It’s the curtain call for the girls of Teen Mom 2, and we can only hope they have learned from their many struggles during the recent installment of the franchise. It’s doubtful, but we can hope! Last night the moms sat down with, the one-and-only, Dr. Drew Pinsky, to discuss the hardships they faced during their sophomore season.

Dr. Drew begins with a recap of the season. Sidebar, are Kailyn and Leah going to the same hairdresser? Their hairstyles are shades of off-white and stark white, respectively. After watching the footage, both are already teary. Kailyn claims she is upset watching her friend get upset. The show has brought the pair closer.

Chelsea reveals that Aubree loves doing her hair and make-up. It appears that maybe Chelsea was sitting a seat over from the blondes in the salon. She has also been visiting Year Round Brown, as she’s very tan. Jenelle expounds on what Chelsea has said about Aubree and Jace…apparently the toddlers are either fighting or making out when they are in the same room. The therapy session cuts to commercial, and of course the first advertisement (of many, I’m sure) introduces the newest teens on 16 and Pregnant. #Depressing.


Jenelle is first in the hot seat, with Dr. Drew hitting her with the fun fact that sons born to teen mothers are more likely to be incarcerated. She is quick to say that she is setting a good example for Jace. After watching her season-in-review, she believes that people may have a skewed view as the first season ended with the start of her relationship with Kieffer, and the second begins with its downfall. Jenelle reveals that the pair is on-and-off, but he’s her best friend, so what can she do? Even though rehab was very “helpful” she’s facing jail time. Dr. Drew reminds her that she is treating potential imprisonment with a very casual attitude. Jenelle admits that she doesn’t really care about jail, but she is doing really well in school. She is taking medication for bipolar disorder, and she is enthralled with her studies, and finds her education engaging. Baby steps? Maybe? Anyone?

While her relationship with her mother isn’t perfect, Jenelle thinks she has the tools to diffuse any potential fights her mother attempts to start. The structure of her schedule gives her the most confidence that she can succeed. I have been up and down with Jenelle all season–heck, since her episode of 16 and Pregnant! I think she has such potential but I had given up on her after watching this season’s train wreck. Having invested a great deal of time, energy, and love into someone with bipolar disorder (too much disclosure?), I know how important structure–and the accountability it creates–is to maintain a thriving environment. Of course, on the flip side, I also know how easy it is for one to be quickly and easily persuaded out of that environment.

Dr. Drew hopes that on this couch session, Barbara will be able to find something loveable about her child. He brings her out, and Jenelle is noticeably more stoic. She does crack a smile when Barbara tells Dr. Drew that Jenelle’s step-father (who I always found to be the voice of reason…am I the dumbass? Clearly.) has moved in with a Hooters waitress. Barbara feels liberated and believes she can invest more time in their mother-daughter relationship. Barbara expresses her dislike for Kieffer, and discusses how much it hurts her to see a guy bring Jenelle down to such a dark place. Jenelle admits to shutting down in this conversation, but Drew quickly points out a major change he’s seen in Barbara as far as mothering. He asks again for three things Barbara loves about her daughter. As you recall, Barbara went mute last time she was asked that question. She is fast to come up with some sincere reasons, as is Jenelle when given the same question. Barbara cries, the audience awws, and the pair hug. However, Jenelle’s face during the hug isn’t the most genuine…and neither is her body language. Dr. Drew proudly proclaims a relationship moving in the right direction. Seriously? Can he take Jenelle on as a legit patient? This once a year five-minute conversation does not a teen mom therapist make.

After being bombarded with too many 16 and Preggers commercials, coupled with baby necessity ads, I want to go on the record by saying that while I will continue to watch, I think maybe this franchise has run its course. I have no clue about whether studies show the series is helping or hurting teen pregnancy statistics, but I do know it’s hurting my heart to know that no matter how it’s touted, it’s really nothing more than entertainment. Sorry–I will get down off my soapbox now. 🙂

Kailyn is the next to visit with the good doctor. He reminds the viewers that children born to teen mothers are more likely to grow up poor. She is still living in her own place after receiving aid from a non-profit. After watching Kailyn’s season in ninety seconds, she is upset about hurting Jordan after he did so much for her. Kailyn also admits that she can’t imagine having a life-long relationship with anyone but Jo, but she is very sensitive to all the hurt she caused Jordan, due to cheating with Jo. Jo comes to the sofa, and Drew establishes they are both single. Kailyn asks Jo what he wants, and he is truthful in saying that he’s young and he just wants to do his thing. What happens, happens. Spoken like a true douchey nineteen year old. Jo tells Dr. Drew that he really likes Jordan, and can understand why he wouldn’t put up with Kailyn’s cheating. Dr. Drew wants to clarify that Jo is referring to the one night stand Kailyn had with Jo as to why Jo wouldn’t stick around if in Jordan’s position. Jo scoffs that it wasn’t just one night, and Kailyn gets, for lack of a better word, pissed.

Dr. Drew requests Kailyn’s permission to probe further into this revelation. Kailyn is uncomfortable, but when Jo hems and haws, she tells Drew that the pair were together twice…once while she was with Jordan, and once after they ended their relationship. It’s clear that Kailyn really wants to be with Jo, and she is confident that Jo feels the same. Dr. Drew interrupts to tell her that he’s not so sure Jo is on board with her plan. Yeah, he’s really not.

Jordan arrives, sans Uggs and hoodie, stating that he isn’t shocked by anything he’s heard. Kailyn wonders why Jordan keeps trying to work things out if he can’t ever trust her. She basically says that since Jo isn’t interested in a relationship, she is open to reconciling with Jordan. Run, Jordan! Kailyn cries to him–but she is not making excuses, people!–because he has no clue what it feels like to be a teen mom. Nor could he. Because he’s a dude. She can’t understand why Jordan can’t see that not only is she hurt, she’s hurt by hurting him. Perhaps she doesn’t get in every scenario, she’s the one causing the hurt. Drew seems to side with Kailyn. I think she just wants to have her cake and eat it too. She’s pouty and selfish, while Jordan is being mature and respectful. I haven’t given the Ugg man enough credit, but he is getting my kudos now. Kailyn is stringing them both along.

Drew invites Jo back to the couch, and the doc pretty much tells Kailyn that she shouldn’t expect both of the guys–who have been very supportive–to wait on her to decide what she wants. Kailyn storms off the set. Jordan exits stage left. I am left learning more about the new crop of teen moms, via commercials. After the break, the trio has regrouped. Dr. Drew praises Kailyn on her strength. She quotes Jo, saying she wants things to fall into place. She needs both of them in her life. Jordan will always be there for her, but he’s not willing to commit to getting back together. Good for you, Jordan! She provides both boys with a seemingly scripted apology. Jordan gets choked up as he accepts her apology, while Jo implores the audience to wear condoms. Then, out of the blue, Kailyn calls out Jo for not wearing one, and giving her an STD, for which she and Jordan had to be treated. Jo is slow to pick up on what she’s throwing down, and after the discussion, he asks if she’s blaming him for giving her an STD. According to Dr. Drew, STDs are very confusing. Jo never got treated for whatever Kailyn is claiming she got from him. Lesson learned? Not likely. Jordan is being very supportive and boyfriend-like. Again, run dude!

Next week, Leah and Chelsea are questioned about their infidelities. Leah is “very sorry” while going into ugly cry mode. I am super excited that they broke up the Dr. Drew special into two episodes, as opposed to doing a two-hour marathon like last season. Small victories for me!