find the legitimate police report. Now, I am not trying to pass judgment, and if all of this is true then Draya needs to be in serious trouble and get some major help…however, these ladies are nothing but bullies

Jackie calls her minions together for brunch and toast the exciting news that she and Laura are about to share with them. Jackie pulls out her dossier, and Imani reveals that she’d already heard these stories about Draya. Laura feels horrible for bringing Draya into her group, and the ladies want to confront her with their information. Jackie jokes that she’ll take her on, only to say, “I feel like a bully…ha, just kidding.” No, you should because you are.

All of the ladies meet up for drinks, and it’s our first time seeing Malaysia and Draya since the boxing match. Jackie seems almost excited about the confrontation in store. After chit-chatting about the day of martial arts, Gloria puts Draya on the spot about why she didn’t attend Jackie’s wedding. Malaysia saying Jackie shouldn’t invite her is brought up again, and Malaysia feels like she has been thrown under the bus. Draya is automatically on the defensive, and Laura reveals that she and Jackie googled her and found some pretty damning accusations against her.

Malaysia missed the information unveiling brunch, so she is blindsided by these allegations. Draya says that her son was never left alone, he was always with her mother. She claims the police report was false and the reporter who broke the story was fired for filing false accusations. Draya is in tears, and Gloria is in tears because she is a lover of children. Jackie tries to compare Draya’s situation to people calling her crazy for her obsession with Doug. Draya agrees, and then Jackie goes off on the girl for insinuating she was crazy. Draya can’t catch a break, and as tough as she tries to be, I kind of feel badly for her. These women are ridiculous. The sisters Govan can no longer be around the deadbeat mom, so they peace out. Malaysia reaches out to Draya, saying she believes her story. She would be devastated if anyone was spreading such a vicious lie about her.

Next week, Laura confronts Draya once again, and she keeps on the lookout for a bed mate for Imani. Gloria does a sexy photo shoot, and Jackie and Draya share a laugh. Um, huh?