After much back and forth about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ season three cast and some speculation that Brandi Glanville would again be relegated to “Friends Of The Housewives;” it seems our sassy Xanax-loving friend will be officially added to the cast. She’s earned her stripes and now, she’s a real Housewife. Something tells me that after she took on the Twisted Richards Sisters she had sealed her fate in gold!

According to RadarOnline, Brandi is a full-time cast member who will be getting a good portion of camera time this season. “They’ve offered her a full time role and she will be included in the promotional cast photos and will have her own introductory segment at the beginning of the credits. Brandi is absolutely thrilled.” Who else cannot wait for Brandi’s intro?


And despite what Kyle Richards in her bitter jealousy thinks of Brandi, fans adore her! And so do producers! “Producers love Brandi,” a source discloses. “She’s been really popular on the show, even though she was just a minor castmember, and producers decided it was definitely worth giving her more air time.”

Producers feel Brandi is, “gorgeous, she’s funny, outspoken and outrageous, she makes for great TV.” I’m sure Brandi’s burgeoning friendship with HBIC Lisa Vanderpump didn’t hurt either! And she certainly won’t be slacking off in the drama department!  “You can expect plenty of drama and ‘oh no’ moments! Brandi really knows how to bring it and she’s going to add some real glamour and sparkle to the new season.”

One person’s good day is another person’s bad one, because, unfortunately, while Brandi is reeling in the positives, Taylor Armstrong is sloughing through her court debacle and things aren’t looking too rosy for ol’ Loony Lips!

The Beverly Hills Courier reports that yesterday, Taylor appeared in court over her lawsuit with The company is suing Taylor for $1.5M as a result of violating a settlement agreement signed by both Taylor and her late husband Russell Armstrong.

Taylor filed a motion hoping to get part of the settlement agreement thrown out, claiming she did not breach contract. Taylor’s attorney, Michael Gless (no she’s not having an affair with this one) filed papers stating the company already knew the names of one of the persons Russell sold shares of MMRGlobal to and “there was no proof the couple should have disclosed the names of the other two buyers.”

Mr. Gless argued that even if Russell and Taylor failed to disclose said names according to the agreement, MMRGlobal’s damages were only “in the range of hundreds of dollars, not millions.”

Unfortunately, Superior Court Judge Frederick Shaller denied that motion, citing: “”There is no evidence of the circumstances existing at the time the contract was made to enable the court to find that the liquidated damage clause is unreasonable.” I guess she’s still on the hook for that million and a half! Hope that book continues to sell… oh, wait…

Moving on, after telling the media she was not ready to date Taylor was spotted getting pret-teeey cozy with a mystery man at a recent RHOBH filming at Vila Blanca restaurant. So cozy, in fact, that said mystery gentlemen was captured on film resting his hand on Taylor’s butt! Oh, they’re just friends! Right?! I hope this one’s not married… Photos of Taylor and her new gentleman friend are below!


Oh, we’re just friends… I swear… [Photo Credit: SPLASH]

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