Oh the trials and tribulations of a Teen Mom. I really don’t know where to start. I felt like I was watching the Twilight Zone last night. Barbara didn’t yell, and dare I say she seemed like a sincere and concerned mother to Jenelle? Jo spoke and acted like a thirty-year-old who has always had his shiz together, and Kieffer got rid of that God awful army green hoodie. Chelsea even raised money and gave her time for a very valuable cause! It was the antithesis of Teen Mom. The only thing that let me know I was blogging on the right show was poor Corey’s camo hat. Camo hat always lets me know…

Jenelle returns home after a blow-up with her roommate, and Barbara allows her to move home knowing that she has a court date the following day for several pending charges. Barbara is calm when questioning her daughter about the recent fight, and she doesn’t even raise an eyebrow when she hears that things got physical. Barbara just hopes that she and Jenelle can find a way to get along.


Kailyn and Jo haven’t spoken since his child support appeal. The pair has a hearing scheduled for the upcoming week, but after getting a voicemail from her attorney, Kailyn learns it has been postponed. It seems that Jo will continue paying the full amount until they are able to get before a judge. Kailyn drops Isaac off at Jo’s and he’s mature enough to hand off Isaac to his father before having a discussion with his ex-girlfriend. Surprisingly, Jo doesn’t want to talk about the hearing. Instead he wants to meet Jordan since his son spends so much time with him. Kailyn seems annoyed and questions his motives, but regardless, Jo has every right to want to meet the man she brings around Isaac. Is he acting or is that a hint of maturity I see?

Chelsea is trying to drown her Adam sorrows by throwing herself into her new job at the tanning bed. She has even bought a new car “with her dad’s help.” Really? Chelsea wants to do a March of Dimes walk to benefit premature babies. It’s less than ten minutes into the episode…surely maturity isn’t going to be the night’s theme? I mean, I’d love that, but I’m no idiot.

Leah and Corey continue to fight about a possible move. She has her parents looking for a new trailer to inhabit. She shares her feelings with a friend, and both girls conclude that Corey isn’t putting the girls first. They agree that both parties are not the best at communicating with one another.

Chelsea and a friend go to sign-up for the March of Dimes event so she is able to fundraise for the cause. Am I on the right channel?

The upside of moving home for Jenelle is that she gets to spend more time with Jace. She has a meeting with her lawyer Dustin Sullivan and admits that she’s struggling to stay clean. He goes over the charges and wants Kieffer to take the fall. He offers the option of her taking supervised probation if the state decides to proceed to trial. She is facing jail time, and she needs to be aware of what could potentially happen.

Kailyn is surprised that Jo’s attorney is the one who postponed the hearing. However she has little time to think about that as she’s worried about why her ex-boyfriend wants to meet her current beau. It seems her main concern is that Jo wasn’t angry when he asked for the meeting, but she understands why he deserves to know the new guy in her and Isaac’s life. After chatting with a friend, she learns (ahh, twitter!) that Jo has a new girlfriend. Kailyn is caught off guard that Jo has someone new in his life. She can only hope that the aspiring rapper won’t be bringing every groupie he meets around their son. Hypocritical much?

It’s time to raise money for the March of Dimes walk, and neither of Chelsea’s parents will be in town to watch Aubree on the morning of the walk. Since she hasn’t spoken with Adam–and he hasn’t requested to see his daughter–Chelsea is hoping it will be easy to take her daughter with her. She hits up her tanning bed family to join her team as well as donate to the cause. She calls her boss who pledges a hundred dollars. It’s a solid start. He meets her at Year Round Brown (I so want to work there, just because of the name) to write her a check.

Leah wants to work things out with Corey, but she’s worried he may have already purchased a new truck. Leah’s friend watches the twins while she, Corey, camo hat, and subtitles head outside to continue their fight discussion. Leah is going off on him, and he has little to do but spit out dip in between her rants. She says she thinks he’s making excuses to belittle her efforts. Shocking! He feels the exact same way! The conversation clearly doesn’t go as planned, as both newlywed teens end up in tears. Is it wrong that, knowing what I know now, I really want to buy Corey a new hat Leah to try harder to see what a good dad Corey is?

A sick Kailyn is being cared for by Jordan. She dreads telling him about Jo’s request. Why does he insist on wearing his hood on when he’s inside? Is there a leak in her apartment? Does she live in a wind tunnel? She relays Jo’s wishes to Jordan, and she figures she can kill two birds with one stone. As Jo has never been to her new apartment she wants to invite him over for a sort of housewarming/meet-and-greet. Kailyn advises Jordan that Jo will likely try to goad him, and Jordan needs to maintain his cool at all times. He’s always cool…it’s clearly why he needs to be wearing that hood.

Jenelle is unsure about her hearing, Reefer’s hearing, and the duo’s relationship. She is, however, happy to carpool with him to the court since he doesn’t have a ride. Jenelle’s friend arrives to provide her with some moral support. Supportive friend is excommunicated to the back seat of the car to make room for a clean shaven and hoodie-less Sir Kieffer. Immediately he threatens to throw hot coffee in the judge’s face if he’s put back in jail. Off to a good start, I’d say. Kiefnelle compare lawyer commentary before heading into the courthouse. The couple that pleads together stays together!

Chelsea is hoping to get some last minute donations so she can meet her March of Dimes goal. I have to say that Chelsea-sans-Adam is much more tolerable. Her teammates come over to make group t-shirts for the walk. All of her friends except one arrive with toddlers in tow. The group applauds this girl for using birth control. Awkward. After checking her donations web page, Chelsea finds she’s exceeded her goal. Way to go!

The Leah/Corey dynamic continues to deteriorate. Leah tells a friend that she’s almost done trying, as she isn’t sure if Corey loves her. Her intentions for a better life for her daughters seem so genuine. However, I think the same of Corey. She goes to her mom’s to get some new clothing for the girls. Her mother has found a new place for Leah and the girls to live, but she has to have a concrete answer by the end of the week. Leah doesn’t have one…and she’s hoping she can convince Corey to come with them.

Jo is returning Isaac to Kailyn’s new place, and Jordan is beyond nervous about the impending meeting. Kailyn rakes him over the coals for not being thrilled at the opportunity. The bros do a half handshake/half hug with Jo commenting on what a big dude Jordan is. Crickets. Tumbleweeds. Crickets riding on tumbleweeds. AWK-ward. Dr. Phil Jo finally breaks the silence with words of actual wisdom. He just wants a positive collaborative effort when it comes to all things Isaac. He even cracks some jokes–about crack! What a wordsmith. Kailyn can’t let this situation continue without some sort of discord, so she brings up Jo’s dating life. Even more AWK-ward. Kailyn is accusatory, Jo giggles at her jealousy while maintaining his cool demeanor, and poor Jordan feels like the third-wheel on Jo and Kailyn’s date. Let me reiterate…the episode is now almost over and Jo and Chelsea have impressed me with their maturity for almost an entire hour (minus commercial breaks). Am I in an alternate universe?

Who saw this coming? Kieffer gets his immediate charges dropped, but Jenelle gets supervised probation for one charge, while the others are dropped. While Jenelle should be thrilled to hear that none of what happened in court will affect her ability to receive financial aid for school, all she hears from her lawyer is “probation officer, mandatory drug testing, abstention from alcohol, and no fraternizing with anyone with charges or pending charges.” So, basically that means she can’t hang out with Kieffer or any of her friends. I’m glad she is considering the important things. In the car, she starts crying about how she can’t smoke pot or drink for a whole year while Kieffer gets off scott free. The injustice! Kieffer, always the romantic, pledges to give up weed as long as his lady love can’t partake. She is a mess about the fact she can’t smoke. Could she love reefer more than she loves Reefer?

It’s the morning of the March of Dimes walk, and Chelsea is proud for exceeding her goal (as she should be). She meets her team at the mall where the walk is held and the girls enjoy the festivities surrounding the event. It’s nice to see Chelsea enjoying herself. Heck, it’s a thrill to see her not whining! Her friends concur, and they also try to show her that Adam puts her down only to make himself feel better about how inadequate he is. Hang out with your friends more, chickadee!

Leah is scared to tell Corey that her parents have found the family a new trailer. After a pretty heart wrenching fight, Corey tells her to get the new place. He seems very defeated. Leah calls her mom who hopes she isn’t intruding in the couple’s marriage. Corey uses his trusty hat camo hat to hide his tears, and then he tells a distraught Leah that he may not move with her. She’s crestfallen. She wouldn’t have taken the place if she knew he wasn’t coming with her and the twins. Bless it, MTV! Just when I get to the point of not feeling guilty for calling out these girls on their collective stupidity, you give me an episode like this that puts me securely back in my place. Well played.

Next week, Jo and Kailyn are bonding during Jo’s new daily visitation, which makes Jordan understandably leery. Unable to kick her Mary Jane habit, Jenelle considers rehab. Chelsea is moving forward with obtaining her GED, so of course, here comes douchebag Adam. Leah drops a bomb on Corey that she’s cheated…and he retains a lawyer. Nooooo!!!!


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