Survivor Recap: Dawn Has Her Day, Stacey Goes Away

Last night’s Survivor was very cut-throat. As usual, Brandon does a lot of repenting, Dawn does a little ass kicking to win immunity for her tribe, and Cochran and Marijuana Jim devise a plan to disrupt Team Pretty. I am loving Savaii this season. Is it just me, or is the Upolu just a bunch of Shady McShadersons?

The episode begins with Ozzy and Elyse getting cozy on a hammock. Marijuana Jim is getting jealous nervous that their bond may be tighter than his is with Ozzy. He’s worried Ozzy is morphing into Rob Mariano. MJ quickly realizes that Elyse has to go before they become a power couple. Has someone been smoking dope watching Bachelor Pad? Marijuana Jim finds a quick ally in Cochran, as it buys him more time to prove himself.

Over at Upolu, Brandon Hantz Crazy Pants is apologizing to Mikayla for gravitating towards untruth. He next approaches Edna to repent for his lying and to casually mention that Edna is not a member of the main alliance like she thought she was. I couldn’t tell if it was a strategic move on Brandon’s part or inadvertent slip-up. You never can tell with that sneaky BHCP.


Savaii receives a gift–swimwear! This is exciting news for Dawn. Because she’s a Mormon she feels uncomfortable swimming in her underwear…well, that and the fact that she’s worried her bra is see-through. It’s time to watch the Redemption Island peeps duel it out, and Cochran and MJ decide they will go to witness, although they don’t want anyone to catch on to their newly formed alliance.

Dawn is determined to prove she’s a key player, although at forty she’s not quite yet over the hill. Ozzy makes fun of MJ for trying to strategize too early in the game, but Dawn is peeved because it’s not like she hasn’t watched him do this before. She thinks Ozzy is ever so subtly trying to make her tribe members feel a too comfortable, like hey! Why do we need strategy? We’re all BFFs on this South Pacific vacay! You can’t pull that on ol’ Dawn.

BHCP and Edna are watching the duel from Upolu. Christine is back from Redemption Island for round two, and Papa Bear immediately informs BHCP that if he wins his way back into the game, he’s headed to the Upolu Tribe. Peace out, Savaii! Brandon once again feels the need to repent to Christine for his shady ways. While she accepts his apology, she tells Jeff Probst that she isn’t sure she buys it.

Getting the duel underway, Christine and Papa Bear start throwing bean bags on top of crates. It’s a game of corn hole on crack. Christine has fabulous aim, and while things are neck and neck with Papa Bear, she manages to land her bean bags on the correct crates. Someone has a corn hole set in their backyard! Papa Bear has only kind words to say about his time on the show before getting his final marching papers. Christine is two for two which makes her a pretty strong contender, I’d say.

Edna has lost trust in her alliance. Since she doesn’t have the brawn to physically compete with her tribe mates, she is going to use good old fashioned kindness to stay in the game. Stacey wishes Edna has an off switch because she needs to be Dis.Con.Nect.Ted. Edna’s attempts to befriend everyone are getting on Stacey’s last nerve. I have to remember she usually works with dead people, so she may not be used to all the chitchat. Even Mikayla is sick of Edna’s twenty questions and high pitched laugh. Does Edna care? Of course not. She’s too busy walking on Coach’s back.

Strategy is swirling in the air at the Savaii camp. Dawn approaches Cochran with what Ozzy was saying while he and MJ were off sharing a joint in the jungle watching the duel. Cochran jumps at the chance to broaden their alliance, and Dawn is on the same page regarding getting rid of Elyse to shake things up with Team Pretty. The pot peddler, the Mormon, and the law school geek make a pretty powerful trio. They are now solidified as my favorites.

The immunity challenge consists of three members from each tribe (two dudes, one chick) to stand on a crate holding a pole across his or her back. Weights are added to each side of the pole, and the last one to give up wins immunity for their tribe. Competing for Savaii is Dawn, MJ, and Keith, while BHCP, Stacey, and adorable Albert compete for Upolu. The catch? Each tribe gets to dictate who will be holding the weights for the other tribe. Dawn and Stacey are each holding 100 pounds, Keith and Albert are holding 180 pounds while BHCP and MJ are holding 200 pounds.

Keith is the first one out, with Albert close behind him after receiving more weight. MJ and Brandon are given more weight, breaking the Survivor record with 220 and then 240 pounds. MJ can’t hold it anymore and Brandon drops his next. It’s now just the ladies who are getting more and more weight. The ladies are troopers. Stacey drops her pole and Dawn is once again the Savaii sweetheart. Loves it! The tribe collects immunity and their reward–some live chickens and a rooster.

Stacey did a great job for her tribe, but she’s worried she may still be on the chopping block. Coach gives a pep talk, and Edna hopes she isn’t still perceived as the weakest link. Stacey has some fabulous one-liners after Edna approaches her. “She’s on an Easter egg hunt. She’s scrambling like eggs in a skillet.” Coach tells Stacey he cannot lie…it will probably be Stacey or Edna. Stacey starts stirring the pot and planting seeds in the head of BHCP, and whose head is better to get into than a crazy person’s? Brandon goes straight to Coach who won’t listen to anything he has to say. Wow. Stacey is brilliant. BHCP’s alliance is starting to think he’s too much of a loose cannon.

At tribal council, Jeff points out that Stacey is in a hard place…on one hand she was a fierce competitor, but on the other, she lost to Dawn. Jeff is asking people pointedly about what annoys them about certain tribe members. Edna talks too much, Brandon is Russell’s nephew, and Albert (he’s presh…they need to show him a lot more) snores. Brandon breaks down talking about his uncle and how he wants to make his family and God proud by playing the game respectfully. The votes are tallied–Stacey’s off to Redemption Island. That was cold, Upolu. Stacey won’t accept hugs from her tribe mates, and I can’t say I blame her.

Next week, Coach does not want anyone, and he means ANYONE to call him Benjamin, and there is a disgusting challenge involving ripping face-first into a stuck pig and transporting the meat mouth-to-mouth style with their teammates. Gag.