REPORT: NeNe Leakes Is Officially Divorced! Forsyth County Superior Court Confirms Her Marriage Is Over!

The last two seasons of Real Housewives of Atlanta have focused on NeNe Leakes marital issues, separation, and potential divorce from husband Gregg Leakes. Unfortunately, many suspected that NeNe and Gregg were creating the marital drama for ratings and a storyline!

This season NeNe was seen receiving elaborate gifts and “dating” sugar daddy, John Kolaj, as she wrestled with signing her divorce papers on film, citing she wasn’t ready to officially end her marriage. Even more confusing was the fact that NeNe and Gregg were seen together out and about several times over the last year when their marriage was supposedly in jeopardy and on the brink of divorce. It was to everyone’s surprise that in last week’s finale episode Bravo announced NeNe was officially divorced! When did that happen? And did it really?

The internet has been abuzz with questions about whether or not NeNe and Gregg’s marriage is actually over—or if it was a Bravo fabricated storyline with the two remaining in marital bliss behind the scenes. After all, last year NeNe was allegedly supposed to receive her own spin-off; which would focus on her single life and entry into the dating pool after fifteen years of marriage. Obviously that never happened—and many believed it was because NeNe was actually still very much a Mrs. and the couple wouldn’t go through with ending their marriage for a pay raise. Apparently, they have officially called it quits and the divorce is indeed a done deal.


Rodney Ho of the Atlanta Journal Constitution did some investigating into NeNe’s alleged divorce and unearthed proof from the courts substantiating the union was nullified. After days searching the superior courts of surrounding counties, Rodney was alerted that NeNe and Gregg actually lived in Forsyth County. Rodney put in a call to Forsyth County Superior Court and learned that “NeNe filed for divorce on April 29, 2010, during season three and finalized the divorce September 29, 2011, after season four had finished shooting.”

NeNe also insisted her divorce was legit, telling fans on Twitter she is no longer a married woman, although she and Gregg remain quite close! And just for old-times sake a photo of NeNe and Gregg on their wedding day is below! Awwww…

Among other dirt Rodney unearthed, is that the most hotly contested of Atlanta’s Housewives is indeed returning for season five! Apparently, NeNe’s manager confirmed the news directly but would not comment on NeNe’s rumored $1M salary. Rodney was also not able to confirm whether or not Sheree Whitfield would be returning next season. Multiple sources have reported her firing and I, frankly, believe this is her last season.

She by Shebroke remains uninteresting to fans who have been largely unable to connect with her throughout four seasons of the popular show, AND she is clearly not living the aspiration lifestyle Bravo seeks to portray (although, really, NONE of the Atlanta ladies are). Additionally, the show badly needs new blood and the storyline has become entirely staid and redundant.

Proving that fans are not as invested in this season’s storyline, ratings for the season finale were at an all-time low for the series drawing a depressing 2.3 million viewers. Yes—that’s a ton of viewers for a cable show, but Housewives season finales usually bring a huge draw with ratings topping 3 million. And last year, Atlanta’s season finale pulled in an amazing 4.38 million viewers—the highest in Housewives history!

Traditionally, Atlanta has reigned supreme as the most popular of franchises (even more so than Real Housewives of New Jersey). Unfortunately, with a lack-luster season, the lack of friendship amongst the ladies, and many viewers feeling the Housewives were over the show and basically phoning it in, the ratings are suffering.

Just a glimpse of the overall season numbers: The first nine episodes of this season drew in an estimated 3.1 million viewers, with a significant drop-off for the remainder of the season which grabbed only about 2.6 million viewers per episode. Again, big numbers, but not compared to last year, and not compared to other series. Real Housewives of Orange County is estimating about 3 million viewers per episode and they are arguably the least watched in the franchise—save for the first season of Real Housewives of Miami.

Tonight, in an attempt to recapture bored viewers, Bravo is releasing the first segment of a so-called “epic” reunion. Isn’t every single reunion dubbed epic? Well, in most cases they actually are—epically disastrous and trashy, that is! Tonight the ladies will face-off to revisit fights of the season, and Sheree and NeNe will butt heads again about NeNe’s wealth or lack thereof. I plan to watch, of course, and Reality Tea will be live-Tweeting the whole fiasco! Join us—if you dare!

A preview of the first part of the reunion is below!

Part one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion airs tonight at 9/10EST on Bravo!


Awww… NeNe & Gregg! [Photo Credit: StraightFromTheA]