Oh, Teen Moms. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Not much. So without further ado, here’s the lowdown…

We begin with Chelsea furnishing and decorating her new apartment and proactively looking for a job to help her dad with the finances. That’s a start! Adam has been MIA, but Chelsea seems excited to be gainfully employed and potentially meeting new friends at a new gig. Her first interview seems to go well… she wants to go to cosmetology school, she’s working on her GED and her schedule is wide open. Who wouldn’t want to hire her?

Kailyn is still reeling from her recent fight over child support with Jo. She reveals to friends that she hadn’t previously asked for child support before because her mom was helping her. However, Jo lives at home and has a full time job, so he should be contributing equally. Kailyn getting her own place doesn’t negate her financial responsibility to Isaac, but Jo believes that she’s wasting money on their son that he doesn’t need to spend. Um, not the case.


Leah and Corey are reveling in Ali’s good news. Corey’s subtitles tell me that he’s looking into other jobs so he can better support their young family as well as get better insurance coverage for the twins. He’s stand-up… but there is still the camo hat issue.

Meanwhile, Jenelle has taken to staying in bed and moping over her break-up with Kieffer. Barbara has finally given her more responsibility with Jace, but the duo is still fighting about their past problems. Jenelle is having withdrawals from not smoking weed all day. She yells that this is the time of day she likes to partake and her mother’s nagging is driving her to it. She storms out, threatening to falter in her recent sobriety. No, Jenelle!

Fingers crossed Chelsea gets the job at the tanning salon. While she hasn’t really thought about her GED, she’s hoping it won’t be an issue in securing the job. She receives a phone call from the manager and is offered the job while Aubree screams in the background. No, mom, you’re tan enough! The young mother is overjoyed at her new opportunity.

Ali is being fitted for splints by the physical therapist. I love that they are pink, just like her glasses. Back at home, Corey reads (and MTV recites) a letter from the geneticist stating that Ali may have an unspecified form of skeletal dyspepsia. The letter confirms a follow-up appointment within a year’s time. The young couple is confused by the letter and their daughter’s future.

Jenelle confides in her friend Tori that no matter what she does to take care of Jace or help around the house, her mother continues to chastise her. Jenelle doesn’t like what the constant arguing does to her son. Tori invites her to move in with her just a few streets away. Jenelle thinks the move will help salvage her relationship with Barbara and she’ll be close enough that she can still see Jace every day.

Chelsea’s dad is proud of his daughter’s new found attempt at independence. MIAdam decides to stop by and Chelsea fills him in on her new position. He won’t be tanning at the salon anytime soon. The couple hunkers down to watch a movie, but Adam won’t get off his phone. He calls Chelsea stupid and relays that she should feel happy that he actually agreed to spend the night. He’s such a Romeo… she should be thrilled he’s even there! Yeah, that’s it.

Jo tells his brother Junior about Kailyn’s recent filing. He thinks it’s unfair that she expects him to contribute more when she’s living off the government and working part-time. Jo anticipates that her child support request could take a significant portion of his paycheck… how does she expect him to fund his budding “rap” career? Both Jo and Junior swear about how selfish Kailyn is being by asking for money for Isaac. The nerve.

Jenelle breaks the news to Barbara that she wants to move in with Tori. Surprisingly, Barbara doesn’t put up much of an argument. She thinks it is a good idea for the two to have some space as long as Jenelle is willing to spend time with Jace at least once a week while continuing to pay her expenses. Jenelle purports that she is ready to take the next step and get a job to fulfill her responsibilities.

While Chelsea works, her mother has offered to watch Aubree. Her mom is very excited and supportive about Chelsea’s new prospect. Shockingly, Chelsea doesn’t seem so thrilled about her new gig and admits it is because her relationship with Adam is rocky. Her mother admits that it’s probably a good thing that he’s not as much in the picture, but Chelsea wants Adam in her and Aubree’s life.

Kailyn receives a letter from Child Services citing how much Jo owes in child support a month, including back payments. She discusses the information with her boyfriend Jordan who shares in her concern that Jo is going to be beyond angry. Jordan wisely (did I just type that?) advises her to calmly talk to Jo about the situation and to try to avoid conflict while sharing her point of view. She calls Jo to schedule a meeting.

It’s moving day for Jenelle and Barbara is helping her pack. Unlike Kailyn’s mom, it appears that Barbara is letting Jenelle take some furniture with her. Tori finds a letter from Kieffer that is quickly trashed and Barbara’s boyfriend plays mover to make sure that Jenelle is quickly settled in her new home. He’s such a great guy, no bones about it. Of course, regardless of her new situation, Jenelle can’t get Kieffer off of her mind.

While Corey’s getting certified to become a coal miner to make more money for his family, Leah calls the geneticist to learn more about the letter she received. She learns that the testing Ali’s had thus far has been extremely positive, but that the doctor can’t definitively say that there is nothing wrong until they conduct tests on her when she’s older and more developed. Not great news, but not horrible either. As Leah says, “It’s a wait and see game.” Later, Corey and Leah leave the twins with Corey’s parents so they can further discuss Ali’s diagnosis. They are both frustrated, but Corey is together enough not to need closed captioning. That’s a plus, right? They both conclude that waiting a year for more testing is going to be beyond difficult. The couple decides to focus on the positive things that they have to look forward to as far as Corey’s job and a potential new house is concerned.

Chelsea feels much older than her wise (cough, cough) nineteen years. She relays to yet another friend that Adam doesn’t ever want to spend the night with her. Chelsea is looking forward to her new life, but she’s upset that Adam doesn’t want to have a relationship with her now that she has a new job. Chelsea thinks Adam is scared, even though everyone in her life tells her he’s just not that interested. She hopes she can talk herself out of loving him as much as she does. It’s heartbreaking slash teeny tragic. I am so glad to be out of that phase of my life!

Reefer’s back! He and Jenelle discuss their crumbling relationship and he apologizes for being such a jackleg the last time they spoke (a.k.a. when he was yelling at her while she chased down his car). They decide that they need to work on themselves while they work on being good for each other. They agree to take things slowly as they profess their love and share kisses on the porch. That’s slow?

The initial meeting with Jo and Kailyn is off to a stellar start as he calls her a jerk for not paying him enough attention right off the bat. Kailyn tries to explain the math behind the child support calculation, but Jo doesn’t feel like he should be forced to pay more if they aren’t together. He doesn’t grasp that he’d be asked to pay the same if they were still dating. He threatens to appeal the child support ruling. Good luck with that, Jo. Douche. This isn’t about Kailyn, it’s about Isaac, and that is totally lost on Jo. This conversation is going extremely well. Isaac’s crying says it all. Jo promises a court battle before leaving Kailyn sitting alone. Why is he still single?

Next week, Corey and Leah argue over a possible move, Chelsea and Adam break up yet again and Jo contests the child support ruling. Meanwhile, Jenelle is imploding over problems with Kieffer and fighting with her new roommates.


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