Love & Hip Hop Recap: Comical Catfights, Tragic Catsuits, and Choosing Sides

Last night was the next to the last episode of Love & Hip Hop. I don’t know about you, but I feel as if this season has flown by in a relatively boring string of similar-minded cat fights. Erica Mena and Kimbella Vanderhee are at each others’ throats yet again, Yandy Smith is desperate to find someone who finds her to be a totally innocent party in her smack down with Chrissy Lampkin and unprofessional e-mail to Jim Jones, and Olivia Longett keeps singing away. Emily Bustamante is still pining for Fab and Somaya Reece makes a rare appearance.

Olivia and Emily are discussing the fight between Yandy and Chrissy. Emily has Chrissy’s back while Olivia feels she stuck between two friends. Yandy joins the pair and Emily smugly sizes up Yandy. Yandy hopes that Emily will help show Chrissy her side of things, but no dice. Emily will leave that job for Olivia.


Erica is being interviewed by and one of the first questions has to do with Kimbella. Erica comes out guns blazing, basically calling Kimbella a porn star who has slept her way to where she is now. Klassy! Erica doesn’t sound the least bit jealous of her video vixen counterpart with a slew of insults.

Yandy goes to see her mentor Mona Scott-Young. Mona tries to convince Yandy that Jim is never going to choose her side over his fiancé. Mona thinks Yandy is taking this whole situation too personally as it’s her job to manage Jim and if she wants to quit, she can. However, after hearing rumors about Yandy’s e-mail to Jim, Mona is concerned that Yandy may have tainted her reputation for future clients. Regardless of Mona’s advice, Yandy believes she did nothing wrong in expecting some sort of loyalty from Jim.

Rick and Olivia are discussing a potential million dollar deal for three albums. Rich is giving her the pros and cons. It’s not the money that Olivia was hoping for, and while Rich thinks the decision is purely Olivia’s, he doesn’t think she’s in a position to be picky with her career. Olivia meets Chrissy and Emily for lunch and Chrissy thinks that the fact Olivia won’t choose sides makes her pretty wishy-washy. Emily takes the opportunity to throw Olivia under the bus with Chrissy, telling Chrissy that Olivia called Yandy “the bigger person” during their prior meeting. Emily point blank asks Olivia who she believes is at fault between the ladies. Olivia thinks both women have acted poorly and Chrissy informs her that she doesn’t need any disloyal friends.

Yandy meets with Cam’ron in hopes of getting in some of his business. Yandy reveals that she’s left her position as Jim’s manager and she wants to work with Cam’ron. He tells her that when he and Jim had a falling out, things eventually worked themselves out — and he thinks the same will ring true with Jim and Yandy. That said, Cam’ron doesn’t want to ruffle his friend’s feathers so he’s going to have to run by Jim the idea of working with Yandy. Yandy understands and both hope that Jim won’t have an issue with their partnership.

Kimbella and her brother Kenneth meet for drinks to discuss her conversation with their mother in Miami. She confides in her brother that she doesn’t want to go in the same direction as her mom. While she love Juelz, and she would love to get married, she thinks they don’t need to tie the knot just because she has kids. Kimbella wants to make it work with him and her brother wishes her luck, but wants to insure that if things aren’t good between the pair his sister won’t stay in the relationship.

Yandy and Olivia meet again to discuss Chrissy-gate. Poor Olivia. She is correct in her assumption that both Chrissy and Olivia seem to have a lot in common, although neither one will see it. Yandy doesn’t want Olivia to choose sides, but she does want her friend to stand up for her to Chrissy. Um, how does that work? Olivia gently explains that Yandy’s e-mail to Jim was inappropriate and although it’s the second time she’s heard it, Yandy still doesn’t agree.

Yandy keeps searching for someone who thinks she wasn’t at all in the wrong. What’s a gal to do? She gets a massage with Jim’s mom, Mama Jones. Nancy isn’t willing to tell Yandy what she wants to hear because she also believes that Yandy overstepped professional boundaries with the e-mail. Yandy can’t understand why people don’t get that she was Jim’s friend in addition to his manager, but she is very happy her relationship with Mama Jones has been relatively unaffected. In fact, she’s going to start managing Nancy’s career. All the family!

Wait! Who is that I see joining up with Kimbella at the chocolate shop? No. It can’t be. But it is! Long lost Somaya! They dish about Erica’s Vibe interview. Somaya makes a good point — Erica claims she couldn’t care less about Kimbella, but she certainly devotes a lot of time to trash talking her. Somaya is probably thrilled to have become a supporting player on this madness.

Fab’s former assistant Winter comes by Emily’s new place. Winter calls Emily out on moving out just to get a reaction from Fab, but she truly thinks that Fab will come around if Emily is patient. While Emily respects Winter’s opinion, she wants more. Winter reminds Emily that these “indiscretions” are part of the lifestyle and she’s known that for years. Emily isn’t willing to play second fiddle to anyone; she doesn’t think that someone’s fame should give them a free pass for bad behavior. Amen!

Erica is out celebrating her birthday, which seems to consist of her playing with her tatas in party goers’ faces. Yeah, she’s way classier than Kimbella. Speaking of, Kimbella heads to the party (wearing a God awful catsuit) fully intending to confront the two-faced Erica. Kimbella pulls her aside questioning why Erica pretended to be her friend and then gave such a scathing interview. She is trying to convince Erica that the rumors she’s heard about her aren’t true. I doubt Erica cares. Somaya joins in the tag team and Erica continues to act like a twelve-year-old… not that anyone is showing much maturity. Erica attempts a punch and then throws a drink. She’s pretty safe behind her wall of party attendees. Somaya and Kimbella storm out of the party so that the breast fondling festivities can resume.

Next week, Juelz gets arrested and his bail is close to $50,000. Rich and Olivia work on her career, while Mama Jones, Jim and Chrissy head to Jamaica.