Never a dull moment in Bravoland.  Today we have The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong on a speaking tour, Brandi Glanville flashing her goods for the Twitterverse to see, LeAnn Rimes single-white-femaling Brandi yet again, and Lisa Vanderpump caught up in real estate drama.

Taylor Armstrong is heading out on the road for a national speaking tour, according to a new press release.  If any groups are willing to pay her to share her story, of course.  The talks will focus solely on her book “Hiding from Reality: My Story of Love, Loss & Finding the Courage Within”.  From the release:

“In this captivating talk, Taylor Armstrong relates the deeply personal story of how she found herself in a relationship of inequality, her struggle with both deep love and fear of her husband, and how she summoned the courage from within to finally leave him. In her characteristic witty, lighthearted manner, Armstrong also shares illuminating—and even humorous—anecdotes, both about life (good and bad) with her husband, as well as her experiences as a cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where she often found herself battling with friends who struggled to understand the extent of her abuse.”

In other publishing news, just one month after Brandi Glanville announced that she’d be releasing a book that will dish on her life post-divorce, guess who has ALSO decided to write a book of her “own”?  LeAnn Rimes, of course. In what *could* be a case of poor timing, the country singer shared this week that she’s planning to pen the story behind her relationship with Eddie Cibrian and a general biography of sorts.

LeAnn reportedly wants to tell her “honest” side of the story of what happened.  Doesn’t she already do that daily on Twitter?


LeAnn fired back today, denying that any such book is in the works.  “So you all know, I’m blonde & there’s no ‘tell all’ book about divorce, marriage and ‘my side.’ I just laugh at [all] of this!  I have plenty of book ideas, but that’s not one of them.”

Speaking of oversharing on Twitter, Brandi is gearing up for a trip to Mexico with her sons and a friend.  She Tweeted out a bikini shot this week (you can see it below).  The mom of two shared:

“Packing for CABO! Wooooot woooo. New Hotpink Bikini! Woooooo woo! The boys and I always have fun, plus we are going with 2 of there best pals! 4 boys and 2 moms! Wish us luck!”

Do you think LeAnn is buying a plane ticket right now? Or getting out her bikini to do her own Twitter photo shoot?

In other RHOBH news, Lisa Vanderpump’s name has been dragged into a lawsuit between Sylvester Stallone and Mohamed Hadid.  Sly is suing Hadid for the shoddy job he allegedly did on a $1.4 million remodel of his home, claiming Mohamed used “inexpensive, damaged deteriorating and uneven cabinetry and malfunctioning appliances”.  Sylvester says the only reason he hired Mohamed is because Lisa gave him a glowing recommendation.

Sylvester spewed: “If you want to hire an incompetent con man to do construction, then Mohamed Hadid is your man.”

Lisa told TMZ that the two did meet socially through her, but she doesn’t feel any responsibility in the real-estate-deal-gone-bad, saying “they’re old enough to make their own decisions.”

Sammy Younai from Shahs of Sunset should take note, since he’s been working closely with Mohamed on a few projects and has said that he aspires to be like him. Careful who you put up on that pedestal, Sammy, it’s looking a little shaky.



[Photo credits: Josiah True, DJDM, and Ivan Nikolov / WENN]

[Photo Credit: Brandi Glanville Twitter]