Basketball Wives LA Recap: Talking (and Eating) Out of Both Sides of Their Mouths

Last night’s episode of Basketball Wives: L.A. was just a whole bunch of lunch. The ladies were meeting up left and right to gossip over whoever wasn’t invited to restaurant…and nine times out of ten, that person was Draya.

Imani and Malaysia meet for lunch. Draya has reached out to Malaysia, and Imani teases that the two will be new BFFs. Malaysia is unsure as to why Draya wants to meet up with her. Sure, she was compassionate about her situation, but that hardly means she wants to be buddy-buddy. Imani thinks it is Draya’s way of being manipulative.

Gloria heads to an audition for Cedric the Entertainer’s new show. Her first reading is dubbed “a practice round,” and Gloria says it’s hard to act as if she’s flirting with her crush when she is reading with an older woman. She is praised on her second go-round, but I don’t know if this is the kind of publicity Cedric the Entertainer was hoping for with his new endeavor.


Jackie, Laura, and Gloria are trying their best to find a man for Imani. Each woman invites several suitors to a happy hour. One of the first questions out of her mouth to the first dude she meets is whether he plays basketball. Um, is that a requirement with these ladies? Jackie can’t wait for Imani to meet the guy she brought, Kyle. Laura isn’t so concerned with Imani finding a date as she is with Imani sweeping the cobwebs out of her bleep. Again, really Laura? Imani is digging Kyle, and she promises to Skype Laura in the first time they do it.

Jackie goes to Imani’s house to dish on Kyle, and I am curious as to why Jackie insists on wearing clothing that shows more bra than shirt. However, I have to give her props for wearing as bra, as Imani should take note…she also appears to have spilled some red wine down her unsupported chest. Of course the conversation turns to Jackie’s favorite topic, Draya…and her new biffle Malaysia. I love how the women manage to talk smack about Malaysia saying she’s become too sweet and mild-mannered. Didn’t Malaysia make it clear to Imani she didn’t want to get mixed up things, yet Imani is acting as if Malaysia is all about Draya to Jackie? These ladies…gracious.

Draya and Malaysia meet for lunch because Draya wants to get Malaysia’s opinion what happened the night of the bullying. Draya thinks it’s pretty hypocritical for these ladies to throw stones at her while pretending they’ve never made a mistake. Malaysia passively admits in her interview that she’ll be Draya’s friend if Draya gives up acting like a snake and being sneaky. She looks like she may fall asleep mid-sentence.

It’s manicure time for Gloria and Imani. Gloria has a million dollar idea to curb the drama…she’s going to plan girls’ night. The pair decides that Draya won’t be receiving an invitation to the get together, and Imani and Gloria insinuate that Malaysia might not feel comfortable attending without her biffle. In my opinion, this is the worst way to talk about someone because it’s done under the guise that they are considering Malaysia’s feelings when really they just want it known that they don’t appreciate her siding with Draya during the latest verbal smack down.

Laura wants to quiz Imani about her thoughts on the men. Imani says that none of the men were actually her type. Laura makes fun of Kyle’s pants with a lot of man-bit references, and Imani admits that he’s the one she’d most likely use to get her feet wet in the dating pool.

Is it me, or is the episode all about the women meeting for lunch or drinks? Malaysia and Laura sit down for lunch, and Laura is finally able to showcase the charities with which she’s involved. Laura is hosting an event for an inner-city youth center and wants Malaysia to attend. Malaysia, being a former inner-city youth, is definitely on board with supporting her friend.

All the ladies, sans Draya, head to Imani’s for a girls’ night. Jackie brings up Draya once again, and Malaysia explains that she didn’t condone the allegations against Draya. She would have comforted any of the ladies if someone accused one of them of being a bad mother. Malaysia says that no one knows the whole truth, and it’s not her place to judge regardless. Jackie, changing her tune, decides that the women need to help Draya become a better person. Imani is shocked at this revelation…who will she talk smack about now?

Draya meets with Laura to apologize for talking crap about Laura and her kids. Not that it makes it any better, but apparently Draya’s gossiping took place long before she ever met Laura. Right off the bat, Draya admits what she did and says she is sorry. She seems pretty sincere. Laura says that she doesn’t stress about things that Draya has said about her in the past…she has much more important things to do to occupy her time. Draya tells Laura that she stresses about it because she feels badly for doing it in the first place. Taking a page from Evelyn’s playbook, Laura says that Draya is not even a factor. She couldn’t care less about it, although all her cussing and voice-raising implies otherwise. However, to prove how “over it” she is, Laura then invites Draya to her charity event. Now that is a great idea!

In a shocking turn of events, we learn that Gloria did not get the part in Cedric the Entertainer’s new show. Undeterred, Gloria is doing a lingerie photo shoot with fiancé Matt Barnes and Imani as her audience. Imani thinks it is so sweet how supportive Matt is. There are excessive shots showcasing the engagement ring.

Imani meets Kyle for their first date. Right off the bat, Kyle loses points because he is getting a roommate. I’m guessing the Imani also loses points with Kyle when she reveals that it’s her first date in over three years. Kyle wants to know what part status plays in Imani’s ideal man. Imani doesn’t care too much about status…I mean, her future mate doesn’t have to make $800,000 a year…but it would be nice. Hmmm….I bet Kyle can’t wait for date number two. Maybe he can borrow some money from his roommate.

Draya approaches Jackie at Laura’s charity event in an attempt to be the bigger person. She seems a bit thrown off when she is met with compliments from the main lady hurling insults at her the last time they were together. Jackie inquires about Draya’s conversation with Laura. Draya reveals that Laura kept things real, and she appreciated and respected that. Jackie says her feelings have been hurt because she’s heard from the other ladies how much Draya likes them, but she doesn’t seem to feel the love from her. Draya assures Jackie that she feels very close to her and explains their prior misunderstanding when Jackie was mad at Draya for calling her crazy. Jackie’s personality seems to switch umpteen times during this little exchange. Jackie then starts talking about how another woman in the group has been bad-mouthing her, but she can’t discuss it as the mystery woman has just arrived. Dum dah dum dum…it’s Laura!

Next week, things are rumbling between Jackie and Laura, and Draya takes an improv class.