Friends Say Fame Has Changed Kyle Richards! Taylor Armstrong Denies She Has A Drinking Problem! Camille Grammer Continues To Show Up For Filming

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have started filming their third season, and all kinds of news and sources are leaking out of the bejeweled franchise. We’ll start with the officially sanctioned happy positive sunshine news, which is that Kyle Richards is opening up a clothing store in Beverly Hills. In a statement that could only have been crafted by a PR person, Kyle tells US Magazine that “As someone who values great fashion, I know how difficult it is to find the newest looks and hottest accessories you want all under one roof.”

So, Kyle began her store as a humanitarian effort. What she should have opened was a hair salon, since that’s what she’s known for. But instead, she decided to sink her cash into another overpriced boutique. Other friends apparently think Kyle is also foolish, but in other ways. They’ve dialed up their old buddies at Radar Online and told them how Kyle is acting like a diva. I’m personally not surprised, but her “real friends” are shocked at the new, famous Kyle.


A friend shared this story, “She recently told an actual close friend to ‘contact my assistant’ about making plans with her. Like she was too busy to make time for them now. They were so hurt.” While that’s pretty bad, it’s not nearly as terrible as the following anecdote about how insane Kyle has become at the sight of her own image.

“She sets DVRs on multiple TVs throughout the house and watches herself for HOURS analyzing her outfits, hair and makeup, and the camera angles she’s shot from. It’s incredible how she’s changed so much and become obsessed and superficial.”

That’s some crazy old starlet stuff right there. It might be time for medication. The source also shared that the recent birthday party thrown for Portia, in which Taylor Armstrong allegedly got completely wasted, was purely for show, since Portia’s birthday is actually March 1. However, they are quick to point out that Kyle would never spend over $10k on a birthday party. That’s funny, most parents I know wouldn’t spend over $100 on a child that young. But the rich are different.

After the news of her boozing came out, with allegations that she was an alcoholic, Taylor insist she isn’t. Another friendly source tells Radar that Taylor is totally delusional about her relationship with booze.

She is telling her close friends and fellow housewives that she isn’t an alcoholic. Taylor says she can quit drinking at anytime, that she only drinks at night and that she has it under control. However, Taylor did get absolutely wasted at a four-year-old’s birthday party and her daughter Kennedy saw the entire thing. No, Taylor doesn’t ever drink and drive but she clearly has a problem and her daughter is witnessing her mother’s sad downward spiral, just months after her own father killed himself. Taylor always says she will quit drinking and take her vitamins, but then she resumes drinking within a few days. Taylor doesn’t realize that she can go into liver failure and die from drinking, it’s truly sad to witness.”

While the fellow housewives have confronted Taylor about her drinking, her BFFs Dwight and Marla don’t think there’s a problem and are happy to be along for the reality show ride. “Dwight is filming with Taylor and really enjoys being on camera with her and I don’t think he’s going to want to do anything to rock the boat or piss her off. Both Dwight and Marla are absolutely enabling Taylor and aren’t doing anything to help her, which could have dire consequences.”

I wonder what Kyle has to say about all of this, given her experience with Kim Richards. It’s possible even Kyle is distancing herself since Taylor is allegedly being phased out of the show, another reason the source gives for Taylor’s increasingly dangerous drinking. She’s apparently very concerned with losing income from the show, especially in the face of the MyMedicalRecords lawsuit.

One cast member who will never have to worry about money is Camille Grammer, who was let go from the show recently. But, she won’t go away quietly. Rob Shuter writes that Camille has been showing up at filming events. “If Camille interacts with her past cast mates in a natural fashion at events they throw, she will turn up on camera. However, she has no story line in the season that is now being filmed and doesn’t have a production schedule or even know when or where the ladies are filming, unless one of the cast members invites her to attend.”

Maybe she’s bored from spending all her money.