Vicki Gunvalson’s Daughter Briana To Wed This Month! Details About Her Upcoming Wedding!

A few months ago we were all shocked to learn that not only was Vicki Gunvalson‘s totally down to earth (and surprisingly sane) daughter Briana Wolfsmith engaged, but that she had eloped in Vegas! Tonight Vicki will learn of Briana’s impromptu marriage to Ryan Culberson. For those of you (like myself) wondering if Briana eloped to avoid having her mama micromanage every detail of her wedding; apparently that wasn’t the reason!

Ryan and Briana will be renewing their vows in a lavish wedding ceremony this month – and guess who was on hand to obsess about every detail? Vicki, of course! Star Magazine spoke to Briana about the ceremony and how everything is going now that she’s a Mrs.

Briana and Ryan will be exchanging vows in Santa Barbara on a cliff overlooking the ocean in an late afternoon ceremony, followed by sunset cocktails and an evening reception. “We’re having a live band to kick off the evening’s festivities,” Briana adds.

It took Vicki and Briana six months to plan the ceremony, which Briana describes as intimate. “It’s kind of small. We’re only inviting 75 to 100 people… mostly family and very close friends.” I guess that means Bravo did not receive an invite. I hope! “The only issue I have is that we are over budget,” Vicki reveals. “We are at about $47,000, but who’s counting?”

“We spent a little bit more on food and the venue, which we think is so important. We spent money where it counts.” Well $47,000 is nothing compared to Pandora Todd and Kim Zolciak‘s seven-figure affairs!


And most importantly Briana has found the perfect dress – but not without some difficulty! “I thought I found the perfect dress at another store, actually. But then I happened to go into Erin Cole Boutique. I saw the dress that is now the one I’m going to wear.”

“I started bawling, and so did my mom!;” Briana shares. Vicki gushes: “I couldn’t stop! She looked like a beautiful china doll.”

In addition to being thrilled over the upcoming affair, Vicki adores Briana’s new hubby. “I think she has found the perfect guy for her! He loves her like I’ve never seen anyone love,” Vicki enthuses. I wonder if he gives Briana daily affirmations? Those are important you know… She continues, “I’m very proud of her choice. And obviously his choice is the best!”

Vicki does have some advice for the new couple, besides keep your love tank – all of them – full! “Unfortunately, I’m going through my second divorce. But she can learn from some of my mistakes,” Vicki explains. Wait – Vicki is still divorcing?!

“So the biggest thing I tell both of them is to love, respect, and listen to each other. They should go to each other with their problems before getting anyone else involved.” Solid advice there! I wonder if Hallmark taught her these gems? And she warns Ryan: “God help anyone who hurts her!”

While I’m sure Vicki is freaking out something major, Briana isn’t nervous at all about wedding no. 2. “I’ve been very relaxed about everything. I know what I want, and there’s no point in getting crazy about it!” Something tells me Vicki does not agree! So this leads me to wonder – is Briana next in line to score a spinoff? I wouldn’t bet on it!

Finally, tonight marks an all-new episode of Real Housewives of Orange County. And tonight is the night! The night Gretchen Rossi sings her little heart out on stage at The Pussycat Dolls. Unfortunately, Gretchen shatters some eardrums in the process of her delusion. And Vicki gets some earth shattering news from Briana! A preview of the new episode is below!

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