Vicki Gunvalson Discusses Her Reaction To Briana’s Elopement; Says She Is Now Very Happy And Supportive Of The Couple!

On last week’s Real Housewives of Orange County mother of the year Vicki Gunvalson was ambushed on camera by daughter Briana Wolfsmith, who told Vick she had eloped in Vegas! Clearly Vicki has since recovered from the news as she is now throwing Briana and husband Ryan Culberson a beautiful wedding – and Briana is pregnant. Unfortunately Vicki’s reaction at the time was anything but overjoyed as she called the elopement disgusting, among other things.

Taking to her Bravo blog, Vicki discusses how she felt in that moment and why her response to the news was so negative. “I had a feeling when we sat down, that something was up. When she told me she and Ryan had got MARRIED in Vegas I felt like I was in a dream. . .or more like a nightmare,” Vicki shares.

“I had only met Ryan one time before and that was before he went on duty. All the while he was on this tour I didn’t even know that they were serious or even for that matter ‘in love.’ She told me she was nervous about putting both feet into their relationship because she didn’t want to be crushed if anything happened to him while he was away.”

Vicki was so devastated by the news her reaction was uncontrollable. “I left the restaurant after the ‘bomb’ was dropped on me, went to my car, and broke down in uncontrollable tears,” she confesses. “The tears lasted for more than a week. It was all the time because I was so confused and sad.”


Vicki explains that her reaction was fueled by Briana’s recent health crisis and her fear that Briana had rushed into something she would regret. “I was worried that she may have just been vulnerable due to the health issues she had been dealing with for the past two years.”

“I didn’t tell any of my family members or my friends because I didn’t even know how to begin to discuss it, and, quite frankly, I was embarrassed,” she adds. “All of my dreams for my only daughter’s BIG DAY were taken away from me in an instant (and for that matter taken away from HER). More importantly, the family had not met him or his family. I knew very little about Ryan and now I had an instant son-in-law.” Aaaahhh… Vicki – always about image.

Thankfully the family is in a much better place now and Vicki accepts Ryan with open arms – and more importantly, she believes Ryan and Briana’s love is genuine. “The days, weeks, and months that followed this October 2011 were very difficult for Briana and I,” Vicki shares. “She justified what she did, said it wasn’t impulsive, that they were happy, and that they didn’t have any regrets. She told me that after her thyroid removal surgery, a scare with cancer, and Ryan’s experience being at war, they both decided life was too short and this was the right thing for them.”

“Ryan confirmed to me that he loved Briana and that they needed and wanted my support and didn’t mean to hurt me or her family,” she admits. “Fast forward to January 2012 of this year, Brooks and I took Briana and Ryan to my condo in Puerto Vallarta and we had an amazing time. Since then, we have spent many double date nights together and the “new additions to my family” are blending together slowly, but surely.”

As for the wedding, Vicki is beyond excited about the big event where she will meet Ryan’s family for the first time. “My entire family and friends are coming from Chicago and I couldn’t be happier for Ryan and Briana,” she says. “I will meet Ryan’s parents, sister, and his close friends the day before the wedding, which I am very excited about.”

And even more shocking, Ryan and Briana are buying a house minutes away form Vicki! “They have also recently bought a home less than ten miles from me, and should be closing on it in a month.”

Vicki concludes by saying she feels Briana made the right decision. “I am so happy for Briana and Ryan as they are very happy, which makes me happy.” Proving that everyone is now getting along, Vicki posted some photos on Facebook of everyone on a family vacation. More photos below!

Moving on, tonight is an all-new episode of Real Housewives of Orange County. And the bombs continue to drop as Vicki introduces Briana to new boyfriend Brooks and things do not go well. Gretchen learns Slade is thinking of proposing – and she is less than thrilled by the news as she confesses to new BFFL Tamra that she doesn’t want to marry him because of his past. A preview of tonight’s episode is below.

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Vicki with Briana. The both look very pretty.

Vicki with Mr. Hallmark!