Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Recap: Keep Your Seat

lhhatl reunion

Nina Parker, formerly of TMZ and the Insider, is at the helm of this season’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion. She can’t do any worse than hosts of the past, can she? In my opinion, she did a good job wrangling Stevie J., Joseline Hernandez, Mimi Faust, Rasheeda and Kirk Frost and crew, but we’ve got another hour next week to draw final conclusions! Off that bat, she begins last night’s first installment by introducing the major players. Thankfully the extras are “holding it down on the couches,” although there are several minor characters missing at this point. 

In the finale episode, Stevie takes off to Los Angeles without his bride, but he and Joseline explain that they are “working through things” and happy. Stevie feels proud and healthy due to his sobriety and Joseline doesn’t see the need to accommodate him by curbing her intake…as she states, she’s not going to court. Joseline then turns on her co-stars, saying that if they are nice, she’ll be nice, if they act a fool, well…Nina highlights Joseline’s journey after her last reunion antics from reconciling with Stevie to NOT apologizing to Mimi. Joseline tells Nina that she was in the wrong for wiling out the last time they were in this situation, but everyone was ganging up on her. As for apologizing to Mimi, Joseline doesn’t think her husband’s ex needs to hold her breath. Stevie feels badly for pushing Joseline’s buttons when it came to her working without him, and Karlie Redd expresses her surprise at the bouquet that met the side of her face. Joseline instructs her to speak more loudly like when she bleeps bleep. Geez. Ariane challenges Karlie’s loyalty, and the two have a war of words. Oddly enough, the Karlie and Joseline agree that they could be friends going forward. 


Nina shows footage that brings us up to speed on Yung Joc and his team of baby mamas. Y’all recall it started with toe-sucking and ended him breaking up with Khadiyah after she tied him to a bed and left him. Nina grills Joc on his multitude of children…was he being responsible? Turning to Lil’ Scrappy, Nina notes that he’s the only guy on this show with one child, to which he responds, God only gives us what we can handle. For once, I don’t need subtitles to agree with Scrap’s statement! Of course, when Stevie touts, “Good answer!” Erica Dixon interjects that Scrappy only has one child because of abortions. Not surprisingly, this sends Bambi into a tailspin. The audience couches have stolen the show from the folks on stage, and Scrappy laughs, calling Erica “Holyfield” as she charges him.

LHHATL nina parker


Continuing, Nina questions Sina as to how difficult it was to lure Joc away from Khadiyah, and she quips it was quite easy. They never stopped seeing each other. Joc begrudgingly agrees. Nina reminds Joc that he wondered if Sina spiked his drink when being interviewed earlier in the season for the After Show. Joc exclaims that he would never suck her toe on national television. He had to have been drugged! Sina counters that they have chemistry…that’s why he was more than happy to oblige a foot fetish. Joc corrects her…it wasn’t chemistry, it was chemicals–in his drink! Nina polls Joseline, asking why the ladies can’t resist Joc. Joseline bets that he’s got a big beefcake like her husband. When KD is brought into the argument, she tells Karlie that her story line is due to her relationship with Joc. Joseline then quietly (a first for her!) recalls the time at the wedding (whose wedding, I’m not sure, but I’m guessing Yandy and Mendeecees??) when Joc tried to get a piece of Karlie’s Kuttie Kat. Karlie then defends her part in ambushing KD with Sina. Joc can’t fathom how his baby mama and ex would have so much hate for his new lady. When Nina asks if KD and Joc are exclusive, Khadiyah side-eyes Joc…um yes? 

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Next, Kirk tries to defend his spending habits and how he doesn’t have to account for every dime, Nina asks Kalenna if she’d be alright with Tony having a secret Buckhead apartment. The short answer? No. Tony knows better. Joc hates being put on the spot for trying to buy Kirk’s bike at Rasheeda’s auction. Ashley Nicole joins the crew and her rocky road with Rasheeda is revisited, complete with a hotel hijack of Ashley and her girlfriend. Erica admits that she was wrong for following Rasheeda’s blind lead and thinking the worst of Kirk. Ashley chides that she has a flirtatious personality, and it’s not her fault that Kirk neglected to tell Rasheeda his new artist is a lesbian. She jokes about hitting on Kalenna and reveals that if she had to go after a L&HH ATL lady, it would be Joseline. Of course it would, because who else is going to find that to be a compliment…besides Stevie, that is. 

The Nikko, Margeaux, Stevie, Mimi rhombus takes the stage to rehash that ridiculous book deal brokered by Nikko and Mimi admitting that she helped leak the their sex tape. It’s a bad day for Nikko when Joseline sides with Mimi. She’s hurling bleeping insults at Margeaux and Nikko when Nina calls out Nikko for telling Stevie that Eva would eat off the money from his book deal. This line fires up Deb who screams that you can’t be bringing the children into this mess. Can I get an “Amen”? Thanks, Ariane! Next, Joseline insults Nikko for not having children like the rest of his counterparts. Please don’t dare Nikko to procreate.

lhhatl mimi faust

Nikko reminds Stevie that he challenged Stevie to a street fight and was declined. That’s because Stevie wanted to wait until he had a better audience…and security, which promptly stops him when he lunges at Nikko. Joseline warns Stevie to keep his ass on the sofa and then joins in an audience chant of “Stevie! Stevie!” Margeaux defends the accusations that Nikko is gay, citing that he’s not and these clowns making “gay” an insult is what causes difficulties for people who want to come out to their friends and family. Joseline then graphically describes her sexual preference, yelling, “I’m gay, bitch!” Nina knows when to just pull an Elsa and just let it go. 

Jessica Dime and Joseline face off to dish on their stripping past and disputed friendship. Joseline says that she never said anything negative about Jessica, but Jessica seems hurt that Joseline pretended she barely knew her. Karlie is brought back into the fray for her pot stirring regarding the two former pals. Joseline isn’t ashamed to admit that she had some sexy time with Jessica. After all, Stevie knows she likes the V way more than the P. Wait, what? Stevie is floored! She likes lady bits better than his beefcake? Joseline and Jessica seem to resolve their beef, both admitting that they are hos who will always have each other’s back. They even hug it out with Stevie joining in…again. During the commercial break, Subway sponsors an argument between Karlie and Erica and the fact that they never opened a store together. It’s hilarious how much joy Stevie takes in not being the one in the hot seat!

LHHATL stevie joseline

Nina wants to revisit the Jordans’ sexual escapades and how Stevie likes to invite third parties into the bedroom. She turns to Mimi, asking if Stevie was the same way when they were together. Trying to sound cool given her sex tape, Mimi brags that, sure, she was down with that for Stevie as well. She wasn’t into girls, but she was happy to please her man. A confused Stevie has no recollection of any Mimi threesomes, but “there were some foggy nights.” Ouch. Mimi then responds to Joseline’s comment on an After Show that Mimi was her “bitch too.” Joseline calls Mimi a huge liar and wonders why she just won’t cop to that one night. Stevie is giddy, Mimi hides her face, and that, my friends is what we call a cliffhanger. Till next week! 


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