If you think we are done discussing the asinine bowling alley fight from last week’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, we aren’t. And if you think that Heather Dubrow is ever going to live down her comments that the Orange County dining scene is not to her liking (too many carbs, maybe?), you’re wrong about that, too.

Heather has dared the viewers to give her better suggestions, and then she’ll eat anything you ask: “With YOUR help, I intend to seek out and review local restaurants in an attempt to find the little gems that we have here that I have not been introduced to. SHOW ME. Then, I will eat CROW… or pig’s feet, tripe, sweetbreads or whatever it is the restaurant specializes in.”

Heather insists Sarah Winchester wasn’t even supposed to be there. In her blog, she writes, “First of all: for the record I did not invite Sarah to the party.”

That’s probably true. The producers invited Sarah, who probably thought she would bring more to the table. I get the impression the producers are trying to make this show younger since the whole “cougar” trend is kinda done. Anyway, Sarah did go, got totally trashed and followed Vicki Gunvalson around. Vicki needs to take a lesson from Camille Grammar and go hide in the bathroom in these moments.

In Heather’s words:

Sarah puts a nuclear hit on the evening! She is yelling at Vicki for NO reason and then is hugely delusional about how she approached her. I tried to diffuse the situation . She wouldn’t listen to me or her boyfriend or Gretchen. This girl is nuts. I may need to screen Gretchen’s friends for her! She is too nice to be friends with such a “wackadoodle” as G would say!

I thought Vicki handled it very well. Sarah couldn’t let it go. She was on a hamster wheel going round and round and round.

Heather thinks Sarah has issues, ending her discussion about her with this: “I hope this opens Sarah’s eyes to the fact that she obviously has a problem. She needs to seek professional help.” Embarrassing yourself on television isn’t yet recognized by the DSM, but maybe Sarah can start.


Gretchen is much kinder towards Sarah, and in her 3,000 word dissertation / blog post, backs up Sarah’s story that she was just having the worst day ever.

I was so torn between being there for my friend and also knowing that she was not letting it go when she needed to. Vicki saying that I sent Sarah over to her is ridiculous and just goes to show that Vicki always thinks the worst of me. I love Sarah and I know she meant well. She was having a hard day and probably shouldn’t have come that night. I seriously have never seen her like she was that night. That was not my normal friend. I was disappointed in the way it all went down, and no matter what I did I felt like I could not win in that situation.

Gretchen is right, this wasn’t her normal friend. This was her friend with booze and cameras, a lethal combination. She goes on to act like Slade helping Vicki when she fell was something to be really lauded. It was nice, but why was she so proud of doing something he should have already done? You’re supposed to help people when they fall!

On tonight’s episode, the housewives go camping, or “glamping” which is camping but with more hair products. In the following preview, the women have a discussion that can only be categorized as “rich people problems.” Alexis discusses how she got robbed the first week she and Jim moved out of a gated community and then all the ladies try to one-up each other about the appraisal status of their diamond rings.


Following up on the interest of no one, Gretchen decided to sell more useless products. This time, it’s a “Team Slade” t-shirt. Even people who like Slade wouldn’t wear this in public. It can be yours for $29.99!


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