As always, the latest installment of Basketball Wives: L.A. was basically the ladies talking smack about whoever wasn’t in that given scene. Unfortunately for Laura Govan, her name seems to be tossed around the most. Her sister Gloria heads up a charity golf tournament with fiance Matt Barnes, and Draya gets more comfortable with her spot in the “in-crowd.”

We resume last night’s episode where we left off, at Malaysia’s jewelry launch. Malaysia is over Jackie’s gushing, and she really doesn’t want to hear her and Imani’s beef with Laura. As Malaysia advises the ladies talk it out, Gloria (who Jackie and Imani just lurve) comes over to say hello. Of course, Jackie takes this opportunity to tell her nemesis’s SISTER about her issues with Laura. Jackie has also turned on her biffle Draya and wants to make sure Gloria feels badly for bringing her into the group. Seriously? Cue Lindsay Lohan and the Plastics!


Gloria and her fiance Matt Barnes are on a radio show promoting his cancer charity’s golf tournament. In light of their very recent break-up, it is kind of sad to see them discussing their early relationship and the fact that they have known each other since age twelve. The couple discusses the different image concerns that occur in Los Angeles as opposed to in their previous town of Orlando. Gloria and Matt actually seem pretty cute together.

Jackie goes to visit her dying mother, and no matter your thoughts and opinions on Jackie, it is hard to watch. It’s a good day for her mother who wants to “stay” and hang out with all of her children and grandchildren. And once again, I am tearing up at Basketball Wives: L.A. Get it together! Jackie shares a touching moment alone with her mother, who is brought to tears. Having been through a very similar situation, my heart goes out to Jackie, even though I’m sure I’ll be snarking on her (deservedly) in paragraphs to come. 🙂

Before Matt’s charity golf tournament, there is a charity dinner. On the red carpet, one of the photographers mistakes Draya for Jackie’s daughter. Draya (say what you will, but this girl is quick on her feet) immediately admonishes the pap that Jackie is far too young to be her daughter. Hopefully that comment scored Draya some points in Jackie’s book, as her bestie status has been waning since she made the “I can only be nice for so long” comment last week. Imani is more than a little surprised to see the duo arrive together. Jackie immediately starts in on Laura, filling in Imani on the goings-on from Laura’s charity event. Imani jumps on-board the “diss Laura” train, while Draya tries to seem appropriately supportive while not saying much.

Oddly enough, Laura arrives at the event, and Jackie can’t race over to her fast enough. Imani and Draya watch from their lounge chairs, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s awkward given their history. Jackie makes Laura feel how tight her stomach is. Imani gives a half-hearted hug to Laura who laughingly says that Imani must have beef with her. Once again Jackie is going against her earlier promise not to stir sh!t up at a charity event, and she asks the ladies if anyone has anything they feel the need to get off their chests. Laura admits that she joked to others that both she and Jackie looked pregnant. Jackie is quick to forgive, but Draya questions her sincerity.

The following day is the golf tournament. The ladies are decked out in their finest country club couture while attempting to play golf. Almost immediately Jackie starts in on Laura to Imani. After some intense gossip and golf carting, the ladies head for lunch. Jackie asks Laura how adorable she thinks Draya is…mere feet from Draya. Laura states that she is very underwhelmed with Draya. She doesn’t think she’s cute, and while she may find her “funny” she doesn’t find her “fun.” At an awkward lunch, Draya reaches a minor breaking point and asks Laura why she’s such a bully. Apparently Laura isn’t a bully…she’s just “a winner across the board.”

At the evening’s charity party, the Laura drama is coming to a head. Jackie is pressuring Imani to confront Laura. Draya is just sick of Laura hugging her when she clearly isn’t a fan. Laura senses the tension, and Jackie confirms it. Imani doesn’t believe that the charity event is the place to confront Laura. Jackie looks a tad disappointed. Draya admits that the crew “forgot” to say good-bye to Laura at the end of the night.

The sisters Govan meet for lunch after the tournament. Gloria’s first question to Laura is whether the other ladies said good-night to her. Laura admits that she thinks that Imani has a problem with her, although she isn’t sure why. She proceeds to tell Gloria that she really hasn’t talked a lot of crap about Imani. I’m sure Imani would feel much better knowing that while you did talk about her behind her back, it wasn’t as much as she thought it was. Draya, on the other hand, is on Laura’s radar. Perhaps because of that whole Gilbert Arenas mess? Regardless, Laura is not going to be inviting Draya to dinner anytime soon.

Imani hates to admit it, but Draya is growing on her…she is actually starting to enjoy Draya’s company. Imani, Draya, and Jackie head to lunch to discuss world peace Laura. Jackie is praying that Laura will see the error of her ways. Draya reveals that Laura is going to therapy, and Imani declares that she needs a refund. Imani feels used by Laura, and she feels as if she’s misjudged Draya. As Draya jokes, “My, how the tables have turned.”

Jackie invites Imani and Gloria over to relax by her pool. Gloria calls them out for not speaking to her before they left the charity event. All three ladies are in agreement that they need a getaway. After throwing out several vacay-worthy destinations, Imani, Jackie, and Gloria decide on Hawaii. After some discussion, they decide to invite Malaysia (even though Gloria isn’t her biggest fan), Draya, and Laura. Oh, and Doug Christie and Matt get to tag-along as well. The women toast their upcoming getaway.

Malaysia makes an appearance for the first time since the opening scene to meet up with Draya. Draya is filling her in on all the drama from the tournament that Malaysia couldn’t attend. Malaysia and Draya are in agreement that Laura is pretty fake. Both women don’t care if they are friends with her, they just don’t want Laura acting buddy-buddy when everyone knows that is far from the truth. Malaysia is already predicting major dramz on the Hawaii trip. She must be psychic! Or just normal…

Next week the ladies head to Hawaii. The women seem to be relaxing, but Jackie stirs the pot, noting how former drink throwing, weave pulling enemies Malaysia and Laura seem too close for comfort. Jackie, apparently also a psychic, predicts an a$$ whooping will happen during the vacation.


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