Survivor Recap: Ladies’ Night

On last night’s Survivor the women continued to reign supreme, while Troyzan tried his best to win allies with his mind games.

Tarzan finally realizes that two boys are left compared to six girls so he needs to get on the women’s good side.  Kim hates being portrayed as the women’s leader, but she’s happy that Christina and Alicia didn’t fall for Troyzan’s master plan that could have easily taken down the women.

Tree-mail arrives, and it’s more cryptic than ever.  Of course, Kat figures she’s safe if she can just solidify her lady vote.  At the reward challenge, Jeff Probst poses a series of questions which can be answered with the name of a remaining teammate, and the major obstacle is figuring out how each of their tribe mates will vote.  If a player is wrong in guessing what the other tribe mates thought, a rope attached to a voodoo doll with their likeness will be chopped.  One too many chops and it’s bye-bye voodoo doll!  The winner wins a fantasy picnic on an isle far, far away.


The first question is who least deserves to still be here…and the answer is Christina. For who would you trust with your life, the ladies are all in agreement with KimTroyzan’s voodoo doll is the first to go up in smoke.  The next question is who needs a wake up call in the game.  The women unanimously vote Kat…except for Kat.  The women hit Tarzan and he’s the next one out of the challenge, followed by Chelsea.

The biggest poseur is Troyzan, and Alicia takes her second hit on the voodoo dolls.  As for who does the least, the tribe mates seem to think it’s SabrinaKat’s out, followed by Sabrina.  Christina’s out as it starts raining.  When asked who they never hope to see again, both Kim and Alicia reveal that it will be Troyzan.  Kim wins, and she chooses Alicia to join her in the fantastic picnic.  Jeff throws a curve ball, and Kim is able to pick one more.  She picks Chelsea, and Kat is devastated.  Troyzan thinks that his mind games could be prevailing.

Not only do they win a picnic, but a scenic helicopter ride.  Kim, Chelsea, and Alicia are relishing in their reward.  Alicia chastises her teammates for being worried about the tribe mate’s thoughts, and she reminds her fellow reward winners that they will have to watch Christina closely.  It’s almost hard to think strategy with such a yummy picnic though.  Back at camp, Kat is pissed.  Troyzan tries to show her the strategy for the alliance of which she’s no longer a member.  Troyzan is all about playing with his fellow tribe mate’s heads.

Kat is very upset by Troyzan’s revelation, and Sabrina is trying to reign in her crazy.  How dare he try to break up her alliance!  So what if her peeps are on a helicopter?  That doesn’t mean she’s not important.  The always bold Sabrina approaches Troyzan about his master plan.  While she couldn’t care less about it, it shows her how easily swayed Christina is.  Christina is quick to discuss who should be the first woman thrown under the bus.

Back at the beach, Kim apologizes to a still distraught Kat.  Kim is wishing she didn’t win.  She tries to tell Kat that it’s much easier to be taken, than to be the one who chooses to take.  A sullen Kat seems to accept her apology.  A torrential downpour hits the camp, and the tribe is ecstatic to see a giant wild pig wander out of the beach.  For a few moments, everyone forgets that they are competing and joins together with one common goal:  bacon.  After running crazily after the pig, they realize it’s too cute to kill/no one can get near enough to it.  Surely that pig was planted, right?

The immunity challenge is a giant slip and slide.  Two players will compete head-to-head, throwing a rope ring down the slide, and sliding on their bellies to retrieve it.  The first player to toss the ring onto a hook at the end of the slide will progress to the second round.  Chelsea, Kat, Tarzan, and Kim slide their way to the second round where they will have two rope rings to toss.  The final round, with three rings, finds Kim competing against her bestie Chelsea.  In a very boring immunity challenge, Kim once again comes out on top.

Unsure of whether Troyzan has the immunity idol, the women decide to split the vote between him and Christina.  Kat gets mad that Kim keeps telling her what to do.  Is it just me or is Kat becoming somewhat of a loose cannon?  Sabrina fills in Christina on the groups’ plan…just so hopefully Christina will remember that Sabrina was honest with her when she’s on the jury.  This news seems to go right over Christina’s head.  Christina then tells Troyzan about the plan, and he can’t believe his good fortune!  He now just needs to find two ladies to flip on Christina.  Alicia can’t believe how dumb this woman is…and she references her career as a special ed teacher in making this comment.  Wow.  She is something else.  I hope the school board for wherever she teaches is watching closely!

At tribal council, Troyzan is still playing mind games, while the women are trying to convince each other that they are all still one big team.  Kim discusses the woes of having to choose in the rewards challenge.  In the end, Troyzan wasn’t able to sway enough votes, and as he was only pretending to have the immunity idol, his torch gets snuffed.

Next week, Tarzan is the last man standing.  Who knew?  It’s Kat versus Sabrina with the girls, and I can’t believe that Christina may be able to squeak by one more week!