Bad Girls Club Star Judi Jai Wanted By Police Following DUI Arrest!

Judi Jai mugshot

Proving that she’s just as cray in real life as she is on TV, Bad Girls Club New Orleans star Judith Jackson a.k.a. Judi Jai is now wanted by the police!

According to TMZ, the drama with Judi began last month on November 9 when cops pulled Judi over for driving erratically. She failed a sobriety test and then placed under arrest for suspicion of a DUI.

So this is when things get a little cra-cra folks! See, instead of simply allowing herself to be arrested, Judi decided to climb out of the squad car and run down the street while the police were searching her car.

According to the Illinois arrest report, cops found Judi hiding  in a nearby home and ended up taking her to the police station where she was booked on three charges — DUI, resisting arrest, and theft. The theft charges were a result of Judi attempting to run away with the cops’ handcuffs. Wowzers.

Oh, but it gets even worse as Judi was scheduled to appear in court on Monday but failed to show up. This led to a bench warrant being issued for her arrest.

Why did Judi miss her court date you ask? Oh, she tells TMZ she had more important things to do a.k.a. she had to host an out of town event! However, Judi states she plans to take care of that minor warrant arrest issue asap.

Judi can currently be seen Monday nights on the 3rd season of Oxygen’s Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too!