On last night’s episode of Bethenny Ever After, everywoman Bethenny Frankel continued to deal with marital drama, running an empire drama, and renovating a multi-million dollar apartment drama. In between doing everything she took a break to ball bust with friend Jake and do yoga with food blogger Nick Feitel. Who quite obviously would have rather been eating Bethenny’s falafel than doing downward dog.

Things start out with Bethenny and the team learning that meek little intern Maggie has quit. Bethenny probably insulted and embarrassed her too many times under the guise of keeping it real. Maggie likely turned in her two-weeks notice and raced on down to her lawyer’s office to start the lawsuit accusing Bethenny of disparaging her reputation on national television and forcing her into dangerous waters.

Bethenny is confused about how a paddle boat trip and a free vacation were the straw that broke the camel’s back but hey, no real loss there. Everyone kinda snickers about what a weakling Maggs is who can’t hang with the tough old broads and only Julie Plake seems to feel guilty for perhaps heaping too much pressure onto a twelve-year-old who has barely graduated from college.

Side note: I can really appreciate Bethenny‘s success and when she was basically running her one-drink wonder of a business out of her studio apartment and funding it with her Real Housewives of New York paycheck, I can understand hiring some just out of college kid to be an assistant. But now that this is a major business I just cannot believe she is leaving all of the administrative and executive assistant duties in Jackie‘s hands. Isn’t Jackie like 22 with not much experience?

I mean, clearly Bethenny worries about the level of professionalism since she has brought it up several times – and clearly that’s why she is hoping to include her husband into the business side of things, but I just do not understand why she does not have real professionals in her employ? Perhaps she does and this whole Skinnygirl at home business nonsense is just a storyline.


Moving on, there’s more forced storylines when Jason Hoppy and Bethenny go scope out tile at some tile store/arcade/bar. Bethenny goes on and on and on about how much she loves this place and how the tile vendor is her soul mate as she drunk ‘n’ shops. Actually, it was a lot more fun than bathroom depot where she had to make inappropriate toilet jokes for the entire segment.

Afterwards, she forces Nick to embrace his inner Skinnygirl and they go to yoga. Poor Nick doesn’t like any of it from the beginning – especially having to change there. In class, he’s clearly struggling despite Bethenny and the instructors one-on-one attention. Bethenny keeps reminding him to “just breathe,” some advice I wish she, herself, would take. Then she tells him the real point of coming to class was so Nick could hit on some hot yoga girls.

Bethenny and Jason continue to discuss his and hers roles in their marriage. Bethenny admits she’s exhausted. And they are also having issues with their apartments. They are supposed to move out of their current place by the end of the month because the owners need to move in, but their new apartment isn’t complete. They want to stay in the current place and possibly pay the owners to live in a hotel for the next two months. It’s going to cost $15,000. Bethenny says they should just pay for it. Rich people problems. Jason is dubious about spending the money.

Also, no one is giving a definitive answer on whether or not they are willing to live in the hotel and let Team Frankel remain in the apartment. Jason is currently handling all the negotiating, but he wants Bethenny to jump in and use her star power to help coax things along. She thinks he should manage it and doesn’t want to. They go back and forth. Eventually Bethenny sends an email, Jason is satisfied and later they learn they will be able to stay there for the duration but it will cost them $18k, plus their current rent, plus the new mortgage. Again – Rich people problems.

And unfortunately everything with the new apartment is taking much longer than expected – and costing much more money. Bethenny is now ok with blowing money like water – cause she’s “creative” but Jason has a lot of apprehension about the costs. As usual, he demurs to Bethenny while fretting about it silently.

Team Skinnygirl has a meeting, which includes Jason. No one is sure if he is jumping on board full-time or just helping out as Julie transitions. Jackie is now managing everything which is stressing Bethenny out. She’s tired of steering the ship, navigating it, and being responsible for providing libations for the crew. Basically – she’s overwhelmed and exhausted. It’s decided Jason will have to get on board to handle some of the more serious business matters and he will be managing Jackie.

Jason expresses concern about working FOR Bethenny vs. WITH Bethenny. Bethenny helpfully reminds him it’s HER company – which is true, but he will be managing the business side of things while she deals in creative. For now, everything seems rosy.

Taking a break, Bethenny and her friend Jake hit up a very crazy drag bar. There’s much discussion about separating the real girls from the channeling female realness girls. Jake is loving it but Bethenny seems overwhelmed.  She meets her drag doppelganger in the form of a fortune teller – not to be confused with a psychic. The fortunes she tells deal entirely in levels of bitchness and sexytimes – even if said fortune involves one’s professional life.

Bethenny and Jake argue about balls vs. boobs. Is the fortune teller a girl or a boy in girl’s clothing. Judging by her luscious breast Bethenny refuses to believe she is of the male persuasion anatomy-wise. Eventually the very raunchy fortune teller – who even makes Bethenny uncomfortable with her sex talk – confesses to being in drag. Bethenny is surprised how much the fortune teller lives between the legs and doesn’t come up for air. Lovely imagery there, B!

It was interesting to see Bethenny seem squeamish with the super lewd talk – perhaps she can now understand how her commentary makes others feel uncomfortable. Afterall, not everything is about balls, vaginas, and bitches.

Bethenny and Jason have couples time which consists about haggling over who eats all the potato chips. Bethenny says Jason eats everything and takes everything. Jason doesn’t care. I just wanna know – who eats chips out of a little bowl instead of the bag?

Finally, it’s Therapy Time! Bethenny pays a visit to Dr. Amador where they discuss the pros and cons of Jason embracing his inner Skinnygirl and coming on board full-time. Bethenny looks exhausted and is clearly just phoning it in. She’s totally disengaged from the session and seems over it. Bethenny – over talking about herself? Well, I never…

Dr. Amador points out that Jason wants to be part of building their life together and he wants to be doing this with Bethenny – instead of it being all about Bethenny. He thinks Bethenny should channel her inner fifties housewife and be supportive of Jason’s interest in jumping on board and making this a family business. Frankly, I was confused. I guess he wanted Bethenny to focus less on it being her company more on it being their company with Jason having an established role in the workings. And her allowing him to feel involved and included in the development.

Bethenny seemed satisfied with the advice and it was decided Jason will now be a Skinnygirl-ette. Although, they don’t have an exit plan if things start to unravel!

Next Week: The team heads to Aspen for the launch of Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cosmo (who is buying that?) and Bethenny gets a little too flirty with a twenty-something snowboard instructor!


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