Millionaire Matchmaker Recap: Chippendale Dancers and Football Players!

For all the Millionaire Matchmaker lovers or haters out there, last night we experienced the second to last episode of the season or the series? That is the question! We begin by seeing Patti Stanger in her element doing a comedy show! Patti continues to embarrass the public by calling out an awkward boy and girl on stage to do a pretend date. This date was as bad as every other date Patti conducts.

Chippendale dancers and football players, oh my! This is my episode. For the first time in Millionaire Matchmaker history, Patti is setting up a millionaire who I have actually heard of! Mr. ESPN Marcellus Wiley — I knew all my boyfriends had a reason for making me watch ESPN, it prepared me for tonight’s episode of MM. He is just as charming as usual and makes me ask the question — How does this guy have a problem finding a girl?


From Mr. ESPN to Mr. Chippendale — Michael Leslie is a 58 year old man (which I believe Patti makes clear by saying it 18 times throughout the episode) who enjoys himself some younger blood. I think Adrienne Maloof should check on Jackpot because it looked like Michael has stolen him and put portraits all over his house of the cute pooch.

Michael explains people call him Hugh Hefner Jr. Doesn’t he realize Hef deals with naked women not naked men? Patti meets up with Ageist Michael as she tries to figure out what is wrong with him fix him up! Following the very brief consultation, Patti leaves Michael explaining she must tend to the other millionaires because she has a long waiting list — I guess that is why Patti has not called me back yet.

Sharnay who is a hot mess is about the only entertainment to come from the recruitment session as not only does she call Patti out on her lips, but she lifts up her dress for all of cable television to see. The only bad thing is that the poor girl doesn’t know the difference between collagen and lipo — does she live in Los Angeles? Patti bites back by asking her if she is a man or woman — funny thing because I have had the same question for Patti the past five seasons. Patti continues by threatening to push her down the stairs — Bravo, remember no violence!

Marcellus proves he knows how to play ball while Michael proves he has game at the mixer. Marcellus begins by playing FBI agent and asking a billion questions. He is quickly called to the sidelines, coached by Patti, and sent back to the field. Sorry, I cannot resist a little football talk! Marcellus proves he can make his coach happy and starts playing “ping pong” with the potential dates — couldn’t Patti have used a football reference? It would have been a lot more fun.

Michael denies his ageist ways and picks a 44 year-old! Yay for all my women over 40! Rolana is a hot 44 year-old, props to Patti! Marcellus picks Monique who looks like a girl that can easily handle a 6-5 football player.

Marcellus is a gentleman and continues as my favorite millionaire by letting Monique win a game of tennis! It is nice to see a man let a girl beat him, and how does Monique enjoy her glory? Oh, by kissing the sweet Marcellus. Take notes, boys!

Rolana is blessed with a non-sweaty date and gets to experience a hot air balloon ride. I think she is the tenth person on this season of MM to be scarred of heights — just saying. Their date continues with a beautiful dinner where the couple discusses setting their dogs up on play dates. I can only hope Rolana has a Giggy to go along with Michael’s Jackpot. Out of nowhere, Michael serenades Rolana with an original song which is actually quite beautiful. If I had a romantic bone in my body, I might have had a few tears. Unfortunately, Michael used all his great date ideas up, thus Rolana and he only get one more date together until they split.

Back to the football lingo, Marcellus scores a touchdown with Monique! The two are still dating.

I can’t wait for next week! Maybe because it is the last episode or maybe because Patti is setting herself up. Regardless, I think next week will be the week to tune in! Time to put your money where your mouth is, Patti!

[Photo by: Nicole Wilder/Bravo]